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Individual tickets on sale Saturday

For the seventh consecutive season, the New England Patriots have capped season ticket sales to assure that non-season ticket holders have an opportunity to purchase tickets to individual games.

On Saturday, June 23, beginning at 10:00 a.m., approximately 2,000 tickets per game will be made available to the general public. In recent years, tickets have sold out within hours of their release. The Patriots have now played before 71 consecutive sellouts at Foxboro Stadium.

All tickets will be sold through Ticketmaster only and can be purchased one of three ways:

1. Any Ticketmaster outlet in New England  
2. On-line through, or  
3. By calling Ticketmaster at (617) 931-2222  

Wheelchair accessible seating can be purchased by calling (508) 384-9191.

Tickets will be limited to eight regular season tickets per person and no more than four tickets per game. Sideline seats are available for $47 and end zone seats can be purchased for just $31.

In other news, the Patriots and the defending NFC Champion New York Giants will participate in two days of joint practices on Aug. 7 and Aug. 8 at Bryant College. The two teams will conduct a joint practice in the afternoon on Aug. 7, followed by two joint practices on Aug. 8. The Patriots kickoff the 2001 football season by hosting the New York Giants on Aug. 10 at Foxboro Stadium.

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