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Minnesota Vikings: What they're saying

We highlight what the Minnesota Vikings are saying about the Patriots.


On playings against the Patriots for the first time...
"I'm excited. I'm excited about our group but at the same time I'm excited to be playing a good team that historically has probably been one of the most consistent teams over the last decade. It will be a great challenge for us to see where we are at as a team. Like any other game, though, it's just the next game on the schedule for us. "
- Vikings Quarterback Matt Cassel


On what the signature of a Bill Belichick defense is...*
"Well they've always been very, very good at not giving up very many points. They've always been very good at playing technique and they've always been very good at disguising coverages in the back end. "
*- Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer

On if coaches get fired up to go against Bill Belichick...
"I think this is a competitive league. I think week in and week out coaches are going to be fired up for their next opponent. The concentration and focus that it takes just to do each week, for each opponent, to come out here every day to try and get the players better. I think it's more involvement as far as game planning and what you're trying to do to stop what the offense has then really the person that it is. "
- Vikings Defensive Coordinator George Edwards

On where Rob Gronkowski ranks as far as matchup difficulties across the league...
"He's a good receiver for them. He does an excellent job at the tight end. He's one of the top guys in the league at that position. He missed a lot of time last year with injuries. You could see him in the game, he's still a good matchup down the field, a tough matchup for us defensively."
- Vikings Defensive Coordinator George Edwards

On what the strong point of the Patriots defense is...
"I know that they've always predicated themselves on being a big, physical front. A 3-4 front, stopping the run, setting the edge in the run game, you have to also be conscious of what those safeties are doing because they really try to disguise, they do a good job of disguising, they will set up some doubles on the outside and do those kind of things as well. You just can't get trapped into thinking you have something without really being knowledgeable of what that safety is trying to accomplish."
- Vikings Quarterback Matt Cassel


On playing against the New England Patriots...*
"We have a big task ahead of us. New England is 13 and 1 when coming off a loss. We know they are a tough team and they have the best quarterback in the game in my eyes."
*- Vikings Cornerback Captain Munnerlyn

On going up against Darrelle Revis...
"You respect Darrelle Revis any time he is on the field. Obviously, he has got tremendous ball skills. He's a guy that covers down one-on-one tremendously well, so you always have to conscious of where he is at. At the same time you can't be afraid to take a shot and if the read takes you there and that's where you need to go with the ball, you have to be able to do that and challenge him at times, as well. "
- Vikings Quarterback Matt Cassel

On whether knowledge of the Patriots and Coach Belichick can help prepare for this week...
"I don't know, it's been six years. Again, schemes change, they're obviously doing some different stuff now. They're doing a lot more no-huddle than what they did. Again, it's sometimes personnel based. We were three-wide receiver, four-wide receiver sets when I was there. They have some great tight ends there, as well. There's really not a ton that I can offer them at this point, especially six years down the road. Because like you know, things just change constantly in the NFL."
*- Vikings Quarterback Matt Cassel 

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