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Jimmy Garoppolo Transcript 8/3

New England Patriots QB Jimmy Garoppolo addresses the media following Training Camp practice at Gillette Stadium on Wednesday, August 3, 2016.

Q: How much more comfortable are you getting out there as the daily process continues?

JG: It's been going good. Just putting in the offense one day at a time and trying to fix little things here and there, and sure everything up, but it has been a good couple of weeks so far.

Q: What are some of the things that you've improved on as time has gone on?

JG: A little bit of everything. Just reading the defenses, knowing what they're trying to do, how to counteract that and all of that stuff. This quarterback game; it's an endless process. [I'm] just trying to keep learning everything.

Q: What are your thoughts on Martellus Bennett and what is it like having guys like him and Rob Gronkowski out there?

JG: It's awesome, it's awesome. Those two guys make it a lot better as they're both hard workers, too, in the classroom and everything. It's a comfortable feeling as a quarterback.

Q: How would you describe their physical makeup and their style of play?

JG: Gronk's a funny guy, so that always helps cheer things up in the locker room. In the red zone they're a dangerous combo, wherever you put them on the field. All of the tight ends have been working really hard and just getting better day-by-day.

Q: How would you describe your progress thus far in training camp?

JG: It's been going day-by-day. Like I said before, we're just putting in the offense one day after the other. One day it's third-down, one day its early downs, so you've just got to roll with the punches really.

Q: Has this camp been different for you knowing that you will be the starter at the beginning of the season?

JG: No, it's pretty similar to the last two years.

Q: How much anticipation is there for you to work against another team when the Saints arrive in town next week?

JG: It's exciting. It always brings another level of competitiveness and you get to see a different look from a different defense. Guys get tired of going against the same guys day after day and you learn tendencies, and so it's just a little bit of a changeup, and it's nice during training camp.

Q: What have your observations been in camp of the running game and the offensive line?

JG: Those big guys up front, really everybody, everybody's been doing their part. The receivers are getting the force block, the offensive line's been working real hard and working together. It's always a different group of guys in there so you've got a lot of guys working with different guys and its tough at times but they've been doing a good job.

Q: What do you think of the receiver group so far through camp?

JG: The competition is awesome and that just makes everyone better. Whenever you have competition it leads to better things. They've been working real hard. Having a good receiver corps obviously makes my job a lot easier.

Q: We saw you working off to the side with Tom Brady at the end of practice. Was there any specific advice he was giving you?

JG: Not really. It was his birthday today so I had to wish him a happy birthday and everything. Just little things here and there.

Q: What did you get him for his birthday?

JG: What did I get him? I can't tell you guys that, come on.

Q: What have you seen from some of the receivers in camp that have practice squad experience from last season?

JG: It's been huge, especially just working with those guys in the offseason, OTA's, all of that stuff. It gives those guys – and being down a couple of guys – it gives those guys an extra rep here or there and it's huge for a young guy. I was that guy a couple of years ago. It adds to your progress that much more.

Q: How dangerous can Chris Harper be on the field?

JG: He's a good player. He made a great catch [today]. He made another one the other night in the stadium for me. Like I said before, it's a comforting feeling having a guy like that.

Q: What have you seen from Malcolm Mitchell so far?

JG: A little bit of everything; hard worker for a rookie. He comes in here and he's working hard and you can see that, and it translates over to the field, so it's always a nice feeling.

Q: How do you compartmentalize and not make this four-game stretch bigger than it is despite the fact that it could be a launching pad for your career?

JG: I treat it like any other year. The last two years I've really come in here with the same mindset every year. You can play this game to be the starter, get on the field and everything, and when your chance comes you have to take advantage of it.

Q: But does seeing a guy that was a backup like Brock Osweiler get paid a good amount of money make you think about your future as a starter?

JG: It really hasn't changed much for me, to be honest. That's just my mindset that I've always had so I'm just moving forward I guess.

Q: Does the culture here help you stay grounded like that?

JG: Oh yeah, no doubt about that. It's just never too high, never too low, always in the middle type of mindset, and it really helps you as a young player especially.

Q: Could you see yourself playing at 39 years old?

JG: I sure hope so. We'll see.

Q: What have you seen from Tom that has let him play at this level for such a long time?

JG: It's a little bit of everything; nutrition, body work, doing things the right way. It all adds up. What is this, his 17th year? It all adds up over time, so hopefully I'll be there one day.

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