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News Blitz 12/10: Focus on Houston

A roundup of Patriots news coverage.

The Houston Chronicle starts us off today with an interesting feature on Bay State native and Houston head coach Bill O’Brien and his teapot, which was the brainchild of Tom Brady and former backup Brian Hoyer (now the Texans' starting QB).

"It was brought in by then-rookie quarterback Brian Hoyer in 2009 as a playful nod toward [then-Patriots] offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien's temper and nickname: "Teapot." As in boiling hot water and angry eruptions," the story begins. "Every time O'Brien blew his cool, the quarterbacks, Hoyer along with Tom Brady, would mark it down to commemorate each incident."

Also on the Houston Chronicle site, a short feature on local guy Danny Amendola and his role with the Patriots.

In a related piece, the (Attleboro) *Sun Chronicle *offers a complete transcript of yesterday’s media chat with Amendola. takes a look at the Patriots’ inefficiency on third down plays in recent weeks.

Offensive struggles are also a focus in the Boston Herald, which has a critical analysis of New England’s increased dropped passes of late.

"Dependability gains trust. And right now, [QB Tom] Brady is having a hard time trusting the targets at his disposal," the author writes. "Given that he's missing his favored targets in Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman, the problem just becomes magnified."

A similar theme can be found on with a close inspection of how long it’s been taking Brady to get rid of the football.

Meanwhile, The Boston Globe focuses on Bill Belichick's praise of Texans DE J.J. Watt, comparing him to NFL great Lawrence Taylor.

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