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News Blitz 4/25: Brace obituary

A roundup of Patriots news.

We begin with sad, stunning news from over the weekend, when we learned of the death of former Patriots defensive lineman Ron Brace. A second-round draft choice in 2009, Brace was just 29 years old. According to media reports, the cause of death is unknown, but not considered suspicious, authorities say.

Shifting gears to less serious matters… Many Patriots fans have been asking us about the potential of signing free agent cornerback Josh Norman, who was recently let go by the Panthers. makes the case against signing Norman.

Later this week, the NFL Draft gets underway. The Herald says the New England, lacking a first-round pick, must make second-round magic, then proceeds to give us its scenario for all of the Patriots’ picks.

The *Globe *examines why the Patriots have had trouble drafting wide receivers in recent years.

Why did New England sign a long snapper a few days ago when they already have a good one on the roster? offers its rationale for the move.

We'll end on a light note, from last night's Celtics playoff win, where the Patriots were well-represented, as details.

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