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News Blitz 9/17: Chiefs are a matchup nightmare for the Patriots

In this edition of the news blitz we preview the upcoming match-up against the Chiefs and give you some of the expert picks from around the web.

With the Patriots-Chiefs Monday night match-up only two days a way, we check up on some of the expert picks around the league. ESPN Boston's Mike Reiss and Field Yates has the Patriots losing this week, however, eight of ESPN's thirteen "league experts" picked the Patriots to win.

"While I'd normally think the Patriots could exploit the Chiefs' linebackers and secondary, it's more challenging to invest in them at this point based on the struggles at the line of scrimmage. Throw in the Arrowhead Stadium environment, which will further tax the offensive line," writes Mike Reiss.

For other picks around the web, you can go to *SB Nation* or ** where 9 of the 12 experts picked the New England over Kansas City. For something a little bit different, check out John Breech's picks column over at CBS Sports. Breech provides a fun, interactive element to his picks by incorporating tweets from the past week and highlighting moments from week 3. Unfortunately, however, he has the Patriots losing to the Chiefs 27-24.

But as Gary Tanguay points out, he may not be far off. In an article he wrote for, Tanguay explains that the Chiefs are a 'matchup from hell' for the Patriots. He says that the Patriots may be the better team on paper, but the Chiefs ability to rush the quarterback could mean a long day for Tom Brady and the Patriots' offense.

"The offensive line is in shambles and the Chiefs have two players in Tamba Hali and Justin Houston, who culd put Tom Brady's season to an end in one missed blocking assignment," fears Tanguay. "The Patriots have the better team but at the end of the game, might not have the better score."

One way to take pressure off Tom Brady is to establish a consistent rushing attack. Richard Hill of SB Nation's Pats Pulpit believes that the Patriots need to start feeding Stevan Ridley the ball more. He points out that Ridley is one of the best running backs in the NFL at getting positive yardage. According to Hill, Ridley ranks sixth in the NFL in "positive runs" (getting to at least the line of scrimmage) and second in the NFL in having "successful runs."

"Not only does Ridley not hurt the team, but he moves the ball down the field. He might never break away a long run into the end zone, but he's perfect for extending drives and getting the needed yards to move the chains," believes Hill.

Over at ESPN Boston, Mike Reiss outlined Darrelle Revis' football journey before joining the New England Patriots. He highlights Revis' role models growing up, his favorite memories from high school, and much more! At one point, Revis explains what he loves most about the game of football.

"I love winning, man. I think that's the biggest thing -- going out every week as a team, a whole team, and we all go out to accomplish one thing: To get the W that Sunday. We work so hard during the week, game-planning so many things, and as a defense it's stopping the opposing team from what they do well," said Revis according to Reiss.

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