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News Blitz 8/24: Guerrero, Bryant, and more

A roundup of Patriots news 


Tom Brady's preferred trainer and business partner, Alex Guerrero, is making headlines this Friday, for apparently positive reasons.

The first report, in the form of a Tweet by NFL Network's Mike Giardi, came just as the Patriots were preparing to fly to North Carolina Thursday afternoon.

A Boston Herald reporter puts into context why this Guerrero news might be so significant.

"It's one of the privileges Bill Belichick revoked last season, causing friction between Brady and the head coach… but the dynamics have changed. And, judging by the quarterback's disposition, for the better."

Elsewhere, the Patriots have parted with three veteran WRs this summer already: Jordan Matthews, Malcolm Mitchell, and most recently Kenny Britt. Could another – Dez Bryant – be preparing to fly into New England? An NBC Sports Boston analysis leaves the Bryant-to-Foxborough door slightly ajar.

A writer lists five current free agent WRs the Patriots could sign, including Bryant.

Meanwhile, Patriots WR Julian Edelman, known fondly as the Flying Squirrel, is also famous for his bright yellow practice t-shirt that he wears under his shoulder pads. Edelman explains to ESPN why he does so.

"When people ask me about it, I always say, 'What does Popeye say?' I am what I am," Edelman begins. He goes into more detail in the story.

On, several Patriots veterans share insightful memories of their first NFL preseason experiences.

Finally, it's game day between the Patriots and Panthers in Charlotte. Keep your browser open to for all the info, images, analysis, and other game-related content you need tonight.

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