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Favre won't practice Wednesday; QB won't rule out playing

When asked about the possibility of Favre starting Sunday against the Patriots, Vikings head coach Brad Childress told reporters on Wednesday: "I wouldn't put it past him."

Minnesota Viking quarterback Brett Favre has not ruled out playing Sunday against the New England Patriots, despite two fractures in his surgically repaired left ankle.

Vikings coach Brad Childress said Favre, who spoke to reporters while wearing a walking boot, will not practice Wednesday.

When asked about the possibility of Favre starting Sunday against the Patriots, Childress later told reporters at his Wednesday press conference: "I wouldn't put it past him."

"I would love to play, for no other reason but I'm committed to this team," Favre said. "I would love to get this back on track and be a part of it, and more than anything function at a level that gives us a chance to win."

Favre said Dr. James Andrews, who performed surgery on his left ankle this summer, has reassured Favre that he will not do further damage to the ankle by playing on it.

"The thing is sunday, I'm still going to have a broken bone in my foot," Favre said. We know that, whether I play or not, next week it will be sore."

Favre then pointed to his ability to play through various injuries throughout his career, and acknowledged a hig threshold for pain that has allowed him to do so.

"I've always had a knack for healing quicker than most people," he said. "Mentally, I know -- because I'm going back in history -- I've been able to play with certain kinds of injuries that most people wouildn't have attempted. That gives me hope."

Favre said he will be honest with himself and Childress throughout the week, as they determine together whethere Favre should play. Favre said he will not suit up just to continue his NFL-record 291-game start streak.

"I don't want to go out there for one play, I don't wanna go out there for three plays," Favre said. If I'm going to play, I want to be out there the whole game."

"Whether it ends this week, whether it ends at the end of the year, it ends," Favre said of his streak. "I'll always be proud of it."

Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker said on a conference call that he expects Favre to play.

"The guy has a history of always being out there so I would expect him to (play)," Welker said.

If Favre can't go, fifth-year veteran Tarvaris Jackson would start for the Vikings.

"He's as ready as he's every going to be," Childress said of Jackson.

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