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Jets Postgame Quotes 10/25

New York Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles and select players comment on their game against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, October 25, 2015.


Q: What do you take away from today's game?

TB: Nothing. We lost. It was our fault. We fought until the end and it wasn't good enough. They played better situational football than we did. We will watch the film, correct the mistakes and move on.

Q: On the last play did it look like Brandon Marshall was slow getting back to the line?

TB: No, he got back and I think we moved. You can't move when the ball is being snapped with the clock running down like that, so…

Q: It appeared that Chris Ivory got hurt on the first play a little bit. How much did that affect the game plan for the rest of the game?

TB: I don't think it affected him that much. I thought he was tight in his hamstring and once he loosened up he went back in there and he was okay.

Q: Was it a preexisting thing with the hamstring or did it happen early in the game?

TB: It just happened early in the game.

Q: Was the idea on the first down play to Eric Decker after you recovered the onside [kick] just to get a little closer to make a throw in the end zone?

TB: Yeah, [we were] trying to get a little closer so we could spike it, so we could have a chance at a Hail Mary. 

Q: Do you regret that?

TB: No. He wouldn't have thrown it that far if we stayed where we were - we would have never made it. 

Q: Right before the Rob Gronkowski touchdown you had three timeouts. Why not call one there since they started milking some time off the clock?

TB: We were trying to call it if we made a stop, [but] we didn't stop them, obviously. It was like a second, two or three at the time we could have called a time out, but it didn't make any sense since they were moving the ball right there, so we tried to get a stop to call one and we never got the stop.

Q: What were you hoping to do defensively against Gronkowski? What was the plan and what did he do to counter that plan?

TB: I don't know if he did anything to counter any play of this game. He's a big strong guy. We had him covered sometimes. He made some good plays. He's a great football player. We tried to limit the yards after catch and I thought we did that some in the first half and didn't do it as well in the second half. 

Q: You got to Tom Brady a lot in the first half and not so much the second half. What changed there?

TB: Nothing. I don't think we made him hold the ball as much in the second half. We made him hold it a little bit in the first half and we got to him in the second half [when] balls [were] coming out and we've just got to make plays.  

Q: What update to you have on Calvin Pryor if any?

TB: Right now all I have is an ankle injury. 

Q: And Nick Mangold?

TB: He has got to get neck X-rays.

Q: What about Sheldon Richardson?

TB: I don't have any update on Sheldon right now from an injury standpoint. I know he went out and I've got to find out what it was.

Q: It appeared you had Darrelle Revis on Julian Edelman much of the day, but that third-and-17 play, was Revis on somebody else there which allowed him to get open?

TB: No, we were in a zone right there. He played [Revis] a lot of man and we played in the zone - we played normal. We just had a missed play in the coverage. 

Q: Why not pressure instead of playing coverage on the third-and-17?

TB: Yeah, he figured [with] seventeen [yards] he can hold the ball a little more. [Julian Edelman] just made a good play. You've got to play cat and mouse with them. You can't give them what they want all the time, so we were trying to do that all game and it didn't work that time.

Q: What happened to Buster Skrine when he had to leave the game and then come back in, and then he wasn't in the game on the second-to-last touchdown?

TB: He was a little sore. He banged up his elbow a little bit. 

Q: Is that why he wasn't in the game on the Danny Amendola touchdown?

TB: He was going in and out. He was a little sore so he was going back in and out.

Q: How frustrating of a loss is this for you?

TB: It's frustrating because we lost. Nobody wants to lose - especially us. We've got to look at the film. We've got to get over it. It's one game. We are 4-2. We've got to get ready for Oakland next week. We can't hang our hat on it too much.

Q: Is your message going to be to the guys that there's still a lot of season left and you've put yourselves in a good position. I know this is one because they've been stung here so often that would maybe have a temptation to stick with guys. How do you counteract that?

TB: It's one game. We are going to move on and get ready for next week and get ready for Oakland. We should be upset with a loss. You show me a good loser, I'll show you a loser, so we are going to stew over it for a night and get ready for Oakland.

Q: How do you think Eric Decker played?

TB: He made some good plays. I saw the catches, but I have to look at the film to make sure he did everything he was supposed to do. 

Q: What did you see on the Brandon Marshall drop?

TB: It would have been a tough catch if he made it. He's capable of making those catches, but he just didn't come down with it. 

Q: What led to the punting move yesterday because Ryan Quigley wasn't on the injury report?

TB: He wasn't injured. He showed up that day with his shin real swollen, he couldn't move it and it was black and blue and we had to get a punter.

Q: Did it happen in practice?

TB: No. It didn't happen in practice. It happened that morning - that Saturday morning and we didn't know about it. 

Q What was his explanation?

TB: There was no explanation. It may have something to do with meds or something like that, but it swelled up on him and it got real bad, so we acted accordingly so we wouldn't be without a punter.

Q: Did it have to do with the punt block last week?

TB: No. He was completely healthy all week.

Q: He didn't bang it at home or anything?

TB: He was completely healthy. He didn't bang it at home or anything. He was completely healthy. 

Q: How do you think Steve Weatherford did with one day to prepare?

TB: He's a vet. I thought he did a good job.

Q: With Ivory clearly not being 100 percent, how much does that hold back your offense and how much were they able to take advantage of that?

TB: It didn't hold us back. They did a good job of stopping him. You've got to give those guys credit. They get paid, too. He was in the game, and he was healthy. We were coming off the ball some. They had schemed some fronts and schemed some things they had seen, so they did a good job preparing.

Q: Now that you've seen this Patriots offense, how difficult is it to defend and why is it difficult to defend when you basically know Brady's going to throw the ball almost every time?

TB: It's always difficult to defend when you've got good players at good positions and you've got to stop them from making plays. We made some plays and they made some plays, and they made a lot more than we did in the second half and that's why they won.

Q: After the fumble by Ryan Fitzpatrick early, how do you feel that he played?

TB: He did a good job. We fought. We win as a team, [and] we lose as a team and it counted for everybody, coaches included. We've just got to regroup and go on.

Q: On the third-and-10 on their last touchdown drive you ran a cover zero. Is that still some of that cat and mouse kind of thing you were talking about?

TB: That was my fault. We made an adjustment on the sideline and I didn't get it put on the field and [I] didn't get it across to the players very well, so I'll take the heat on that one.

Q: You just couldn't get the call in?

TB: No, we had the call in. It occurred to me that there was an adjustment on the sideline that I didn't make clear so that's my fault.

Q: Do you think Quigley will be able to punt next week?

TB: Hopefully. We'll see how it goes.

Q: Were you surprised he came in hurt?

TB: You're surprised, and then you have to move on and make adjustments. 


Q: Ryan, on the second-to-last play going across the middle, why did you guys decide to do that instead of trying to go deep?

RF: Well, they were going to cover the sidelines and we felt like with 15 seconds, we were still able to complete one and get up around 15 to 20 yards and have a better chance getting it into the end zone, just in terms of holding up the rush better and being able to get more guys to the end zone and give us a better chance on that final play. So, that was the deal there, you know, and wasn't able to execute it with the penalty. 

Q: You guys knew going in that Bill Belichick was going to take away Chris [Ivory] and then he got hurt on the first play. Did that change what you were trying to do on offense?

RF: You know, they always do a great job of taking away your best players, so they were going to try to take away Chris. And [they] had two guys on Brandon [Marshall] all game. You know, they weren't going to let Brandon catch the ball, so you know, we had other guys that had to step up and I thought [Eric] Decker played a great game. Especially on third down, with some of the stuff he did, but you know, we've just got to find a way to score more points, take advantage of the third downs we missed and then the big ones in the red zone. When we get down there, seven points, it's got to happen every time for us. You know, we can't settle for three. 

Q: Did they do something differently against Brandon [Marshall] than other teams this year because he gets doubled a lot?

RF: Yeah, I mean, it was double on every play. You know, a lot of times they will take Brandon away as much as you can, but they certainly made a conscious effort to have two guys on him on every play. 

Q: Did you wind up being forced to throw a lot more times than anticipated going in, as well as the scrambling obviously?

RF: We just kind of take what's there and see how the game is going and all that. So, I haven't even looked at any of the statistics in terms of run to pass or anything like that. But I thought we had a good game plan coming in and you end up adjusting a few things by the way the game is going. I thought we fought all day. 

Q: What was going through your head after the fumble on the second play?

RF: Just poor ball security, you know, and that was the play they doubled Brandon, and I was kind of looking his way, just something that can't happen. 

Q: The Patriots are known for taking away one or two top threats of the opposing team. Did they do a good job with both [Chris] Ivory and [Brandon] Marshall in the first half?

RF: They did, they had a good game plan. You know, especially with Brandon, they weren't going to let him get loose today. They had a couple guys on him all day. 

Q: Those last few minutes, does that say something about this team? I mean, obviously, people are going to fight to the end, but…

RF: I mean, there is no quit in us. We kind of knew the situation. We were trying to get down far enough to get a field goal, you know, to give us a chance for an onside kick. And then Brandon steps in and gets us the onside kick, so I mean, there is a lot of fight in this team. But we know that, we know who we are, we know the effort we put in every single day, not just on Sunday. We can't really take any moral victories from it. A loss is a loss, but I still love coming to play with these guys on Sunday. 

Q: Ryan, how do you not let this loss have any carryover? Obviously, it's a tough loss.

RF: Yeah, just try to move on. We've got the old sad plane ride back, but luckily it is a short one and then we come in, we review it tomorrow, get over it and then we move on to Oakland. That's what we have to do, that's what you have to do every week in the NFL. Win or lose, you have to put it behind you and move onto the next one. 

Q: You say no moral victories, but at the end of three quarters, you had the lead, you hit a lot of third-down passes to get that, what do you take away from the success that you had?

RF: I mean, there is stuff we can build on, but we didn't come here to play them close. We came here to win. So, we weren't able to achieve that. 

Q: Without looking at the film, you can't get into too many of the things you need to improve, but just off the top of your head coming out of this game, what would you like to do better as an offense?

RF: We had a couple three-and-outs in a row that I thought really hurt us. We kind of sputtered for a little bit, but the biggest thing is, we have to be perfect in the red zone. We've got to, whether it is my decision making, whether it is our routes, whatever it is, we have got to be perfect down there. And we're not going to score every time, but that's the goal. And so, there were some points that we left out there today because we kind of missed on that perfection.

Q: On the third-down on the drive at the end of the game, before they went down and scored, you went to Devin [Smith] down the left side. Was he the first option on that play?

RF: It's hard to answer that, 'Was he the first option,' because, I mean, they had a double on Brandon and so it was man coverage. So, I am pretty much reading that play how I want to read it, so maybe that was the right decision, maybe it wasn't. And we weren't able to convert. 

Q: What was [Rob] Ninkovich doing? He seemed to be a guy who had a good feel for the short passes you guys would throw.

RF: Yeah, he did a good job. He is a heady player and on some of the naked [bootlegs] early, he stayed home and batted some balls down. We had a quick pass early and he batted it down. Anytime there was a screen, he seemed to be there, and so he is a smart football player. We knew that going in and he did a good job with some of that, especially early in the first half.

Q: What was working so well on third down with you and Eric [Decker]?

RF: Well, they made the decision to take away Brandon, so that left Eric one-on-one for a lot of the day. He's a really good player obviously – you guys have seen him – but he did some good stuff.

Dion Bailey, Safety

(On facing Tom Brady)
"It's not frustrating, it's exciting. I got to play against a legend and he'll go down as a legend and the next time we suit up against him, I'll be much more prepared to go. I'll have more experience. Never played on the field against him. Got my first snaps and felt like I did pretty good just getting thrown out there. Next time I'll be much more mentally prepared."

(On what makes Tom Brady great)
"Anticipation and knowing where guys are going to be. He [makes] guys open. Guys aren't always open. So I got a couple snaps against him, kind of understand that attention's needed a little bit more, so I'll be ready to go. Anyone can watch film and think they got it down pat, but you go out there and it's live bullets, they're making adjustments, we're making adjustments, so the more snaps, the more experience, the better."

(On the strength of the secondary)
"It's not about beating the Patriots, but we have a really good secondary here and we're really deep, just as long as we hold up with the injuries. I feel like this secondary can thrive at all levels."

Tommy Bohanon, Fullback

(On the game) 
"We were just a few plays away. We will correct those on film and we will get back at it."

(On missing Chris Ivory for a portion of the game)
"It always hurts; you know he is one of the best running backs in the game. Whenever he is nicked up a little bit we are not going to have the same type of running game. We hope he is going to be alright and get back to full strength and see what goes on from there."

(On catching passes and losing to a divisional opponent) 
"I was able to catch a few balls today and make a few plays and that is always good, being able to help the offense as much as I can. We still have a long season and they are a division opponent and we know we are going to play them again. We are going to have to rebound from this and come back next week and try and win one against Oakland."

Willie Colon, Right Guard

(On the game) 
"We lost and they beat us because we didn't execute. They made more big plays than we did. We were out there competing and everyone was out there fighting and scrapping. It was a good football game and we just didn't come out on the good side of it."

(On what the Patriot's did differently)
"We felt like we had them right where we wanted them. We came up short in the second half and they just won. It was X's and O's. They beat us in the X's and O's and they executed."

(On dictating the pace of the game) 
"I am [angry], because I feel like we had them. I feel like we were the better team out there but obviously we were not. We just have to move on and get ready for Oakland. They beat us fair and square and that is the bottom line. We have to do better and execute better. We have to make more plays."

Antonio Cromartie, Cornerback

(On putting this game in perspective) 
"We're a pretty decent team but at the end of the day, it's a long season. We still have 11 weeks left. The biggest thing for us is to just go out and play football, the best we know how, and that's the point. Coming up is Oakland and that's our main focus. Can't look forward, can't think about what you did this previous game; our main focus will have to be on Oakland and go from there. "

(On whether he was surprised that Brady threw so often in the game)
"I think they had five rushes the whole game, five or six. We have to figure it out, to where our front seven is playing and they're trying to come out and just throw the ball. I think we did a pretty good job in the first half, getting off the field, not letting them complete a ball down the field. The second half was where the tempo may have gotten to us a little bit and the communication part wasn't always there."

(On how key the Patriots third-and-17 play was.) 
"That was big. That was the back-breaker. Not just from a team standpoint or a morale standpoint, it was just a point where you got them at third-and-18 and the biggest thing for us is to just get them off the field. That gives our offense the ball, lets them run the clock like they were doing in the first half and part of the third and fourth quarters."

Eric Decker, Wide Receiver

(On the final drive)
"Usually the defense is going to take away the sideline so you think you get a chunk of yards, try to get up, spike it and throw a Hail Mary. That's the thought process. I was trying to get down, he was holding me up. We had an opportunity with the clock running down. It's not the difference in the game but it gives you an opportunity."

(On matching up with Malcolm Butler)
"There was a lot of man coverage and for me [I had to] be physical. [Malcolm] Butler is a speed guy. He's smart and I had to be able to maneuver my way through and try to use my size against him. I had some success early-on, with a little bit in the second half, but mostly the first."

(On making better drives)
"You never want to go three-and-out. It's a game of where the ball is at. I think we gave them a short field to work with. We had to go 80 yards every time and it gets tougher. We put some good drives together. Like you said, we took Brady off the field in the first half. Give them credit. They're a good football team and they came up with some plays in situations."

D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Left Tackle

(On the game and meeting expectations)
"We recognize what we need to do and unfortunately we didn't get the win today. We fought hard and a couple of plays differently, we may have had a different scenario in the end. We never listen to the outside and we don't take moral victories, that is not what we do. We go out there to win and that is our goal. We were unsuccessful today but this is one game of a very long season.  We know the type of team we have and next week is another opportunity to show it."

Chris Ivory, Running Back

(On whether the hamstring injury impacted his play)
"Yeah, I didn't have it coming (inaudible) and getting around the edge. It started feeling a little looser. It's tough for something like that to happen on the first play. It's real tough, but I was able to work through and finish the game. I mean we didn't get the outcome we wanted, but on to next week."

(On whether the Patriots defensive schemes impacted his game) 
"The hamstring changed the way they played their defense. We knew coming in what they were going to do, but they did it, a little bit. They did some different things that we were able to adjust to."

(On whether Dont'a Hightower impacted the Jets running game) 
"He's a good linebacker. I don't think he changed it. It was stuff we worked on."

(On whether the hamstring or the Patriots defense had more of an impact) 
"A combination of both. I think they set the edge a couple of times pretty good. I think they wanted all of the runs to go inside. They ran a lot of twists in the middle and then had that defense setting the edge."

Brandon Marshall, Wide Receiver

(On the last play of the game) 
"I got back to the line and obviously we were going to clock it. I was trying to communicate with the inside guy. I should have been able to see it clear and get off with the ball. I was trying to get in the right place. I got back to the line of scrimmage and there were a few seconds left and I was trying to figure out who was on and who was off. I should have done a better job of trying to figure that out faster. That's on me."

(Asked if should have caught the pass at the goal line)
"Absolutely, that is all on me. If I make that play it puts us in a better position. I didn't make the play and it put our team in a bad situation. You have to make those plays in games like this, so it is all on me. It will definitely be my fuel this week to get better."

(On the coverage against him) 
"Everyone knows that a [Bill] Belichick coached team is going to play their technique and play within a system. Every single play today, there was a double. It was either the corner was inside and the safety over the top and playing aggressive against the hash or he was playing outside with the safety inside. We got Deck [Eric Decker] and our other guys and Deck came up big. I am so proud of him. I've just got to make the play when it comes to me."

(On the Chris Ivory injury)
"It doesn't matter, we have other backs who can play but obviously our offense goes through Chris. He fought through it and I am definitely proud of him as well."

(On losing)
"It's super frustrating. Guys work so hard to be in situations like this and to come up short is frustrating but at the same time there is a lot of football left. It's going to be tough to look at the film. I know myself, I am disappointed I will be thinking about that play in the red zone but that is going to be my fuel to get better. Games like this, situations like this, create championship teams or it creates teams that fold. On a positive with this team we have high character guys.  I think you see the mood in this locker room. That's special, guys care. We'll take a day and get this nasty taste out of our mouth and come tomorrow we will move on. I know the guys we have in this locker rom. They are not going to hang their heads all week. We're talented and we are smart.  We made some dumb mistakes today, including myself. But we have just got to get better. It's a missed opportunity to take the division lead." 

Calvin Pace, Outside Linebacker

(On making plays)
"Give them credit. We just didn't make enough plays. Bottom line is that we didn't get it done. They made a play and we didn't."

(On the talent of the Patriots)
"If you want to talk talent, I'm not a GM. I'm not an ESPN commentator, so I can't sit here and go man-for-man. I just know that the game plan we came here with was excellent, we just didn't do enough. Again, as hard as it is, we've got to give them credit. We're going to go back to the drawing board and get ready for Oakland."

(On facing Tom Brady)
"It's frustrating. That's why one day, that guy will be in Canton. It's just a situation where we could do some things a little better. Not that we didn't. There was a lot of good in it. We've just got to go and make some corrections for Oakland."

Darrelle Revis, Defensive Back

(On why the Jets weren't able to hold Tom Brady in check in the fourth quarter)
"We tried to switch things up on Tom [Brady] and show him different looks, but Tom is great. He suckered in the defense, that's what he did down the stretch."

(On if the team could build on the first-half momentum)
"We knew what type of game it was going to be, it was going to be a physical game. We made adjustments at halftime and came out and tried to execute the corrections we made at halftime. Like I said, we fought hard in the third quarter, but the big play was the third-and-17. That changed the momentum and they made more plays than we did." 

(On the battle with Patriots Wide Receiver Julian Edelman)
"Any receiver I go up against is going to be one of the top guys in the league. My job description is to cover some of the greatest receivers."

(On trying to stop everyone on the Patriots offense)
"They've got a lot of weapons. Danny [Amendola] had a good game and made big plays when he needed to make them down the stretch. We knew it was going to be the No. 1 offense against the No. 1 defense. We knew it was going to be a dog fight."

(On what it was like being back at Gillette Stadium)
"It's just a week seven game."

Leonard Williams, Defensive End

(On what this game meant for the Jets) 
"Like I said, the loss stings, but at the same time, I'm proud of my teammates. We all know that we played great. It's still early in the season and we are going to have another opportunity to play them again, so we're looking forward to the next opportunity and for right now, it's just another bump in the road. We have to stay strong and continue (inaudible)."

(On Tom Brady)
"Like everyone knows, he's a great quarterback. He gets the ball out pretty quick. From what I've seen playing, if I can't get to him on time, just try to get my hands up and knock some balls down."

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