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Kenyatta Jones Press Conf.

Foxboro Stadium, Foxborough, MAKenyatta Jones speaks to the press via Conference Call



            **Q:  The third of three straight South Florida guys were you kind of rooting for each other?**  

KJ: Yes sir, we were all behind each other. For the three of us we knew that we all had a pretty good draft grade on us and just wanted to fall in one of those rounds somewhere.

Q: Some of the scouting reports say that you are a very strong, powerful guy but there were some questions about your work ethic, can you address that?

KJ: Being at USF I came in an as true freshman and started and during those four years I never had anyone to challenge me for my position. I always knew I was going to start week in and week out and I let that take away from my work ethic. I know that and I got by with it and performed well on the field still, but everyone can always work harder and I believe that I could have worked harder as a college athlete. But at the Blue-Gray game during Christmas time I was like 325 (pounds) and the scouts told me I needed to lose some weight so I came into the combine at 308 (pounds) and I believe that showed the scouts and showed the NFL teams that I was willing to work and get the weight down and do what I had to do when it was time for me to do it. Like I said I never had anyone to challenge me for my position and I never had anyone push me on my weight, they always told me that I was okay doing what I was doing, but like I said, it could have hurt me a little bit. I know now what I need to do and I learned from that.

Q: Are you locked in at the left tackle position or can you play other spots along the line?

KJ: I believe that I can play any position on the line. I have shown it in the Blue-Gray game. I played center all of my life until I got to college, I mean I feel I can play anywhere along that line.

Q: Is it correct that you have 11 brothers and sisters?

KJ: Yes.

Q: So not much bathroom time as a kid?

KJ: When we are together it is kind of hectic. I am the oldest out of the all. When we go out to eat we can only get this portion or maybe that portion and when you get in the car you have to argue over where you are going to sit.

Q: What kind of car would hold 11 brothers and sisters?

KJ: My fathers sells cars so he keeps big Suburbans and trucks of that nature and vans. It was a great experience growing up with a lot of sisters and brothers because you can learn from them and they can learn from you and you just teach other things in life and how to make it through things.

Q: Do you know anything about the Patriots or about this part of the country?

KJ: Not really. I was there two weeks ago and the weather and the atmosphere was just a whole lot different. I have never really been out of Florida other than to play football. So I mean just the weather and to see everything looking gray, I am usually seeing green, everything was gray.

Q: So was it depressing?

KJ: Not depressing because I was there to visit the Patriots and it felt good to be there, but it is just different, but I am ready to step into and get adjusted to the atmosphere and the cold life..

Q: Did you have any feeling that this would be the team that would draft you?

KJ: To be truthful I thought it was either going to be the Patriots or the Chicago Bears. I had visits with both of those teams and they showed genuine interest. They let me know what my negatives and positives were and were truthful to me and let me know where I stand and what I needed to do to get it done and I just felt like I could relate and be coached by those coaches that I spoke with. I was hoping that it was going to be one of those teams and it was the Patriots.

Q: They actually traded two draft picks to get the rights to you from San Diego so it must show that they are really interested in securing your work?

KJ: Yes it shows a lot. Like you said they gave up two draft picks for me and when I talked to them this morning they let me know that I was still one of the guys that they wanted and that they felt could be an asset to the team. That is a big honor and a big accomplishment. I just want to come and do what they expect of me. When I was there I asked the coaches what was expected of a rookie and they said just to come in, learn, be competitive and do what they drafted me to do and that is what my plan is come Thursday. I will try to come in and take care of business.

Q: Was it a sleepless night for you last night? You were probably all revved up in the first day hoping you might get picked and then you didn't and you have to go to bed and what for the next morning is that kind of a difficult thing?

KJ: It was a pretty sleepless night. I was waiting all day yesterday for a call and didn't get it. It was kind of hurtful to be truthful, I thought I was going to go yesterday, but like I said things happen for a reason and after the night was over I just went by myself and prayed and hey look I am the first pick of the second day.

Q: It looks like you passed quite a bit down there in South Florida could you talk a little bit about your pass protection abilities?

KJ: I think I am a pretty good pass protector, like you said we passed a lot. I think that only prepares me for the next level a little bit more. Like you said we passed 70 percent of the time and that just gives the scouts a look at me as a run blocker and a pass blocker.



            **Q: Do you know much about the team Kenyatta?**  

KJ: Not really.

Q: Did you ever play against Richard Seymour?

KJ: No I haven't.

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