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Official website of the New England Patriots News Blitz - 9/12/2006

In today's News Blitz, lots to talk about with the Branch trade, including player reactions and speculation about who can fill his shoes. The Pats sqeezed out a win on Sunday, but who shined on the team? ...

*The Boston Herald's* staff takes a point-by-point look at Deion Branch's accomplishments and the chronology of his holdout.

*The Providence Journal* looks at Branch's year-by-year stats - Last season he had more receptions and more touchdowns that any other since entering the NFL.

*The Boston Globe's* Mike Reiss reports that the Patriots have filed tampering charges against the Jets; Branch has gone to Seattle to get a fresh start after stagnating in a holdout for months. The tampering charges should add fuel to a Patriots-Jets rivalry that has been reinvented in many forms over the last 10 years, from Bill Parcells leaving the Patriots for the Jets in 1997, to Bill Belichick leaving the Jets for the Patriots in 2000, to former defensive coordinator Eric Mangini leaving the Patriots to become the Jets head coach this year.

The Boston Herald's John Tomase also reports that The Pats will file tampering charges against the Jets.

*The Boston Globe's* Ron Borges offers a story on Branch's departure including Branch's reaction when his agent, Jason Chayut, informed him of the trade. "I felt a lot of happiness and a little sadness," said Branch, whose two grievances against the Patriots will not have to be adjudicated because the team agreed to the Seahawks' terms. "I feel good about my situation but sad about leaving my teammates. I understand the situation. The organization had to do what it felt was best for the team and I had to do what was best for me and my family. "I have three kids. I'm the one who has to take care of them. The Patriots aren't going to take care of them. Nobody is going to take care of them but me."

The *Boston Herald's* John Tomase reports on the trade and it's particulars, providing a summary recap of the holdout.

*Boston Herald* writer John Tomase notes the reactions of a few key veterans to the news that Branch had been traded. The locker room was near-empty during press availabilty following the announcement.

Jim Donaldson, of *The Providence Journal* explains why he's tempted to say 'Good riddance' to Branch.

Christopher Gasper of *The Boston Globe* reports on Richard Seymour's locker room reaction to the Branch trade. "It took the air out of me," said Seymour. "It really did."

Shalise Manza Young of The Providence Journal also reports on locker room reactions.

Alan Greenberg of the *Hartford Courant* reports on Branch's departure, as does the Republican's Howard Ulman.

In *The Globe's* Patriots Notebook, Gasper wonders who will become the Patriots go-to wideout, taking a look at newly acquired Doug Gabriel and rookie second-rounder Chad Jackson.

Albert Breer of the *Boston Herald* reports that when the Patriots travel to the Meadowlands on Sunday to face the New York Jets, both teams will have the same number of wide receivers from the Pats' 2005 roster. Which is to say, with yesterday's news that Deion Branch is off to Seattle, there's only one left. And if you read into things, that's no good.

*Boston Herald* writer, John Tomase offers locker room reactions on the other side of the trade. The seattle Seahawks were all exstatic after the trade was made. "I think it's tremendous," Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren said. "I think he's a fine football player and a quality young man. You can't have too many of those guys, and he's a proven commodity. He's been part of the Super Bowl experience. I mean, it's just all good for us, this deal."

Michael Felgar of the Boston Herald grades the Patriots performance in Sunday's victory over the Bills. He breaks the team down position-by-position; it's the running backs and secondary that make the grade.

Ian Clark of *The Union Leader* also grades the game.

In a poll held by the *Boston Herald*, Rosevelt Colvin received an overwhelming 34 percent of votes for this week's player of the game.

Bill Reynolds of *The Providence Journal* reports that the Patriots were booed as they left the field prior to halftime in the Patriots season opener against the Bills. 'Booing them is like booing the Easter Bunny,' says Reynolds.

Eric McHugh of *The Patriot Ledger* reports on Sunday's game, saying it was the 'Pats legs, not Brady's arm,' that pulled the opener from the fire.

*The Patriot Ledger's* Ron Hobson reports on the defense's solid effort in the game.

Bill Burt of*The Eagle-Tribune* reports on rookie running back Laurence Maroney.

Michael Parenti of the *Woonsocket Call* reports that a few key plays saved the Bills game for the Pats.

Don't forget to check out The Globe's Patriots blog, Reiss' Pieces, for breaking news. Mike reiss will chat live at noon with Patriots fans.

Also at noon today, listen to the writers of Patriots Football Weekly as they discuss Patriots happenings on the PFW in Progress podcast. Check the left-hand side of the homepage under 'Latest Audio.'

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