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Malcolm Butler Media Availability Transcript

Q: How was the first day of camp?

MB: It went pretty well. Got a long way to go; come out and get better every day.   

Q: Is it a little different for you, especially with the fans out here now, after the Super Bowl?

MB: No, this is my second year going through this, so everything is pretty much the same.  

Q: Does coach [Bill Belichick] let you guys even talk about last year?

MB: Not really. We are all about moving forward, just moving forward, getting better and trying to get ready for this 2015 season. 

Q: What lessons do you take from year one to year two to make yourself better?

MB: You know, becoming a pro. Doing everything the right way, doing everything better [than last year]. It's all about progressing and getting better each and every day.  

Q: What was your reaction when Bill [Belichick] held you out of OTAs when you showed up?

MB: It's all about moving forward, man. I'm not trying to go backwards, so I'm just moving forward. No comment on that, sorry about that. 

Q: Obviously there's a lot of new faces in the secondary as there were last year. This year is kind of different because there's a lot of unknown, how do you work together with the new guys and kind of find your way and your role in that secondary?

MB: You know, first of all do anything to help the team out and be productive myself, too. I think each and every one of us has got the same mindset, so we'll just see how it goes.  

*Q: Do you expect to shoulder a little bit more of the load because you have another year of experience to do more things? *

MB: Most definitely. That's for each and every player – I'm not the only player. One year gives you good experience, so you know more things and can do things better, so I'm looking forward to it. 

*Q: What did you learn from [Darrelle] Revis last year that you can take into this season? *

MB: What could you not learn from one of the best guys in the game? His film study, just being a pro – he's very instinctive, he's a good player. 

Q: Did you guys see the plane flying overhead during practice?

MB: What plane?  

Q: There was a plane overhead carrying a banner.

MB: No, I didn't see that. I didn't see it.  

Q: You hear of a championship hangover and teams struggling to get refocused. Can all of the distractions off the field help this team refocus to a certain extent?

MB: You know whatever off the field issue has been going on for a while, so we are going to prepare like nothing is going on. We are just going to get better each and every day and move forward. 

Q: Is it much more fun this time around compared to your first time? Are you more comfortable?

MB: Yeah, I know what to expect [more], so it's fun.   

Q: You were going against both Tom [Brady] and Jimmy [Garoppolo], how did they both look today?

MB: They looked pretty good today. Looking pretty good.  

*Q: With most of the cornerbacks from last year gone, is this an opportunity for you to take the next step? *

MB: I'm looking forward to that [opportunity], but we will see how things turn out. I am looking forward to it, got to put the work in first, you got to earn your spot and earn the coaches' trust and your teammates' trust, so that's what I got to do to get to that point. 

Q: Are you excited to get back to camp after everything that's gone on in the offseason?

MB: Most definitely. I couldn't get enough sleep last night – I was very excited to get out here.  

Q: What's it like to receive the support from these fans when the support isn't there outside of New England?

MB: Patriots fans are the best, so we expect that.  

*Q: What's your thought going into this camp for yourself personally? *

MB: Get better every day. Earn my teammates' trust and my coaches' trust and just get better and look forward to the season. 

*Q: Is that hard to do? Earn their trust? *

MB: If you are doing everything you can do to earn it, then no, it shouldn't be.  

Q: How would you describe the first day of training camp?

MB: Very fun. I was very excited to get out here. The fans made it a great show. It felt good overall. 

*Q: What was the coolest thing you did in the offseason? *

MB: What I didn't do. No, probably going to the ESPYs, to the Grammys and Nickelodeon, so that was some good experiences.  

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