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Lions Postgame Quotes

Detroit Lions players comment on their game against the New England Patriots at Ford Field on Thanksgiving, November 25, 2010.


On his first interception (pass intended to C. Johnson):
"Calvin (Johnson) kind of got an inside release on the guy, and I was just trying to give him a ball to work with. The safety was cheated to that side, but I was just trying to give him a chance. It was as close to one-on-one as we could get. The corner made a nice play."

On the difference between the first half and second half:
"A bad thing happened here or there, and we just couldn't rebound from it. First half, we were doing a pretty good job of just playing straight up – no turnovers in the first half. Turnovers in the second half killed us."

On how frustrated he looked after throwing the first interception:
"Yeah, I get frustrated when I throw an interception. Especially in a game the way that one was going."

On if it is difficult to look at it positively being 2-9:
"This team's very resilient, which is a very good attribute to have. I can remember last year watching this team as they were coming into San Francisco late in the year. Bad record, but you sit there and turn on the film and you can see it – the team fights. They were a resilient group then and nothing has changed. It's the same way this year; we come to work and we're doing everything we can to try to get this thing turned around. I wish I could tell you why it hasn't yet, I have no idea. All I know is just to keep fighting. I know this team's going to keep doing that, I've seen it from both sides. So I know we'll keep doing that."


On what was the difference in the fourth quarter:
"I think they got a lead and started running the ball, doing a lot of quick passes. We didn't really give him a chance to sit back there. That's my first prognosis looking at the game. In the first half, he held the ball a lot more, we got after him…They got a little lead and they started running the ball and we weren't shutting them down, putting them in long-yard situations, and when we did we gave it right back to them and put them in third-and-short. I think that was the place where we weren't effective."

On the how well the team played in the first three quarters:
"Definitely, we always come out strong and do what we do, but it's just a matter of finishing. It's a matter of, when we do have a piece of adversity, whether it's a turnover here or a missed tackle there, we have to be able to bounce back from it, get the offense back the ball and do things of that sort. I think that's where it lies, we just have to be able to bounce back from the bad plays that we receive, because not all games are going to go our way and we have to be able to learn to deal with that adversity."

On his impressions of the New England Patriots:
"Great team. (They) obviously came in here and had focus as well as we did, but they made plays where we didn't and obviously that's the reason why they're at the top of their division. They made plays and we didn't stop them or we didn't come back and counteract those plays."

On his first Thanksgiving experience in Detroit:
"Very electric. I love the fans. We came out great and felt we gave them some things to cheer about. Obviously we didn't give them enough without coming out with the win, but it was a blast. It was a great opportunity to showcase our talent and what our team is. Too bad we didn't finish."


On CB Alphonso Smith saying that he takes the blame for the loss:
"We're a corps and we're all one big family. If anybody has to take the blame for it, being a captain, I'll be the one to take the blame for it. I think I should've done a better job of notifying him of who's out there and keeping him on guard and I didn't. They got a couple over his head and by far, it's not his fault. Like I said, we're one team and in order for us to be a great defense we have to take it upon ourselves to accept losing and winning as a team."

On what was the difference between the first and second halves:
"I would say, you win some you lose some, but in this case, it's been a trend that we've been having trouble coming out in the second half and putting it together. I'm not going to say it's a curse because it's not. We just have to come out in the second half next time as well as throughout the remainder of the game and play as hard as we can."

On what happened in the fourth quarter:
"I think the difference was, one team was more fired up than the other. I think we came out kind of flat. Not taking anything away from the Patriots, they're a great offense, but I think we came out kind of flat, underestimating them. I think we came in here and got a little bit too comfortable, being that we were up going into halftime. So, when the third quarter came, I think we went out there a little bit too flat and they got up on our toes and the next thing you know, they're leading."

On where the team goes from here:
"The only way to go is up. We know that we can play two quarters as hard as we can and stick in there. Now, we have to look forward to playing four quarters and hoping the outcome will be a little different."


On his game today and if he is getting more comfortable:
"No doubt. The more you play, the more you get the feel of what the defense is trying to do and kind of get in a rhythm, you kind of feel a little loose out there. So, it definitely helps when you actually get a chance to play more."

On the improvement of the Lions' running game:
"I think the media, and even ourselves as a team knows that the running game isn't where it needs to be. Today, the guys up front as well as the backs took it upon themselves that we're going to actually go out there and try to get some gains in the run game to help out the passing game."

On what today's performance means moving forward:
"Me personally, I'm tired of us talking about that we're moving forward. We've been saying that since week one against Chicago. Now is the time to take that step and just actually start going forward."

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