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Glenn out for finale

New England Head Coach Pete Carroll reiterated Thursday that leading receiver Terry Glenn will not play in the team's season finale against Baltimore on Sunday.

On Wednesday, Carroll announced that Glenn had been suspended from the team for violating team policies. The fourth-year wide receiver missed last Sunday's loss to Buffalo with the flu, and according to Carroll, did not show up Monday or Tuesday to get treatment for his illness.

Reports Thursday said that Glenn's agent, James Gould, had asked for a hearing to be held in Boston to possibly get the suspension overturned, but Carroll said regardless of what happens in any hearings, Glenn will not be used against the Ravens.

"He's not going to play in the game," Carroll said at his press conference Thursday. "This is a coach's decision, and the actions I took were justified. I don't have any reservations or second thoughts about it."

Carroll said that Glenn is a very gifted player who could be even better if he approached the game with a better attitude.

"When I first got here, I saw a guy in Terry with tremendous potential," Carroll said. "It's has been a challenging relationship to bring out the best he has to offer. The attitude he has projected [in this situation] did not warrant anything but what was done. I hope it works out for his betterment."

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