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Jemea Thomas Conference Call Transcript

New England Patriots DB Jemea Thomas addresses the media during his draft day conference call on Saturday, May 10, 2014.

Q: What is your reaction to being drafted by the Patriots?

JT: It was amazing. My whole family was here screaming. We were waiting on it and when it came it was a wonderful moment for all of us.

Q: Did you have any interaction with the team before you were drafted and did you come up for a visit at all?

JT: I did not come up for a visit. I had a private workout and they came down and the secondary coach worked me out and that was pretty much it.

Q: Are you a safety? A cornerback? How would you describe yourself?

JT: At [Georgia] Tech I played it all. I played every position in the secondary, so whatever they want me to come in and play that's what I'm looking forward to doing.

Q: Do you have a favorite position?

JT: I love it all.

Q: Heard you had some really good performances against former Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins and former Florida State University wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin in your career. Would you agree with that? Take us through some of those battles.

JT: I had a few. One was a one-handed interception in the ACC Championship against Benjamin and then that whole game in 2011 against Clemson was a good game for me against Sammy.

Q: You have probably seen during this NFL offseason the Patriots have pulled in all these defensive backs – Darrelle Revis, Brandon Browner – what are your thoughts coming into that situation?


JT:** The opportunity to come in and learn from them; those are some great players that are already up there. So just to come in, learn as quick as I can from those guys and just roll with it.

Q: What is your special teams experience?

JT: I played almost everything on special teams. I played as a freshman on [special] teams and love [special] teams.

Q: Do you know anybody on the Patriots?

JT: Yeah, Alfonzo Dennard. He's actually from the county right next to mine – Wilcox County. I know him; got a good connection to him.

Q: Did you talk to Alfonzo Dennard at all before the draft?

JT: Not at all.

Q: Are you guys friends or did you just know of each other?

JT: Yeah, we're friends. The county is right next door. We played ball with each other growing up and things like that.

Q: Have you talked to him since being drafted?

JT: Yeah. He actually texted me a couple of minutes ago.

Q: Did you say you played basketball against Alfonzo Dennard?

JT: Yeah, like youth [basketball] growing up.

Q: Who was better?

JT: I would say he is.

Q: What is your style of play like at safety?

JT: Very aggressive. Honestly, I do it all, but very aggressive. Very physical type of player.

Q: Do you prefer the big hits over interceptions?

JT: I prefer both. It's whatever happens at the moment. If I can't get to the ball, I'm going to hit him.

Q: Have you been up to the Boston area before?

JT: I actually haven't been up there before.

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