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Kansas City Chiefs: What They're Saying

Find out what the Kansas City Chiefs coaches and players are saying about their upcoming game against the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football.


On the atmosphere and crowd on Monday night...
"We welcome people into that atmosphere. The Sea of Red is something when it gets cranking. I have this feeling that they're probably going to set a new record. It's going to be a lot of red and we look forward to it and bringing the Patriots in here and letting them enjoy that part of it."
- Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid


On the Patriots...*
"Their offensive line is trying to find itself right now, but that is a good team over there. They have a good leader and he can motivate anybody."
*- Chiefs Defensive Lineman Kevin Vickerson

"They're tough. Coach Belichick does a good job getting his guys ready to go. One thing about them is they always finish good. All four quarters it's going to be a tough game. A physical game. It's going to be fun."
- Chiefs Cornerback Sean Smith

On the challenge that Chandler Jones presents...
"Certainly his length definitely stands out on film, especially [when] you see him moving around. He plays inside against guards, he bounces outside, he's getting on tight ends and disrupting. He is very disruptive I think because of his length at whatever he's doing, whether he's rushing the passer or on a tight end or inside. His length is such a great advantage, so he can definitely be disruptive with it. How to combat that, for me, I'm trying not to focus on that – I'm looking downfield. But for the team, he's certainly somebody that kind of commands some attention, that's for sure. "
- Chiefs Quarterback Alex Smith

"Chandler is a good football player, and he does have great length and again, he's using that very well this year. We've got to make sure … Obviously he's not the only good player on that team. They've got a whole bunch of them. But he's definitely one that you've got to know where he's at."
- Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid

On Darrelle Revis...
"Certainly he is a tremendous player. Certainly when he's manned up, a very, very good player. You've seen the last couple weeks [he's] matched the opposing team's best receiver and for the most part has had a lot of success. He's good, he's physical, he's fast, he's smart, and you can see all those on film, so it's a pretty dangerous combination when you have all that."
- Chiefs Quarterback Alex Smith


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