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Patriots 2009 Draft Status

The Patriots possess eight selections in the 2009 NFL Draft. New England controls all seven of its assigned selections and has control of San Diego’s second-round choice, acquired in a 2008 draft day trade.

Patriots 2009 Draft Selections

(Additional Compensatory Selections May Be Awarded)

Round Selection Overall How Acquired
1 23 23 Assigned Selection
2 15 47 From San Diego
2 26 58 Assigned Selection
3 25 89 Assigned Selection
4 24 Assigned Selection
5 23 Assigned Selection
6 26 Assigned Selection
7 25 Assigned Selection

*-To be determined following assignment of compensatory selections

Round 2, Overall Pick 47 - The Patriots acquired a 2009 second-round selection (No. 47 overall) and a 2008 fifth-round selection (No. 160 overall) from the San Diego Chargers in exchange for a 2008 third-round selection (No. 69 overall - FB Jacob Hester).

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