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Gronk talks Gordon

New England All-Pro tight end offers up advice for his newest teammate.

Even though Bill Belichick has yet to offer up his thoughts, Josh Gordon's arrival in New England has been the talk of the football world.

The former Browns star was on the practice field in Foxborough Wednesday afternoon as he begins the process of acclimating himself to his new home, team and offensive system.

As he does that – with his Gillette Stadium locker directly next to Tom Brady's – All-Pro Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowksi had some pretty simple advice for his new teammate.

"Work hard. Do your job. That explains it all," Gronkowski said.

Gordon arrives in New England after a long, tumultuous career in Cleveland that included just 11 games played over the last five seasons as he dealt with off-field issues, substance abuse problems and NFL suspensions. But the 6-3, 225-pounder brings obvious ability and potential to his new home.

"He's a really good player and it's good to have him here," Gronkowski said in a welcoming tone. "I know that he's a good player, but I can't really get into details. I've never really practiced with him like that before seeing him in person play. But, what I've seen before, he's a great player and just definitely glad to have him here."

Though the timeline of Gordon's arrival has been a bit strange – both teams announced the trade on Monday, it was on the NFL transaction wire on Tuesday, but Belichick would not declare it as complete as of his Wednesday morning press conference – Gronkowski made it clear he was excited to have the guy who once topped 200 yards receiving in consecutive games as a new teammate.

"From what I've seen before, definitely his size with his speed is great. You don't really see that often," Gronkowski said of Gordon, who'll clearly be playing in the most talented offense and with the best quarterback he's ever had.

As Gronkowski wrapped up his press conference, he seemed to poke a little fun in his own unique style at the way Gordon's arrival in New England had been delayed and downplayed a bit.

"I've got to really focus on what I've got to do too. And being here, there really isn't too much excitement. So, I don't know," Gronkowski said with his trademark delivery and smirk. "Getting excited is kind of scary."

So is the potential for Gordon in the Patriots offense.

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