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Kliff Kingsbury Conf. Call Transcript - 04/27/2003

Kingsbury: Brady is one the premier best quarterbacks in the league. I am excited that I get to be on the team with such a great player.



            **Q:  How are you doing today?**  

KK: Good. How are you?

Q: Your thoughts on being selected by the New England Patriots.

KK: [I'm] very excited. I think it's a going to be a good fit. It's a great organization and I'm just looking forward to getting up there.

Q: Did you talk to the Patriots at all during the pre-draft period?

KK: Yes. They came down and watched me throw, Coach [John] Hufnagel the quarterbacks coach, worked me out a little bit. I felt good about my workout and I felt like there was some interest there.

Q: You said you talked to Coach Hufnagel. What were some of the things he talked to you about?

KK: Just about their system and their quarterback situation. I felt like when he went away and I guess he liked what he saw. So, I felt like when he left it was a good shot and it was going to work out.

Q: What are some of the things you would say that you do well?

KK: I think in a pass-based offense the last two years, just making quick decisions and getting rid of the ball quick and getting it to the right guy.

Q: That's something here in New England it seems like they do a lot of that. Is that something that the Coach talked to you about, [he] said 'hey this is what we do up here, we see you doing that down there, this could be a good match?'

KK: I hope so. I love New England's offense. I've watched some of their games where they spread it out, no back, shotgun, things like that. That's similar to what we do down at Texas Tech. So I feel like I've been in an offense like that, so hopefully that makes it an easier transition.

Q: Can you look at your own career and go 'Gee what else to I have to do? I throw for NCAA records left and right and I last until the sixth round?'

KK: Yeah, it was a long day but I am happy where I got picked.

Q: Most college quarterbacks come to the pros and they are expecting to throw a little bit more. You are the opposite. You threw almost every play. Is that going to be any different to you, making any adjustments.

KK: I don't think so. The first two years I was in a run-based offense. I was fortunate to have Coach Leach come in and bring a pass system. I'd play quarterback in any system. So I should adapt.

Q: Have you seen a lot of different kind of defenses this year that tried to neutralize your strengths?

KK: Yeah, we have. I think that is one thing that I've seen more than most quarterbacks. Everybody has got a different way to stop the straight offense. So I have seen all types of fronts, all types of secondary fronts. I feel like that has definitely helped me in my progression.

Q: How would you rate your arm strength?

KK: I think it's above average. I think in the system that we ran we didn't have any of the 20-yard comebacks [or] anything of that nature. It's about timing patterns and getting those fingers long and letting them work. I feel like I can make all the necessary throws.

Q: What about a hurry-up offense? Did you have any kind of experience with that?

KK: Yes, we ran that quite a bit. Actually, we start off the game in no huddle and sometimes we huddle. Most of the time we were in no huddle. So, I feel very comfortable doing that.

Q: When you come to a team that obviously has an established starter and a Super Bowl MVP, do you come in thinking well let me just make my mark here and maybe I will hook on with somebody else eventually?

KK: Right now, I'll just be happy to make the team. I think that's looking way into the future. Tom Brady is one the premier best quarterbacks in the league. I'm excited if I get a chance to study under him.

Q: Do you realize it was only a couple of years ago Kliff that Tom Brady came in the same situation, sixth round pick with an established guy here already. Do you let any thoughts like that creep into your head?

KK: No, not really. I think if anything, that is a lot of inspiration. I am just excited that I get to be on the team with such a great player.

Q: Given that Ohio State went on to win the national championship, I guess you put up some good numbers against them last year. Are you proud of that? Is that one of your favorite games?

KK: I would've like to win. I think if we could have caught them right on, it would have been a more competitive game. But they had a great team and then after that game they went on to have a great season. It was definitely fun to get to play them.

Q: The conference that you play in, is that a good prepatory for the NFL you believe?

KK: I think we have the level of player in the conference definitely. There's nothing that could prepare you for the type of athletes in the NFL. The Big 12 is one of the premier conferences, so I think it definitely helps.

Q: Did the coaches talk to you when they picked you and did they give you specific methods as to what they expect from you?

KK: No, not really. Just work hard. It is too premature to tell you. I think that they seem excited about the pick and I am excited about being with the organization.
Q: You played Texas A&M this year. Did Ty Warren take you down at all?

KK: I had to play against him the last three years. I have become very familiar with him. He has been in the backfield a lot. He is a great player. That is a huge addition to the organization.

Is Ty Warren a guy that the offense tries to game plan against?

KK: Yes. When we would play them, they would actually run a three-man front. They would still get pressure on me because he was such a dominant player. We would double-team him and they would still be able to get pressure. He is a big-time player.

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