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European Correspondent

In the final installment of “European Correspondent” Sean Morey discusses the disappointing end to the season, the status of his groin injury and the desire to end the season on a high note.

New England wide receiver Sean Morey has one game left with the Barcelona Dragons in NFL Europe. Morey had five catches for 63 yards last Sunday, but the Dragons were eliminated from World Bowl contention after losing to Frankfurt 14-8.

In the final installment of "European Correspondent" Morey discusses the disappointing end to the season, the status of his groin injury and the desire to end the season on a high note.

Question: Frustrating would probably be a good word to describe the loss. What was happening? It seemed like the offense was moving the ball, but [Barcelona] just couldn't get it into the end zone.

Morey: We did some real positive things moving the ball. Guys played well. Jeremaine Copeland played a great game. He caught a lot of passes and helped us get a lot of first downs. The offense played pretty good together, and the defense held Frankfurt and had some good statistics. I don't think Frankfurt had a chance to move the ball a lot, but they made some big plays. We had some big plays they we could of made, but we didn't capitalize on them. I had my chances, and other guys had their chances, but this is a humbling sport at times. It was a frustrating game Sunday, but sometimes you just don't get the breaks. [Sunday] was one of those games.

Question: Was it tough to get up for the game knowing that Scotland had upset Rhein the day before, making Barcelona's chances at the World Bowl pretty slim?

Morey: I don't think so. We saw the game here in the hotel downstairs. A lot of the guys got a chance to see the end of the Rhein/Scotland game. That kind of stunk, because we needed Rhein to beat Scotland to give us a good chance to get to the World Bowl. If that had happened and we had beaten Scotland in the last game, we would have had a chance at the World Bowl. I wouldn't say we had a tough time getting up for the game. I wouldn't say that at all, because anytime you have a chance to step on the field and play, you get excited. A lot of guys just love to play. They just have fun playing. Regardless of what else happens, when it comes time to play, we're not thinking about other teams and what has to happen for us to go to the World Bowl. We just tried to go out and play our best game and tried to put everything together. A lot of guys here have become close friends, and we really just wanted to go out and beat Frankfurt. We tried to put our best foot forward, we played well, and everybody played hard. You can't say the guys didn't give a great effort.

Question: You mentioned the game played by Jeremaine Copeland, who had 19 catches and set a new league record. He certainly looked like he was having fun every time the camera was on him…

Morey: I love watching Cope play ball. He's a great player and a good friend. He embodies everything positive about the game. He's a very religious guy, and he loves playing football. He's a great person, and I can't say enough good things about the guy. I've learned a lot from him throughout the course of the season just by watching the way he approaches the game. He's a fantastic guy. He had a breakout game, and that's something that helped our team throughout the game. He was a huge part of our offense Sunday.

Question: One thing we've talked about a couple times is guys over in Europe who are not allocated by teams. He's one of those players. Do you know if he's been hearing from any NFL teams?

Morey: He's just playing really well. I've talked to him a few times about the situation with teams, and he's been talking with a handful of teams. I think now a lot of teams are going to invite him to camp. He's going to get a chance to go to a lot of camps, so he's going to get to make a decision about where he wants to be. We'll see what teams he's interested in before the season is over. Right now I'm sure he's focused on the last game against Scotland. That's something that this league is huge for, for guys to come over and develop and get an opportunity to play in the NFL.

Question: Your groin didn't seem to be treating you very well towards the end of the game. How is the injury?

Morey: That was the least of my worries yesterday. That's just the nature of the beast; that's the game. We have to play with pain. Right now I'm just concentrating on trying to get healthy. Football gives you bumps and bruises. I feel good overall, so hopefully I can be ready to give it a go and end this thing right. We've got unfinished business with Scotland. They really played well against us the last time. We have a score to settle.

Question: So this game coming up is definitely a matter of pride?

Morey: I think so. To me it definitely is. Really I feel like we can beat Scotland. It's a pride thing in every game you play. It's personal. I think this game is a good chance for us to end this season on a high note.

Question: Did you block a field goal? Frankfurt missed a field goal just before the end of the half, and it looked like you might have gotten through.

Morey: We did get a blocked field goal from the left side of the field. We got some pressure on the kicker, but I didn't tip the ball. We did a good job putting pressure on the guy, and he schanked it.

Question: I'm pretty sure the television commentators gave you credit for the block.

Morey: That's usually how it is. You get credit for stuff you don't do, and you don't get credit for the things you do do.

Question: Going up against Scotland is this one last chance to lay it all on the line, or, for you in particular, because there is such a short time before training camp, are you worried at all about aggravating the injury even more?

Morey: Of course it crosses my mind. But this is a game of principle. It is played by people who are competitive by nature. What I want to do is just finish the season off strong. I want to finish with a win and leave here with a good taste in my mouth. The guys here want to win, and that has been frustrating. This is a game of peaks and valleys, and we're in a valley right now. I want to finish it off right with a win. Of course I want to get as healthy as I can so I can go into camp and give myself a chance to crack the roster and get some playing time. I want to help the Patriots win. That's something I'll have to figure out once the season is over here. I have an obligation to the team, and everybody does. I'm just going to take everything as it comes.

Question: Obviously this is a disappointing way to go about the end of the season. How is the team's mood?

Morey: A lot of the guys who are playing in this league have been playing for a long time. When you play football for a long time, you understand that there are moments when you are riding high, you're winning and you are feeling great. As with any sport, there are times when you are frustrated and disappointed. I believe we are capable of playing better football than we did yesterday. I think that's where the guys are at right now. What we want to do is put our best foot forward, play good football and end this thing with a win. This team's morale is pretty strong right now, despite the loss Sunday. After three months of living together, going to practices every day, eating meals and spending time together, we've become pretty close. Guys really want to come together to get a win.

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