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Jeremy Gallon Conference Call Transcript

New England Patriots WR Jeremy Gallon addresses the media during his draft day conference call on Saturday, May 10, 2014.

Q: What was your reaction when you got the call from the New England Patriots? Did you have any hint they may pick you?

JG: My reaction was just I was surprised. I was speechless. It was a blessing just to get that phone call finally. I've been waiting a long, long time. It's a blessing. I still can't believe it. I'm still speechless at this moment. I was just sitting around with my family and just waiting around and finally got that phone call. Just speechless.

Q: You've said before you think the Patriots would be a perfect fit for you. Can you talk about that?

JG: They're known for having smaller guys. They're a team-oriented football team. They seem to just keep producing smaller guys that work in smaller spaces against big people. I just felt like it would be a good fit here as far myself and how I play and what I can bring and what they have for me to bring to the table.

Q: Did the team work you out? Did you come to New England?

JG: Coaches O'Brien and O'Shea [Special Teams Coach Scott O'Brien and Wide Receivers Coach Chad O'Shea] came down to Ann Arbor to work me out. We spent a couple hours with each other on the board and out on the field doing routes and stuff.

Q: Do you think it helps you having a quarterback from Michigan?

JG: Absolutely, but I'm just there to fit in and just to compete and to just go in and to be the best guy I can and to make everything happen for the team and myself.

Q: Have you met Tom Brady?

JG: I have. I met him one time he came to the facility and he spoke with the team. I haven't gotten a chance to speak with him directly, but from the speech he gave the team, he's a great guy. I can't wait to be around him and to play with him.

Q: What did you take from the speech that he gave? What do you remember about what he told you guys?

JG: Hard work and dedication. I know for him it wasn't easy. I know he struggled a little bit and I know with the draft he was waiting too. When he got that chance and when he got his name called he made the best of it. For me, being in the same situation, I want to follow in his footsteps to be one of the greatest to play the game.


Q:** Does it hurt a little bit to sit for as long as you did waiting to be picked?

JG: No. To me, I didn't mind. I was doing everything to say away from the television and to keep my mind off the draft and to focus on other things and to spend time with my family. If my name got called, it got called and it was a blessing. But if it didn't, I was going to continue on and to live out my dream and continue to push forward to greatness. The fact that it happened for me, it's a blessing. I'm just glad my name got called.

Q: Did you have the TV on when the Patriots called?

JG: My brothers had the TV on. I was outside with my nieces watching them play around and I got the phone call from Coach [Bill] Belichick. I don't know, I just grabbed my nieces and ran in the house and everybody just started screaming.

Q: What does it mean to have your teammates vote you as the most valuable player on the team?

JG: It means a lot. It shows character, it shows the responsibility, it shows me being a team player. It shows me caring and the guys trusting me as well. It means a lot to me that my teammates trusted me and they put all that trust in me and hold me accountable for everything and being the type of teammate that I am.

Q: The Patriots have produced a lot of smaller guys. Do you model your game after Wes Welker or Julian Edelman and other smaller guys?

JG: Absolutely. They're tough, small guys and they're able to work in small spaces versus big guys. I try to model my game after them because they're great guys, they're great players. Everybody looks at the size and what they can bring to the table as like a 6-2 guy or as far as 5-7 or 5-10 guy. To me, I just think that doesn't matter. It's what you can bring to the table as far as your heart and your ability to play the game.

Q: Who are you with right now and where are you?

JG: I'm home in Florida. I'm with my dad, my mom, my nieces, my brother and sister.

Q: Other than Tom Brady, do you have any connection to the Boston area?

JG: Never been there. Never seen it. As far as Tom Brady, that's probably the only thing I have that can connect me to the New England Patriots, but I can't wait to get there. I'm excited to be on the team. I'm excited to have my name called. I just can't wait to get there and see what I can do.

Q: Can you tell us what your special teams experience is? You did some returning. Were you the full-time guy for punts and kicks?

JG: Yes, sir. I was punt return, kick return man, probably my entire career in college. It's something I've always been doing since I was younger and something I hope to continue to do when I get there.

Q: Did anyone on the Patriots talk to you about special teams?

JG: No, sir. I haven't spoken to anyone about it yet.

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