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News Blitz 4/24: Washington whirlwind

A roundup of Patriots news coverage.

The overwhelming number of Patriots-related news items this Friday focus on the Super Bowl champs' visit to President Obama and the White House.

We'll begin with, which pointed out an obscure, but political sensitive detail about an accessory that head coach Bill Belichick wore to the White House. There was also a more light-hearted take on TE Rob Gronkowski's interactions with Mr. Obama. was among the first to mention that QB Tom Brady was among those players not in attendance Thursday, but the Boston Herald went further in analyzing why Brady didn’t make the trip.

The Herald also offers an opinion piece about DeflateGate’s role in Thursday’s ceremony.

Meanwhile, *The Boston Globe* focuses on a side trip some of the Patriots made to America's true patriots who are recovering from their war wounds at a Washington-area medical center.  *The Providence Journal* also examined the perspective angle of the Patriots' White House visit.

If you're looking for an overall wrap-up of the team's day in Washington, look no further than, which was there with a full story and video highlights.

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