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New York Jets Postgame Quotes 9/22

New York Jets Head Coach Adam Gase and select players comment on their 30-14 loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday, September 22, 2019.


Postgame Press Conference
Sunday, September 22, 2019

AG: [Trenton] Cannon, he didn't finish, he had a hamstring. Everybody else made it out and finished the game. I thought defense and special teams, they did a good job. I know we had a rough start on defense, but those guys did a good job of finishing out the game the right way and pointing points on the board. Special teams, the same thing. Offensively, we were atrocious. As bad as you can get. We've got a lot to fix going into the bye. We're going to have to address all of these issues that we are having right now, so that's all I've got. What you guys got?

Q: It was a tough start for your defense, but after they gave up the first three touchdowns, they settled down. But still your offense wasn't able to establish anything, seemed like every minute and then they'd have two minutes and the defense was back out there…

AG: Yeah, we just couldn't get any positives plays going, you know. Every time we did have a positive play, it was coming back, it was either a penalty or the play would be a negative play. We just kept on putting ourselves in third-and-10, I think we had seven of them. So, we're not going to convert those.

Q: How do you think the offensive game plan was, Adam?

AG: We would have been alright if we would have executed some of the stuff. There's a few things in the run game that we got to clean up, that we got to give our guys a better chance on. But we just didn't give ourselves a chance. We can't go third-and-10. We go third-and-10, we're not going to convert.

Q: Adam, it is easy to say with Sam [Darnold] being out, it was kind of a built-in situation there, but is this deeper than just Sam being out right now offensively for you guys?

AG: I think we got some things to clean up. You know, I think, once we get Jamison [Crowder] back at his normal position, that will help. He's trying basically do us a solid, by playing outside today.

Q: Adam, the offensively line is a veteran group, there are no rookies. How disappointing is it to see the way they are performing?

AG: Yeah, we got to look at a lot of things over this bye week. I mean, I never thought I would say, 'Week 4 bye week, I'm glad it's here'. But, I mean, we got to address some things. We got to figure out what's going on, we're not, we're not in sync. We're not doing a good job of working together. We're kind of all over the place. So we got to get that fixed.

Q: Adam, I think there was a minimum of three sacks that the Patriots were able to get to Luke [Falk], by rushing four guys…

AG: They got there with three one time. Yeah, it's not good.

Q: Is this something you can simplify at all? What can you guys do to make it better?

AG: That's what we got to look at.

Q: Will you consider offensive line changes, moving forward?

AG: We've got to look at everything.

Q: How do you keep the team together?

AG: That's a good group of guys. You don't have to worry about them. That's the last thing I am worried about. The way our defense and special teams played, I mean it wasn't for a lack of effort on offense, we're just off. We are off. We've got to figure out what's going on, with all 11 guys on the field. You know, as far as personality-wise goes, they are all going to fight together. If you were in that locker room after the game, you would understand.

Q: How disappointing is it that as a group you guys came out so slowly? You mentioned the defense rebounding but the defense was terrible in the first quarter too.

AG: Yeah, it's one of those things that for whatever reason seems to happen here quite a bit. A little bit of it is if we make one mistake, they capitalize on it. That's what they do so well, that's what they've done so well for the last 20 years. We let up that kind of late release by the tight end [Ryan Izzo] – it's just a bad taste in your mouth and we let them in the end zone there. It's one of those things where you want to get off the field, especially early against them and try to make it really hard, and we didn't do that early and then I thought our guys did a great job of rebounding and making plays.

Q: How do you think Luke Falk responded to the challenges of his first NFL start?

AG: I think there were a lot of things that he did really well that he didn't get a lot of help with. I mean, he got to some really good checks there and we didn't execute them and that was a little frustrating to see that the guy that's in his first NFL start knows what's going on and other guys aren't executing it the way it should be done.

Q: You were hired here because of your offense acumen and I know it's not all on you, but how embarrassing is it that you guys did not convert a third down and averaged 2.2 yards per play?

AG: Yeah, it's brutal. It's one of those things where it's infuriating because you're watching the defense and special teams play as hard as they can and executing what they're being asked to do, and they're doing it well a majority of the game and then we're not holding our end on offense.

Q: I know the offensive line not holding up their end of the bargain and Luke Falk not having time complicates what you're able to do, but why not take a shot and try something different to see if you can get a big play at some point?

AG: Yeah, we have tried to do some things but at the end of the day, we're just trying to get ahead of the sticks a little bit. I can drop back and try to throw go-routes but the guy that's the best corner in the league [Stephon Gilmore] is on one side covering our best guy and the rest of that group's pretty good and they do a good job at doubling and changing up coverages and changing up pressures. There's a lot of things that they do that is kind of hard to understand unless you're in that room studying all the time.

Q: But when your offense is in a rut like this, why not try a trick play that could spark something?

AG: It's hard to run a trick play when we're on the minus-nine half the time. We're backed up, we've got to flip the field to start it.

Q: Sam Darnold struggled Week 1, Trevor Siemian struggled Week 2 and now Luke Falk struggled Week 3. Your reputation is as a really good offensive coach but all three quarterbacks have struggled. As far as you're concerned, what do you think is going on as far as what you're able to do?

AG: That's what we're going to look at over the bye week.


Jamal Adams, S

(On the Patriots scoring on their first three possessions)

"We had a lack of communication as a defense. There were some plays that [the Patriots] self-scouted and they capitalized. They threw some good things at us and some of our defensive calls. We got to execute better as a defense and we got to communicate better early on."

(On the team's communication issues)

"The communication has gotten better. It was just the little things. We just got to be tuned in to the little things. It's not a big communication thing, but we just got to be on the same page when we're communicating as a defense. Certain plays, they happen. Obviously they have great players over there, but we just got to be better as a whole."

(On the upcoming bye week)

"It's a new season when we get back. It's a new season, we're 0-3, so now we'll be alright. Honestly looking back at [the bye week], I thought it was too early, but we need it. We need it to get away, to reflect and everybody look at themselves in the mirror. Players, coaches and everybody. We just need to ask what we can do better and everybody is going to do that. I challenge the team. We'll be fine when we get back." 

(On the goal for the rest of the season)

"It's to win. There's nothing else to it. We just got to get on the same page as far as offense, defense and special teams. We got to play four quarters of consistent football. As long as we do that, which we're going to stick together and we're going to get better when we get back, we'll be fine."

Robby Anderson, WR

(On how Sam Darnold being out has affected the team) 

"Obviously anyone can get hurt but that is not an excuse to lose just because our starting quarterback is out. It just isn't a excuse or a reason because we are professionals who are getting paid to play ."

(On what he sees when he looks back on film)

"I see missed opportunities, lack of execution and no rhythm."

(On how he feels about his performance) 

"I think the world knows what I am capable of and I know what I am capable of. It is frustrating because if I had 11 yards and we won, I wouldn't be upset. If I had 100 yards and we lose, I am going to be upset. My intent here isn't to lose, I am here to win. I work day in and day out to the best of my ability to contribute for us to win. I know my passion, I know what I am capable of and I know what I am here to do so it is frustrating."

Le'Veon Bell, RB

(On running against the New England defense) 

"Those guys played disciplined. We just had a lot of negative plays where we made a mistake. Of course the running won't look as efficient because we had a lot of negative runs too. We had a lot of positive runs, we did our job on a couple plays. Sometimes we have got to stop with the negative plays and hurting ourselves."

(On the offense being conservative through the first three weeks) 

"I don't feel like we have been conservative, we just haven't been playing smart. We've been hurting ourselves and getting behind. There's not a lot of plays for third-and-18, third-and-20. We have got to just not hurt ourselves and we'll be better."

(On his frustration level after going 0-3) 

"I'm not frustrated at all. I just know this team has a lot of talent, we just have to put it together. It's a new system, guy's first time playing together, a new coaching staff. We've just got to mesh everything together and we've got to get on board."

(On if he sees the pieces around him to be a high-powered offense)

"Yeah, I'm not going to stop believing in my guys. We definitely can make plays. Like I said, we've got to clean up the negative things. We're hurting ourselves a lot. Give those guys credit. New England capitalized on all our mistakes. That's why those guys are great. We've got to definitely get better and get in the lab and fix a lot of our mistakes that we're hurting ourselves on."

(On if what is going on offensively is beyond a quarterback situation)

"It's a team thing, it's not just the quarterback. Football is a game of three phases. It's offense, defense, and special teams right? I think the defense fought their tails off. Going against the type of players they're going against, they did everything they can do. Special teams made plays. Offensively we've got to get better. Regardless of if Sam [Darnold] is in the game or not we've got to protect him. We've still got to make plays on the outside. We've got to just clean up the little things and we'll be fine." 

Jamison Crowder, WR

(On what is going on with the offense right now) 

"I just think we've got to get everyone on the same page. We've got some guys out right now, so injuries are playing a factor. But it's next man up. We've got to take this bye week and try to get everyone on the same page best we can and be ready to go when we come back."

(On how difficult it is to get things going when the opponents put them in long situations) 

"Yeah anytime you're behind the sticks it's going to be tough. When you're third-and-long, second-and-long, it's tough because the playbook is limited. That's one of the things we definitely have to clean up going forward is staying ahead of the sticks."

(On how deep of a hole 0-3 is considering their tough schedule coming out of the bye week) 

"It's tough losing any game. You know 0-3 is tough, but it's still early. We're going to get some key guys back coming out of the bye week. It's come at the right time. I think getting an extra week for guys to get healthy and for certain guys to come back is definitely going to help us out. It's still early. Like they say, it's not about how you start but how you finish."  

Luke Falk, QB

(On the overall performance of the offense) 

"I thought they played a good defense and I think when we got things rolling, we shot ourselves in the foot. We just weren't able to get things clicking and we can't have negative plays and that is my job and I didn't do that today."

(On interception) 

"We were supposed to get back out and it was a bad decision. It was supposed to go to Jamison Crowder."

(On the positive takeaways from this game) 

"I have to go and find the positives right now but I think operation wise it was fine but overall it is a good lesson to learn that when you play a team like this you can't have errors and you have to get going early. I think our first drive we did some good things but on that third down we have to convert and find ways to make plays on critical downs. It will be a good bye week for us to find our identity and get things going."

(On the positives of getting some points this game)

"We offensively did not but our defense and special teams did. I think for us on offense, there are some positive things to look at but we have to look ourselves in the mirror and it starts with me first. I just can't take sacks and put us in a bad situation when we are on third-and-18 a few times. We can't get hurt that way and I have to do a better job. 

Ryan Griffin, TE

(On support he has received from his teammates)  

"Everyone has been great to me. I walked right in and had the opportunity to play a lot of football which is what I was looking for. But everyone has been great and I have great teammates. We are off to a rough start but I have confidence that we will turn it around."

(On positives from today) 

"We scored on special teams and defense so I think as soon as we get things corrected offensively we got the team to compete."

(On whether or not it is special to play in New England) 

"Absolutely, I grew up playing football in the snow and watching these guys play. I didn't get to come out here a whole bunch but it is a special place to me and I love coming back to a bunch of friends and family."

Ryan Kalil, C

(On the bye week coming up) 

"Yeah, I mean we definitely need to get healthy. More than that we've got to reset and we've got to go back to work. That will be the big focus for us going forward."

(On if making corrections is as simple as looking at tape) 

"No, it's just more reps. It's more reps, it's more work. We're just going to keep pushing until we get it right."

(On what the Patriots defense did to be able to consistently get to Le'Veon Bell behind the line of scrimmage) 

"Yeah, they're a disciplined front. It's tough for me to say without having watched tape to see what really happened. At times it felt like we were getting good movement, getting good push, and we weren't breaking through any holes. We've got to look at it and see what we need to fix."

Kelechi Osemele, G

(On the offensive line)

"We got to figure it out. We got to go back to the film. We got to get together and figure it out as a group. It's hard to say without any evaluation of what's going on. It's been frustrating, but I think there has been guys that have been playing well individually in different games, just not as a group. Us five have not come together and put solid games together and not good games together. I think that's what we need to figure out."

(On dealing with changes and injuries on the offensive line)

"I don't think that it's a factor. I think as professionals, we need to come together as a group of five men and figure it out."

(On the Patriots defensive line)

"They're good too. You can't take credit away from those guys. They are good players. They do a good job of creating pressure with just four and five guys running the games that they run and they do it really well. They're a good group and they're a good team. We expected it and watched film on it. They're a good team, very disciplined and they execute. They executed today."

Leonard Williams, DL

(On if they can turn around the 0-3 start) 

"There's definitely belief. We see what we have, we see the talent in this room, we see the big plays that occur from time to time. It's just being able to be consistent with it. Making those plays when it counts and not doing it too late when it's in the second half. Not doing it too early and not finishing. Just playing a complete full game."

(On what changed defensively after the first three drives of the game) 

"I'm not sure really what we changed. I think it was more of a mentality type of thing. We knew our offense wasn't scoring at the time. The defense was getting scored on. We told each other this is the time to step up and help the team as much as possible. You felt a mentality change in the defense and we definitely stepped up and started playing true football."

(On not being able to apply pressure to Tom Brady) 

"I don't know if you guys could see but the ball was coming out as soon as it touched his hands. The best thing we could do a one point especially in the beginning was get our hands up. That's kind of hard because you don't want to be looking at the quarterback and thinking about getting your hands up, while you're trying to pass rush. There were just points when we were in man defense and he just had a guy that he wanted to throw to, and as soon as he had the ball he turned and threw it. It's just hard to get pressure like that."

(On his individual performance through three games)

"Individually, I definitely need to watch film. We got this week to look in the mirror and assess ourselves. I think I've been OK. I definitely need to do more and be more of an impact and help the defense."

Brian Winters, G

(On what was going on with the offense) 

"It's never good when you can't get a drive going. It's just one of those things where there is one of us, one out of the eleven that wasn't clicking. We're all responsible for the outcome."

(On the Patriots defense) 

"They run a whole different type of defensive front. Third-and-long, even third-and-manageable, they're running games, a whole lot of stand up guys, a lot to keep track of. They're running things obviously we worked on all week but, I don't know."

(On what's wrong with the offensive line) 

"I think we just have to continue to work together, and continue to capitalize on things. We just need to work towards experience."

(On Luke Falk)

"He did well. Obviously it's hard to be thrown into the fire, playing the Patriots at home. But I feel like he did a decent job.

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