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Jon Halapio Conference Call Transcript

New England Patriots OL Jon Halapio addresses the media during his draft day conference call on Saturday, May 10, 2014.


Q:** What was your reaction to being drafted by the Patriots?

JH: Relieved. I'm very relieved. Very excited and happy. It's just a very exciting time for me right now. I'm really glad I got that phone call.

Q: How do you feel about rejoining your teammate, [Florida defensive lineman] Dominique Easley, with the Patriots?

JH: I feel great. I love the guy and I'm sure he's just as excited as I am and we're both ready to go to work.

Q: What was it like going up against Easley in practice at Florida?


JH:** He makes me a lot better as a football player. He's a very talented dude and we are both excited to contribute to the New England Patriots. We are coming in humbled; we are very coachable so we are ready to be coached and pay our respects and dues to the team and contribute.

Q: Is Easley a tough guy to block and what are some of the things that stand out about him?

JH: He's a really relentless player; nothing new that the New England Patriots don't know about him. He's just an all around good player. Like I said at the beginning, we are just really excited to come up there and go to work.

Q: A scouting report reported that you played through an 80 percent tear in your pectoral muscle, is that correct?

JH: Yes, that was correct.

Q: Can you talk about your toughness; is that a point of pride for you? How difficult was it to play through that injury?

JH: It was very difficult but I just love football. When you're in the football game you're just filled with adrenaline at the time so you don't really feel the pain that much. I'm just very excited right now to just come up there and contribute fully healthy.

Q: When did the injury occur?

JH: It was last July.


With 179th overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft the Patriots selected Florida guard Jon Halapio.

Q:** How are you feeling now?

JH: I feel great. I feel really good.

Q: What does tearing a pectoral muscle feel like?

JH: It feels like somebody is stretching your chest muscle so far it snaps like a rubber band when you pull it too far.

Q: The Patriots are returning their full starting offensive line. What will be your mindset as you join this team?

JH: Just come in there and do what is asked of me from the coaches and contribute. Whether it is to be a backup or whatever my role may be, my mindset is to come up there and just start from the bottom and work hard every day and contribute to team success.

Q: What are some of your strengths as a player and what are some things you need to work on as you get ready to play in the NFL?

JH: I'm very coachable. I'm just very excited to come up there and contribute. All I can say is that I'm just very coachable and just ready to contribute and go to work and help this team.

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