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Jabari Holloway Press Conf.



            **Q:  How do you feel about yourself and Brock Williams both coming to the Patriots from Notre Dame?**  

JH: It's great cause it gives us opportunity. We both know each other pretty well and we'll get there together, I guess work our way through the NFL together, being that we know each other so we'll know someone, we'll get to a new place together.

Q: Do you feel that you've been under rated as a pass catcher because of the conservative offense that's played at Notre Dame?

JH: Well, you know at Notre Dame we did what we had to do to win. I put myself in that position and I'm not ashamed of my decision. I'm very glad that I went to Notre Dame, I stepped up for the team when the team needed me and you know, we went to the Fiesta Bowl this year, and that's about all I can ask for.

Q: Can you see yourself as a pass receiver in the NFL?

JH: Um, right now I'm working on all aspects of my game to be a complete tight end, a tight end that can catch the ball as well as block, so that's what I'm looking to do for the Patriots.

Q: You'll be coming to a system that has an offensive coordinator that likes the tight end and has a quarterback who likes to throw to it. I imagine that pass catching is going to have to be very important on your priority list right now...

JH: Yes sir, definitely, definitely.

Q: You must be ecstatic to come here (New England Patriots) where there's really no proven spots and it's pretty much wide open for you...

JH: Well you know I just really thank God for the opportunity and I thank the Patriots for having faith in me, giving me the opportunity to come in and compete. I think it's an excellent position, I'm used to cold weather so it's nothing new to me. My roommate is from Boston so I know a lot about the area.

Q: Is there anything in particular that you know about the Patriots?

JH: Um, well I know that they have a new stadium coming up. Obviously, Drew Bledsoe's the quarterback. The past couple of years it's been tailback by committee, a lot of tailbacks had a good wide receiver from Ohio State there.

Q: Did you know that the Patriots were interested in you?

JH: To be honest with you, I think that the Patriots did a good job of holding their cards close to their chest. I spoke with one of the coaches, he came to Notre Dame, watched a couple plays and I spoke to him on passing. But you know I never could really tell if the Patriots had interest in me. You know I was surprised when they game me that call, but I think it's a great situation for me.

Q: Could you talk about your health situation, how it effected your senior year and how it effects you now?

JH: Um, right now I'm one-hundred percent, I'm full go. As far as how it effected my season, I sprained my ankle the third game of the season, and I was hampered by it for the rest of the season. Instead of sitting out I decided to play cause I thought my team needed me. But then I sprained my MCL, the second to last game of the season, and I wasn't quite able to recuperate in time for the Fiesta Bowl, but I was able to recuperate in time for the Senior Bowl.

Q: Why did you go to Notre Dame?

JH: I prayed about it, I thought that's what God wanted me to do. A combination of top notch football and academics was unparalleled anywhere else in the country.

Q: What's your major?

JH: Computer engineering.

Q: Do you target to graduate?

JH: Yes sir, I graduate in May.

Q: You must be pretty proud of that...

JH: Yes sir, but right now I'm just even prouder to be a Patriot. It is a great place, a nice quiet place, so if I can show what I can do, I think that as a student-athlete I wasn't able to concentrate all my time on football and I guess that limited me somewhat. Now that I'll be a full time football player I think I'll be able to show some people some stuff.

Q: Do you know where in the Boston area your roommate is from?

JH: Wellesley.

Q: Is he a player?

JH: No sir.

Q: So you've actually been around normal students...

JH: Ah, yes at Notre Dame there's a requirement that the first year you have to room with a non athlete. I guess me and my roommate hit it off, so we just stayed together all four years.

Q: What's his name?

JH: Brendan Dodder.

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