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Replay: Best of Radio Thu Nov 30 - 02:00 PM | Sun Dec 03 - 10:40 AM releases new six-part podcast recounting the 2001 Super Bowl championship season

What do you remember about the 2001 New England Patriots? That’s the question that launched the new six-part podcast series from -- 2001: A Super Bowl Sound Odyssey.

What do you remember about the 2001 New England Patriots? That's the question that launched the new six-part podcast series from – 2001: A Super Bowl Sound Odyssey.

Over 20 new interviews with former players, coaches, front office staff and media members, along with some notable fans, help make 2001: A Super Bowl Sound Odyssey a unique retrospective told by those that were part of the season or heavily invested in it. It's the type of storytelling that sheds new light on the 2001 Patriots in a way that could only come two decades and six championships later.

"That was a team where the sum was truly better than the parts, and gosh, we still had some really, really good parts," says Scott Pioli in the series. "And to me, it represents still to this day everything that I fell in love with about football, about people that sacrificed themselves and their own personal desires for this greater good." Pioli, along with Chris Berman, Mike Vrabel, Damien Woody, Amy Trask and Rob Ryan are among the many voices featured.

Produced, hosted and narrated by Mike Dussault, with audio engineer Matt Morel, the long-form podcast takes fans back through the 2001 season from start to finish, combining new and exclusive interviews with the iconic sounds that defined the championship season.

Beginning with the 2001 offseason, the podcast looks back at how the team was constructed and how the new and old pieces came together during the team's final training camp at Bryant College. All the major moments of that magical season are recounted – from 9/11's impact on the team, to Drew Bledsoe's frightening injury and the ascension of Tom Brady, as the team overcame a slow start and powered their way into the playoffs.

Separate episodes are dedicated to each of the three playoff games, kicking off with the iconic snow-filled win over the Raiders, driving to a road upset of the Pittsburgh Steelers and culminating with the heart-pounding win over the offensively stacked St. Louis Rams in the Super Bowl.

As part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary, will also feature Patriots Time Machine on Twitter ( and Instagram (, covering the 2001 season as if social media existed back then.

Starting on March 2, 2021, Patriots Time Machine began chronicling the Patriots season, posting transaction graphics, game photos, video recaps, press conference highlights, Patriots Football Weekly analysis, news on the stadium construction, pop culture memes.

Fans can also re-live the season on, at where all the game recaps, photo galleries and digitized articles from Patriots Football Weekly have been recreated for your enjoyment. Launched in 1995, PFW was the official newspaper of the New England Patriots for over 24 years and captured every moment that made up the Patriots first Super Bowl season.

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