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Favre's rumored comeback has players buzzing

Brett Favre's future may be written all over the retired (as of now) quarterback's face.

Brett Favre's future may be written all over the retired (as of now) quarterback's face.

And Warren Sapp may just be the man to translate. Last season, Sapp utilized a trick that may hold the key to Favre's next call.

"We played (Favre) last year at Lambeau (a 38-7 Packers victory), and he went to the huddle and called a play. I read his lips and called the play ... We whacked him.

"(Favre) looked at me. I said, 'What? If you let me read your lips, I'm definitely going to.' He went back and covered his mouth the next time."

No one, not Sapp or several other NFL icons have been able to pry Favre's hand from his mouth in this latest round of "Will he or won't he" speculation.

Still, Cowboys QB Tony Romo seems pretty confident in his assessment of Favre's plans. Asked Thursday on NFL Total Access if he felt Favre was coming back, he had this to say:

"Oh yeah, he's coming back for sure. Are you kidding?" Romo said.

"He's a guy who played at a high, high level last year. (Teams) always want a good QB. They're hard to come by.

"I'm sure the organization wishes he didn't retire if he wanted to come back. As an athlete, you go through different feelings all the time. Sometimes you feel you need a break; sometimes you feel you can do it forever. ... If anyone has earned that right to make those choices, (Favre) has."

Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler also spoke with NFL Total Access' Jamie Dukes and Rod Woodson about Favre's future on Wednesday, but was less convinced.

"I was just talking to (Favre's agent) Bus Cook a few hours ago and I don't think anyone knows what he is going to do," Cutler said before teeing off at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe.

"I think he still wants to play football but it's complicated up there in Green Bay with Aaron (Rodgers) and what they've got going on. So we'll have to wait and see.

"I don't know. I mean I really don't know. I've heard a lot of rumors. I don't think Bus and Brett know exactly what direction they're going to go in. I think Brett still wants to play, it's just whether or not Green Bay is going to take him back or whether they're going to release him."

Even the quarterback who defeated Favre in Super Bowl XXXII, John Elway, isn't quite sure what he will do.

"I think it is probably hard for the whole organization as well as Packer Nation just because they all love Brett and love watching him play," Elway said. "But to be on the fence all the time, kind of not knowing where they're going, I'm sure it is tough for all of them."

Nearly as difficult as reading someone's mind.

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