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Houston Texans Post-Game Quotes 12/13

The Houston Texans addressed the media following their loss to the Patriots on Sunday, December 13, 2015.


Opening statement:

"I don't have a lot to say, just a bad night. Didn't coach well, obviously made too many mistakes. Couldn't move the ball on offense at all. Thought the defense did some good things but not enough and special teams, we didn't play very well. So with that I will open it up to questions."

Did QB Brian Hoyer end up with a concussion?

"I don't know that yet. I'm not sure. It looked that way, but I'm not sure yet."

What difference did QB Tom Brady make in the game tonight?

"Great player, all-time great player. I've said it a thousand times. Best quarterback of all time."

Did DE JJ Watt's cast limit his pass rushing tonight?

"You know I'll have to look at that. I don't think so. I think they did a good job. Give them a lot of credit. They coached better than us, and they played better than us."

What was with RB Alfred Blue?

"That was part of the game plan. We went with some other backs, they got some more playing time today than he did."

What did you think about the way the Patriots limited not only DE J.J. Watt but WR DeAndre Hopkins?

"They did a good job. Give all the credit in the world to the Patriots. They came here and did a great job."

What was your thought process with the wildcat play on third and three before QB Brian Hoyer got hurt?

"Yeah, it was a different play and we felt like at that time we hadn't really moved the ball at all, and we were probably trying to get a little too cute there, yep. And hindsight being 20/20, you wish you could have that call back. I made that call, and it just didn't go well. My fault."

What was the biggest problem with the offense not getting going tonight?

"Terrible, I've got to coach them better. I've got to get them to play better."

Did the Patriots do anything that you weren't expecting?

"No. They did a great job, played really well and obviously coached really well."


What was the biggest challenge in playing the New England Patriots defensive line tonight?

"Nothing that we didn't expect. They have some talented guys up there. We ran the ball effectively, but then we didn't move the ball more when it counted. When you put up three points at a time, you have to continue to score touchdowns. We couldn't move the ball effectively, consistently so, we just have to continue to win our one-on-one battles. We've just got to be sharper than that."

What did it do to the offensive line to see QB Brian Hoyer get hit so much?

"It is unacceptable. We take pride in keeping him clean. We've been doing a decent job at it this year. We have to lock in, we have to win our one-on-one battles. We knew they were going to run some line stunts, we've just got to be cleaner with it."

What does the team need to do to prepare for the game next week versus the Indianapolis Colts?

"We've got to get better and go in there and get the job done. That's it."

What happened on the personal foul call in the first quarter?

"I guess they were just trying to make a statement at the beginning of the game. I threw the guy on the ground, as he was starting to get up I hit him. Again, it wasn't with malicious intent. I didn't beam him with my helmet. They thought it was something extra so they threw the flag."


You played well this evening, sacking Patriots QB Tom Brady, but, obviously, you wanted the win.

"Yeah, that's more important than just sacks; it's about the win. We are trying to win and lead up to more wins, so hopefully, we can get the ball back rolling."

Since the Colts lost this week, next week's game could be for the division title. How important is next week's game against the Colts?

"We have to come in Monday and prepare, put this game behind us. The division is still open, we got to get ready to go."

Was tonight just a bad night?

"We came here to fight. We didn't quit. We were just fighting and things happened in the game and you have to deal with what happened. Now we have to put it behind us and get ready for the Colts next week."

How tough was it for DE J.J. Watt to play with one hand?

"I don't know. You have to ask J.J. about it. All I know is that he was out there and still being disruptive and that's J.J., hell of a player and we expect him to come out regardless, one hand, no hands, He is a good player and we are just trying to get ready for the Colts."

Is this more what you expect from yourself tonight?

"I am just trying to help the team, regardless man, just being disruptive, no plays, no sacks, just trying to be disruptive and trying to help the defense get stops. If we get more stops and get the ball back to our offense, we get more chances to score."

Describe the feeling of looking up and being down big in the fourth quarter.

"The game isn't over until the clock says zero across the board. We don't quit, we just keep playing until the clock says zero and you have to deal with the outcome. Now, we have to go prepare for the Colts."


Opening statement:

"I thought we started out strong. We had some missed assignments in the second series when we gave up that big play to Gronk (Rob Gronkowski). I wish we had a lot of plays back that we didn't execute. They made us pay for it."

When you go against a team like the New England Patriots is there isn't a lot of room for error, right?

"No, they are the defending Super Bowl champs with Tom Brady. You have to be perfect if you want to come out here and beat these guys. They're a good team. They are just better than us tonight."

What are the goals for the rest of the season?

"By no means is this season over for us. We are still in the race. We have a big game next week. We have to get this one out of our system, and get back to work tomorrow. Get ready for that one."

How will you try to win in a place this team has never won before in Indianapolis?

"You have to put that to the side. It's just another game for us. It's a big game never the less but we just have to take the mindset. It doesn't matter if we haven't won there or if we have won every game there. This is a new game so we have to go out there and win this one."

Is the fact that the Texans have never won in Indianapolis talked about a lot?

"Not really. Obviously, it's a fact. Not a lot of guys sit there and talk about it every day."

In the third quarter when you guys go forward on fourth in the middle of the third, does that kill momentum when you don't get it?

"I mean, we wish we would have got it. Our job on defense no matter what the offense is going to do, we have to go out there and execute every play. Do what we have to do to help the team. It doesn't matter what they do, we have to go out there and do our job."

How frustrating is it when the offense can't get going?

"They have their job to do. We have ours to do. We have to focus about ours, our jobs. They will make their adjustments. They will do what they have to do, so do we. We aren't really too worried about their job, we're worried about ours."

What are your thoughts on DE J.J. Watt playing with one hand?

"It's tough, but it's football. Things like that happen. He's a tough guy, he is going to go out there and play like everybody else in this locker room."


What are your thoughts and takeaways from this game?

"They outcoached us. They outplayed us."

Were you having trouble getting open or what were you seeing out there?

"I was doubled the whole game."

Is that frustrating?

"No, because that means my teammates are one-on-one."

Were you expecting to get doubled the whole game?

"Yeah, I was."

What are your thoughts on making mistakes and starting slow against a good team like the Patriots?

"You can't start slow against a team like that at all or the results are going to be what happened tonight."

Do you feel like the team was pressing because of the opponent?

"No not at all. We had a game plan. We stuck with it."

What do you think about your goals being out in front of you?

"I don't think anybody in this locker room is hanging their head because all our goals are still in front of us. We're not out of reach of anything that we want to accomplish."

Are you worried about QB Brian Hoyer?

"No, he's a tough guy."

You always get a lot of attention. What was different tonight with the Patriots?

"They just had a good game plan against us. They outcoached us. They outplayed us."

How do you fix this problem next week if the Colts decide to double-team you?

"The guys that are one-on-one have to make plays."


How does the locker room feel right now?

"Obviously, disappointed because you never want to lose a ball game but the results are the results. You just have to learn from it and move on from it."

What are some of the things they did that were effective against you?

"I think they just moved the ball – I wouldn't say consistently, but they converted some third downs when we had a chance to get off the field. For us, we have to put them in third and medium to long. When they are in third and short range, that is their bread and butter there. Some of those situations and things like that. We had some good pass rush up front at times. We had some good coverage at times. We just have to be a little bit more consistent throughout the whole game."

What was effective about QB Tom Brady?

"He's always been doing it at a high level. He is very consistent with what he does. He is really smart. You have to show him different looks on defense, different coverages and disguises. We did that at times today, but anytime you're playing a guy like that, you have to do it for a full game."

Are some of the bad tendencies from early in the season coming back on defense?

"Not at all. Those guys are playmakers on the other side of the ball, too. I looked up at one point in the fourth and we held them to like probably 200 yards there. They converted some third downs and things like that. I think overall, anytime you're playing another good football team, there is going to be plays made on you. You just have to, at the end of the day, win more than you lose."


It looked like you had a real good opportunity for two touchdown catches tonight. What are your thoughts on those plays?

"He just made a great play on the ball. It is a difficult catch. We knew that all week they do an excellent job when they have an opportunity to punch through a receiver's hands and make some plays, and that's what he was able to do. Tough catches in his face, and he was able to make some plays and break them up.

How tough is a loss like this?

"It's very tough. We did a lot of things to try to prepare for this game, and we definitely felt like we were ready, but we just didn't get the outcome that we wanted."

Coach Bill O'Brien talked about the team getting off to a slow start and not executing the keys to the game.

"I think we did have some keys to the game that we could have been better with. You know this is a sound football team. They did an excellent job tonight. The Patriots did. They were coached well, they played well. We can't take anything from them, we just have to be better prepared for next week."

Just three first downs in the second half and only 36 yards on offense. Did they figure you out at halftime or make adjustments?

"I don't know. I think its going to take us to look at some film. Unfortunately, you can't make those types of assessments directly after the game. All I know is at the end of the day, they played excellent tonight.They were well coached. They were better than us tonight. We have to be better than them if we ever have the opportunity again."

How ready are you to flip to Indianapolis?

"We are already onto Indy. Right now. There is nothing we can do about this game. I think we will go back in the lab tomorrow, which is the classroom for us, and try to clean up some of things that we do have on film. It's definitely very important for us to move onto Indy as quick as possible. I think we still have a big season in front of us and we can't let this game get us down. We just have to continue to plug away at what we do best."


How do you think you played with a broken left hand?

"It poses some problems, but it wasn't that bad."

How painful was it?

"There were times when it was painful. But that's football. People play with pain all the time."

How much does playing with a broken hand effect what you want to do?

"It's not terrible. I mean, I wish I had a hand but I don't, so you make do with what you got."

Did anyone come after your broken hand?

"Not really. They had a good game plan. They did a lot of different things. They played well. They executed really well."

Was their blocking scheme similar to Buffalo's?

"I don't know. They're a good team. They weren't going to leave me one-on-one. They didn't. That's just the way it goes. That's become the norm for me."

With a huge game next week in Indianapolis, what are your thoughts on still controlling your own destiny?

"You control what you can control. Now we need to work on controlling next Sunday. This Sunday didn't go the way we wanted it to. We'll go back to work and try to control next Sunday."

Your goals are still in front of you if you win next week.

"Yeah, we need to have a good week of practice, good week of work. Go out there and have a good game on Sunday."

Will there be much conversation about the fact the Texans have never won in Indianapolis?

"I mean, it's something we know. It's part of our history. It's something we need to change."

Did you change your cast at halftime?



Why was New England so successful on defense tonight?

"They did a good job of getting to us on certain things and getting to the quarterback. We missed some opportunities down the field. We just couldn't really string any plays together it felt like, just really get in a rhythm and especially with that guy on the other side of the ball, you can't give him too many opportunities to score because he is going to do it."

How tough was it to get back in the game?

"Yeah, there wasn't much of a chance there at the end."

Do you feel like New England made defensive adjustments at halftime to be so successful in the second half?

"They played us like we figured they would on film, doing our studies in the week. They didn't do anything that really surprised us. We just didn't really execute that well, didn't make any plays, just kind of dead out there."

With QB Brian Hoyer potentially out with a concussion, does this adjust how you will prepare to play next week?

"No, I prepare the same as every single week, just might get a few more reps in practice, but I'll go about it the same way I always have."

How important is the next game versus the Indianapolis Colts in terms of getting a lead in the division?

"Yeah, it is right there in front of us. We can't control what happens after that. All we've got to do is worry about Indianapolis and going up there and getting a win."

How does Indianapolis losing today help you move past this loss?

"That's all we are worried about - going up there and getting a win. Whatever happened this week, it's going to be a different ball game. That same team that probably lost today is not going to be there in Indianapolis. So we've just got to go there, focus on them and go up there to get a win."

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