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Klecko remembers draft week

Patriots Football Weekly spent a few minutes with 265-pound defender/fullback Dan Klecko on Thursday afternoon discussing his ongoing transition to linebacker among other topics, but with the NFL Draft inching ever so close, we also asked Klecko a few quick questions about what he remembers of this

What do you remember about this pre-draft week when you were coming out?

"It was the most nerve-wracking week of my life. For a guy like me, it was hoping you get drafted kind of where you think you should. That's what you hope the whole time."

I saw you at the Combine and all the questions to you were about your dad and your size, but what kind of offseason did you have?

"I trained a lot at one of the Combine specialty places like everyone does now. It was called Parisi in North Jersey and it was like an hour away from my house. Every morning I would drive over there at five in the morning to get ready. It's the biggest opportunity in your life. It's the biggest job interview ever. For a guy like me, it was an opportunity to perform in front of all 32 teams."

Where did you expect to be drafted?

"My agent told me that it would probably be some time on the second day."

Did you have a good combine?

"Yeah. I was the lightest defensive tackle, but I had good workout numbers. My size was the biggest issue."

You were a big football fan; did you ever watch the drafts?

"I watched some when a couple of my buddies had a chance to get drafted. We would watch it to see where they'd go. But I didn't watch at all the first day the year I was in it and didn't watch much the second day either."

Do you watch it now?

"No. You only get a couple of days off every once in while so I don't watch. I'd rather go play golf or something."

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