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'Glad to be back,' Collins ready to play Sunday

The ailing linebacker says he's feeling fit to play again after a month's absence.

Jamie Collins is not a man of many words.

By design, he chooses not to grant media interviews on a regular basis, but when he does, he normally says something that stands out. Friday after practice, the third-year linebacker declared himself fit to resume his starting role on the Patriots defense this Sunday when New England hosts Philadelphia.

Collins has missed the past four games due to an unspecified illness that cause him to lose some weight and strength. He returned to the practice field a week ago today, but did not travel to Denver for the team's Sunday night game against the Broncos. He has taken part in each practice session this week and seemed anxious to get back to work.

Referring to his ailment as a stomach bug, Collins declined to go into great detail about what subdued him over the past month, adding that it was unlike anything he's ever contracted before.

"I was sick. That's all I know. I was sick," he stated. "Yeah, yeah. I was just feeling bad, man. I was feeling real bad. I don't want to talk about it… brings up memories… I'm doing pretty good.

"I mean, it's hard. Nobody wants to sit out and miss games. It's boring sitting out. It feels real good to be back running around... Glad to be back."


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