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News Blitz 10/10: Don't put stock in the Larry Fitgerald trade rumors

In this edition of the news blitz, we take a look at the week 6 picks from some of the local media outlets. We also check up on a few rumors that have been floating around web.

Over the course of his career, Tom Brady has amounted a 22-2 record against the Buffalo Bills. That's dominance. But why have Brady and the Patriots had so much success when playing the Bills? Sean Leahy of the Boston Globe dove into the numbers and tried to explain why it's been so one-sided over the years.

"There's reason for optimism. Orton led the Bills to a win on the road after being installed as the starter last week," explains Leahy. "But the Bills have been here before. They started 5-1 in 2008 before losing to each of their AFC East rivals and spiraling to the familiar confines of 7-9."

The New England Tailgate crew made their Week 6 picks last night on Comcast SportsNet. Both Steve DeOssie and Fred Smerlas expect the Patriots to walk out of Buffalo with a win.

"[The Bills] have extremely good defensive line and a coach now that's coming on," said Fred Smerlas. "but the Patriots still have a better coach and a better quarterback. The New England Patriots will win, it will be a close one."

For more week 6 picks, check out's Chris Rattey and Steve Silva's 'Best Bets.' Rattey has the Patriots beating Buffalo and covering the spread, while Silva has New England scoring 52 points!! Rattey also has the Cowboys covering the spead against Seattle in his "Upset Lock of the Week."

A few days ago we featured a Larry Fitgerald trade rumor in the news blitz, but Peter Rogers of Rant Sports says that fans shouldn't pay attention to the whispers. Though the rumor continued to pick up more steam yesterday, Rogers believes the trade is highly unlikely.

"This trade will never happen. The Patriots are not a team that makes big, splashy moves like this," writes Rogers. "If we really want to start spreading hare-brained rumors, I hear the Patriots are willing to trade Tom Brady for Calvin Johnson."

While Rogers was obviously joking when he proposed the Brady-Johnson trade, the prospect of Tom Brady being traded after this season has been a hot topic this year. Adam Schefter joined Colin Cowherd on his ESPN Radio show Thursday afternoon to talk about what he's hearing about Brady's future in New England. Schefter said he doesn't think Brady is going anywhere, but hypothetically if he were to get traded, New England wouldn't get much more than a first round pick for him.

Rob Gronkowski had his best game of 2014 last Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals, but is he back to being the old Gronk? Erik Frenz, Adam Kaufman and the rest of the crew discuss whether Gronk is truly back to full form. The conclusion was that the old Gronk is not officially back, but he will be soon.

"The fact is, Gronkowski's speed and agility have obviously – and thankfully – improved over the first five weeks of the season, but he's still lumbering a bit and not moving as freely as he did before that devastating blow versus Cleveland last December," explains Adam Kaufman.

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