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New England Patriots Postgame Quotes 9/15

New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick, Quarterback Tom Brady and select players comment on their 43-0 win over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, September 15, 2019.


Postgame Press Conference
Sunday, September 15, 2019

Opening Statement: All right. I thought it was a good - I thought our team gave a good effort today. Obviously, Miami was ready to go and they gave us some problems early but we were able to work through that and played 60 minutes and finished the game. I'm proud of our team for doing that. It's Game 2 - (we have a) long way to go, so we have a lot of work to do. We'll just get back at it and start getting ready for the Jets."

Q: What were your impressions of WR Antonio Brown's debut?

BB: "We'll take a look at it on film. It's one week. There's a lot of things we can work on but it's good to have him out there."

Q: In weighing the accuser's rights and the accused's rights, what led to your decision that WR Antonio Brown ought to play?

BB: "Yeah, I'll talk about the game. I've already commented on that. I'm not going to say any more."

Q: It seems likes there was an effort early, especially on the first drive, to feed WR Antonio Brown. Did you guys want to get him into the swing of things early?

BB: "No, we run the offense. We try to throw the ball to guys open. We haven't changed that in 20 years."

Q: I believe it is the 10th shutout for you guys since you've been here and first in a few years. How proud are you of the defense today?

BB: "Yeah, it's always good. It's always good. If you don't let them score, you can't lose."

Q: What are your thoughts on the offensive line - when T Isaiah Wynn went out-you're already thin going in.

BB: "Yeah, it's a real challenge there. Marshall (Newhouse) and Korey (Cunningham) really stepped up and that's what we have depth for. We had to use it today. It was a tough day out there but they battled through it."

Q: I know you're just getting off the field. Do you have any sense on T Isaiah Wynn, if that will be a longer-term injury?

BB: "Nope."

Q: In a game up 37 points, why have qB Tom Brady drop back and throw deep?

BB: "We're playing 60 minutes."

Q: Was that a message that you wanted to send to your players?

BB: "No. No. You've got to play 60 minutes."

Q: The conditioning of the team, in these conditions what were your thoughts on how they responded?

BB: "We held up okay. I think there's certainly room for improvement, but we competed for 60 minutes. We have good depth and we used it a lot, especially on defense. All of those guys got a decent number of snaps."

Q: How did WR Antonio Brown do the last week just learning the playbook and integrating himself?

BB: "We're making progress. We're certainly not there yet."

Q: How impressed are you with the way you were able to create turnovers?

"Well, we got them today. That's a good thing. We haven't had a lot of them. We got one last week, but it was good. The ball kind of came to us a couple times, but that's being alert and being aware and taking advantage of opportunities. So we did a good job of that."

Q: Were you impressed with what WR Antonio Brown could do on short order?

BB: "We have a lot of good players on our team. We'll just keep working and get better. There's certainly a lot of room for improvement."

Q: Did you get the sense early in the week about how you might be able to incorporate WR Antonio Brown? I know you talked Friday about getting him personnel groupings and...

BB: "No, just took it one day at a time. We'll just keep taking it one day at a time, game-by-game."

Q: Was it good to get LB Kyle Van Noy back, especially on the edge on that rub play that led to CB Stephon Gilmore's pick six?

BB: "Yeah, he made a good play on that. He disrupted the play and kind of broke down the timing of it and then Steph (Gilmore) made a real good break on the ball and finished it off. So yeah, it was a good play. It was a similar play to (the one) he had in the Super Bowl."

Q: It's hard to believe that's CB Stephone Gilmore's first pick-six ever, as good as he's played.

BB:"Yeah, it's always good when you score on defense."


Postgame Press Conference
Sunday, September 15, 2019

Q: Can you talk about the chemistry you had with WR Antonio Brown early on, on that touchdown throw?

"Yeah, it was a good start. I was just trying to find an open guy and he was snapping off some routes and did a great job. It was good to find him. Everyone contributed. The defense played great as they have been doing so it was a good win. Any time you win on the road and division, it's good, especially here because it's been a challenge for us over the years. But it's good to be 2-0."

Q: On that touchdown throw, it looked like you alerted before the throw. Was that a sign that you and WR Antonio Brown are already kind of on the same page with audibles and things like that?

"We have a long way to go, we really do. I feel like we're - We haven't been working together very long - myself, even 'Jules' (Julian Edelman) this year, Josh Q: Gordon) this year. Phillip Q: Dorsett II) has been out there a lot but just Q: getting) everyone together - Matt LaCosse was out most of training camp. Just trying to get everyone in a rhythm and get the run game going. We had some injuries on the offensive line, so guys fought through it. So it was a good, tough win, as they always are. This was a hot day, as hot as I can remember."

Q: Were you anxious? Was it important to get integrated early going to WR Antonio Brown with targets?

"I didn't think about it. I was just trying to throw to the open guy and he was there and got him on the over route. They blitzed up the middle, and then I got him on the out-cut when they played post-safety. That's what I'm going to try to do all year, just throw it to the guy that's open."

Q: Did you feel any personal, conflicted feelings about whether WR Antonio Brown should play today given the situation?

"I don't make any of those decisions. I just show up and play and do my job."

Q: We know you love to play, you love to be out there, but at 37-0 were you surprised you're still on the field out there?

"Last year it came down to 60 minutes of football and we were talking about 60 minutes of football and that's what it took."

Q: WR Josh Gordon has, from the time he joined the team to today, seems like he's made a substantial change ... Can you speak to that?

"He's doing a great job. We got him late last year into the season - Week 2 - and it's a lot to pick up. It's a hard offense to learn. You try to integrate a guy and whether it was Phillip Q: Dorsett II) the year before or Josh or this year with Antonio (Brown), it's a lot for those guys to learn. The more we're together, like any team, the more comfortable we get."

Q: What about a comfort level as a teammate, as somebody you're interacting with?

"I always love being with him and around him. He's a great teammate."

Q: As good as your offense was, can you talk about your defense and how those guys stepped up as well?

"They were spectacular as always. They have been playing great. They have been playing great all preseason. Two interceptions returned for touchdowns, that was pretty insane and then the last play to end it was a great play. It takes some pressure off the offense. We've got to go make good plays and not turn it over and they are doing an incredible job."

Q: After the rushing touchdown, it looked like the ball made its way over to the sideline. Who is the beneficiary of that one?

"I think that will go back in the ball bag. There was nothing too exceptional about that one except a 1-yard plunge. ( laughter) But it was good. It was good to just get it in."

Q: Can you speak to how much work you put in with WR Antonio Brown this past week?

"Whether it's him or anyone else, it's really-We always put in a lot of work as a group, individuals, walk-throughs, practice, film, corrections, field, between periods and so forth. We're just trying to do the best we can do, get up to speed and ultimately come out here and play well."


Postgame Press Conference
Sunday, September 15, 2019

Q: I'm curious your thoughts on WR Antonio Brown and how he integrated himself into the offense from your view?

"I don't think any of us had any doubts about 'A.B's' skillset. I think it was just good for everybody to see it in an actual game. He continues to be who we expect him to be and that's a great wide receiver, a good football player. For us, it's a tremendous asset. It takes a huge stress off of the offensive linemen, the running backs, everybody. There's no way you can pinpoint one facet of our offense to try to shut us down, as you see, as you just saw, it's pretty tough to try to contain us. With him, it's a huge help."

Q: Did you feel that result today based on coverages?

Several times they had it kicked inside the slot to your side. That kind of frees you up out there.) - "They're going to have to cover somebody. You're either going to focus on him or focus on me. If they focus on me, as you saw, I was able to get the touchdown, and they focus on him, I'll come open or Julian (Edelman) or whoever the case may be. We prepare for all of that I think each week. Now defenses will get a good look to see what they could try to do and we'll scheme for that, as well."

Q: Were you surprised at all how quickly WR Antonio Brown was able to pick things up and learn the offense after his three days or three practices?

"No. He's got a great football mind, football 10. Guys that are football smart just pick it up, some faster than others. He's one of those guys that's gifted in that area. He was able to come here and adapt on the fly and he's still learning, as we all are. But it just goes to show how much he really wants to be a part of this offense, how much he really wants to be here and contribute and how fast he did it. It was great to see him make that progress today."

Q: You weren't here for most of the offseason and most of camp. What's your comfort level?

"Pretty good. Pretty good. I got a lot of it out of the way last year. I only had two weeks to get ready for my first game last year and it kind of carried over. A lot of the terminology is the same, some of it's different. As long as you study and you're asking the right questions and you're paying attention, it's going to come to you eventually I think. Fortunately I had an edge on that because I was here previously. I feel comfortable with that."

Q: When you are working with OB Tom Brady, he's kind of a conductor. Do you defer to him or go back to the huddle and say, "You missed me. I was open?

"Tom sees it all. He sees it is all. Even if he throws it somewhere else, he's like, 'How was it back there?' I was like, 'It was alright.' He's like, 'Yeah, I know. I saw you.' (laughter) He knows. Just have faith and trust in (Offensive Coordinator) Coach (Josh) McDaniels and him and (Head) Coach (Bill) Belichick. Our time will come. As long as we continue to work hard, we'll get a chance to make a play."

Q: You and WR Antonio Brown both came from or you've both worked under a Todd Haley offense. Is there a carryover from Haley's offense to this one?

"I think it's - for the Patriots offense, I think I've never been a part of an offense like this. There's so many intricate details. It's to the T. It's just different. That's the best way I could describe it. It's just different. I can't say that it's like something that I've seen before, because I've never seen it before, this type of offense."


Postgame Press Conference
Sunday, September 15, 2019

Q: What was told to you on that call?

"I just used my helmet. I was mad and then I told them it was actually a pretty good call once I saw the replay. Hopefully the NFL doesn't fine me. I don't think it was fine-worthy. I've got too many kids for that. (laughter)"

Q: This defense, pretty impressive the last couple weeks. I guess from your view, how good can this defense be?

"I think it's about consistency. I think through the years, we've always put up good games, but we've been challenging each other to make it a week-in thing. Every week we prepare, fill it up, go over the same things, do the same work, and then come out here and execute each week. I thought this was a good job of- early in the season, not much film on Miami - of just trying to go over everything, go over some of our offense through the years and do a bunch of different things and be prepared. I think everyone's playing very selfless, just helping each other out, being where they are supposed to be and then showing up. We have to continue to do those things and challenge each other no matter what, being ready to go each week."

Q: Can you talk about the interceptions you had as a defense? Obviously, the two pick-sixes.

"Just doing a good job. We talked about it last week of just getting around the ball, and you saw today, I had an interception off a tip. Jamie (Collins Sr.) had an interception off a tip. Two interceptions off a tip. Just getting to the ball, being around the ball as much as possible. When we do those things, turnovers will come. We know that. One thing is playing well on defense, trying to get three-and-outs, not giving up touchdowns. But we know if we can turn the ball over, especially with our offense, we'll be able to put up a lot of points."

Q: How fast is LB Jamie Collins Sr.?

"He's decent. I didn't think it was great. I've challenged to race him a couple times since he was a rookie, give him a little head start. He hasn't taken me up on it yet. (laughter)"

Q: What were 11-on-11 drills like this week with WR Antonio Brown inserted into the Patriots offense?

"Regular. He's a good player, but we don't go out there and stand 10 yards off him. We challenge him. We have fun. Between him, 'Jules' (Julian Edelman) and Josh Gordon, you've got three of the best receivers in the league. That's not to mention Phillip Dorsett (II) and the way he's playing. I'll always say though, you guys see us in training camp, we all go at it. It's a battle. You throw him into the mix, it was the same thing - battling against him in every part of practice - 11-on-11, one-on-ones - just trying to make each other better. I think each week we do that. It shows up once we get to the game."

Q: Two weeks in a row now a really lopsided game where Head Coach Bill Belichick has taken a timeout before the last snap. It's not necessarily what he said today or last week, but what does that tell you as a defense?

"Situations. Each time, those situations, we've talked about that. It comes up, a timeout, and we all kind of know what call we want to be in. We're kind of putting in the last-minute details of what we've talked about before to that, and I think it's - If we were down four points, that's probably what we would do - call a timeout. I think today it might have been six second or whatever the time was, and talk about what we were the going to do. That's the same mentality. I think you saw on their side with 'Flo,' (Miami Dolphins Head Coach Brian Flores) it was the same mentality of call a timeout and getting one last play to the end zone. Two teams that fight and go over the situation. Very similar. "

Q: Having to see Miami Dolphins Head Coach Brian Flores on the other sideline, are you guys used to that by now?

"I'm not going to lie, it was a little weird. Obviously, he's been a coach, but he's been my position coach for years. (I have) gotten to know him well, so it was a little weird seeing him - (Miami Dolphins Defensive Pass Game Coordinator/Cornerbacks Coach) Josh Boyer (who) has been here since I got here - seeing those guys on the other side. But it's a part of the business. You have fun competing against your friends."

Q: Can you empathize with what Miami Dolphins Head Coach Brian Flores is going through right now down here, a struggling team like this?

"It's all a part of it. I'd be lying if I said I wished we lost. (laughter) You've got to go through it, the ups and downs of the season. It's about just battling. Working for those guys for years, they have no problem battling and going to work each and every day. They'll do that no matter what."

Q: On that play, the penalty that you were joking about not being fineable, can you explain from your perspective how that unfolds? That's obviously bang, bang.

"Just trying to use my shoulder. Trying to hit a guy where he's caught it, trying to detach the ball from his body. But it always comes down to the final moment. I'll watch it and probably see I could have went with my shoulder, keep my head up a little bit more. But I'll see it when I kind of really watch it."

Q: Through the years, what impressed you most about Miami Dolphins Head Coach Brian Flores, working with him and what do you see in him that makes you think that makes you think he might be able to turn it around?

"I've always just thought he's an awesome leader. Just leading men, whether it's a good situation, bad situation, plenty of times on the sideline, just talking to us, letting us know - We've been in tight games, crazy type of games, just always leading us through no matter what. That's always stuck out to me, and I think that's what it takes when you talk about trying to be consistent each week. It's easy when you're winning and everything is going well but being able to do that no matter the circumstances I think is huge in this business.


Postgame Press Conference
Sunday, September 15, 2019

Q: I'm just curious what your thoughts were just with a new teammate, WR Antonio Brown, what did you see from him today?

"He worked hard all week trying to learn as much as possible. It's not easy walking in and having to learn in like, three days of practice; but he took the coaching and he went out there and played hard."

Q: That first drive, just to sort of see WR Antonio Brown's quick immersion into the offense with OB Tom Brady hitting him a couple times - just as a teammate, what was your reaction seeing that?

"For us as an offense, we wanted to start fast. We usually don't start fast down here, and we just wanted to come out and play hard from the first snap. He made one of the plays in the first drive that kind of got us going. I thought it was a good drive out of the whole offense to score on that first possession."

Q: How impressed were you? It's one thing for the offense to score. It's not often you see the defense getting in the end zone as well. How impressed are you with the defense?

"Those guys are really good. We compete against them each and every day. They challenge us. They make us better, we make them better. They played good in back-to-back weeks and hopefully they keep it going. They are very talented."

Q: There was some question whether you would be on this trip or not. How are things back home?

"Things are fine. It's kind of personal information, so right now I'm just kind of keeping that information between me and my wife and when it happens, I'll let you guys know. (laughter)"

Q: Did you get solid sleep?

"I was fine. I was fine."

Q: You kind of saw it today- I know there's a lot of questions with WR Antonio Brown, but when you break the huddle - say you get up there and it's you and RB Rex Burkhead in the huddle and there's Antonio, there's WR Josh Gordon, there's WR Julian Edelman, at the snap, OB Tom Brady says "let's go empty" and you guys motion out - do you see defenses sort of check out when you guys go to that motion, and how problematic that could be for teams moving forward?

"There are a lot of talented guys on our offense that can catch and run the football and a good offensive line and a great quarterback. I'm sure it presents challenges for defenses depending how they want to match up, but it all comes down to our execution."

Q: I didn't mean to leave WR Phillip Dorsett II out of there, too, but based on how he started this year, it's more problematic.

"Yeah, he's a playmaker. Phillip - he may not be in every play, but when he is in there, he makes big plays for us. (I have) been competing with that guy since high school. That's how he's always been."

Q: I know in practice, you're not like, going all out against your own defense, but just in general what are you seeing from that defense right now?

"Like I said, they are very talented, good on the front seven, good on the back end. (There are) young guys, old guys. Everybody's competing and helping one another. When they play together, man, it's a scary sight."

Q: When you're on the sideline, can you watch what they're doing on the sideline or is it hard because you're sort of locked into...?

"We  take our offensive adjustments and then if that's done in the right amount of time, if they don't have a three-and-out, you check them out and those guys have been playing hard back-to-back weeks."

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