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In Case You Missed It: Free Agency Begins

Just in case you missed it, we wrap up all the coverage from the first week in free agency.

In the hours before free agency began, the Patriots were reportedly close to resigning Aqib Talib. But by Tuesday's 4:00pm deadline, both Talib and Julian Edelman entered Free Agency without a deal in place with the Patriots. Free Agency was off and running and by the end of the day, Aqib Talib had signed with the Denver Broncos along with former Browns safety, T.J. Ward. Patriots fans were getting nervous and began to fear the worst. New Englands lone move was resigning Michael Hoomanawanui, but the details to his contract were not announced. The Patriots needed to make a move and they would get their chance on Wednesday.

Early in the day there were reports that Brandon LaFell, Wesley Woodyard, Matt Shaughnessy, and Shelly Smith were scheduled for visits to Gillette Stadium, but the big news wouldn't come until the evening. Less than five hours after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers released Darrelle Revis, it was reported that the New England Patriots had come to an agreement with the All-Pro cornerback. After the news broke, the NFL Network crew discussed whether the deal was better for Darrelle Revis or for the Patriots. Our own Andy Hart explains that this most recent deal further solidify's the notion 'In Bill We Trust' while running back Stevan Ridley told NFL AM why the Belichick system works.

As we move deeper in Free Agency take a look at our offensive and defensive free agent preview to see what other moves the Patriots might make in the upcoming days.



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