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News Blitz 12/8: No second-guessing

A roundup of Patriots news coverage.

A day later, Bill Belichick still wasn’t regretting his controversial decision to pooch-kick with a 14-0 lead against Philadelphia Sunday night, as the Boston Herald notes. A Herald columnist also excoriates anyone in the Gillette Stadium crowd who left the Eagles game early.

"Real fans stick it out," says the writer. "And, again, just to be clear, real fans boo. If you sat through that mess of a game on Sunday, and if you had issues with Bill Belichick or Brady or Brady's receivers or anyone else, you had every right to bark and whine and caterwaul to your heart's content. It's this collection of mall-walkers that sashayed out of Gillette Stadium with about 11 minutes remaining that's at issue."

The Boston Globe, meanwhile, lists a number of New England’s flaws with a month to go in the regular season and the playoffs. Speaking of the postseason, offers a visual template for how the playoff seedings look at the moment, with the Patriots plummeting into the Wild Card round.

But how much further could the Patriots fall?* The Providence Journal* is concerned that New England, once undefeated, could lose three in a row.

"Could the Patriots lose Sunday night in Houston to the 6-6 Texans, who were beaten yesterday at Buffalo, 30-21? Absolutely," the columnist states. "Because the Patriots team that beat the Bills twice this year isn't the Patriots team that will be taking on the Texans, who had won four in a row – including a 10-6 victory at Cincinnati -- prior to going to Buffalo." breaks down Tom Brady's weekly radio appearance on Monday morning.

On another Brady note, there was more legal wrangling in the DeflateGate saga, as details. That website also lists 5 things to know about the Houston Texans, New England's next opponent.


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