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Julian Edelman Media Availability Transcript 5/25

Patriots Wide Receiver Julian Edelman addresses the media at Gillette Stadium on Thursday, May 25, 2017.


Q: It's a beautiful day in Foxborough, huh?

JE: There's nothing like a nice May day in Foxborough.

Q: How can a day like this help you guys?

JE: It gives you an opportunity to have kind of a rainy day atmosphere, which in my years here we've averaged probably two rain games per year. So to be able to go in and work on keeping your feet under your toes and making cuts in the slippery surface it's very nice, along with catching in the rain - it's a lot tougher. It's good to get an opportunity to do it. 

Q: What do you say to the new guys on the team to help them get acclimated?

JE: I mean I don't really say too much. I just kind of try to go out and focus on what I've got to do to get myself better. If they're young I try to lead by example - work hard, be attentive, put the team first. That's kind of what you do and what I saw when I was young with the veterans here. Of course, there are vocal guys but I'll try to welcome a guy, create a relationship because you know that's what this time is about - going out and learning your new teammates, creating a cohesive unit and being excited to play football. 

Q: What are your first impressions of Brandin Cooks?

JE: He works hard and he's extremely fast. It's not just Brandin [Cooks], but it's our whole room. We've got Hogs [Chris Hogan], Dola [Danny Amendola], Hawk [Andrew Hawkins] now, we've got Dev [Devin Lucien], Slate [Matthew Slater], Cody [Hollister], AC [Austin Carr], so you know we've got a competitive group in there. [It's a] very smart room and as long as we continue to improve daily, usually that's what makes the unit better. 

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