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Patriots Locker Room Quotes - 1/11/2011

Patriots players comment on their upcoming divisional playoff game against the New York Jets during media access to the locker room on Tuesday, January 11, 2010.


(On how he thinks the team will prepare this week)
"It's going to be like a normal game. We've got an opponent now. We can go back and break down the film that we watched from these guys and what they put out there on tape - study what they did last week and go through that normal process."

(On how much they will take from two previous matchups with the Jets)
"We know coming out there in our game, nothing that happened in the past really matters, but of course you want to study what a team's done. You want to study what people do in the clutch because that's what you do. We know nothing that happened in the past [matters]; the first game didn't matter, the last game didn't matter. The only thing that matters is this game coming up. But of course, that's all we have to look at on them is what they've done this year, so that's what we're studying right now."

(On how much their offense has changed since the last meeting)
"They do what they do. They've got guys who make plays for them, and they get those guys the ball. Whether that's in the running game or the passing game, they've got their threats out there and that's who they get the ball to."

(On whether Mark Sanchez is a risk-taker)
"I think he wants to do his part and make plays in the passing game, so of course they're going to take some shots down the field. Whether that's to Santonio [Holmes], [Dustin] Keller, Braylon Edwards, they'll take shots. We've just got to do a good job of being in position to make plays."

(On whether the Jets talking phases them)
"No, we don't worry about that at all. We're going to go out here and practice the same way. We're going to do what we've got to do because none of that really matters. It's just going to matter how you come out and play in the game. After the game, everybody will forget about what was said this week, and you'll just know who won or lost that game, who's moving on and who's not."

(On whether opposing teams' talking is mentioned in the locker room)
"No, because like I said, it doesn't matter. Whoever we play, it's not like we're going to go out there and try to be friendly with the team that we're playing. So of course, they have a certain type of feeling toward us, but it doesn't matter. We're going to go out and play the game, and like I said, after this week, no one will be talking about what was said during the week before the game - you just know somebody moved on and somebody's going home."

(On why the Patriots have certain attitude toward talking)
"It's just the philosophy of our team. We're here to work. Of course, we get paid to practice and do what we do during the week, but of course, at the end of the day, you're paid to get W's on Sunday. So, when it's game time, that's when you've got to come out, and you can do your talking then. You either win or lose. And that's the most important thing, and we'll let people talk about that instead of what we're talking about during the week."

(On Dustin Keller)
"He's one of their guys that's a vertical threat at tight end. He can get down the field. He's got good hands. He knows how to get open. Anytime you play against a tight end like that where the guy's working the middle of the field, they can make big plays."

(On importance of team focusing on threat of Jets' running game)
"Very important. With pretty much every team in the NFL, everything is going to start with their running game. They've got some good runners over there, and so, if you don't stop that, it'll be a long day for you. That's got to be your first concern - to shut down the run game."

(On whether the Jets returned to a physical style of play against the Colts)
"I think they're a physical team. I wouldn't say I've ever seen them go out there and play a finesse game. But yeah, they definitely ran the ball against those guys last week. But like I said, the way for any offense to set the tone is to go out there and get the run game going and then pretty much everything opens up for you."

(On his confidence with the Patriots' defensive scheme)
"I'm very confident. I put in a lot of time when I first got here. I've been confident with this defense since not too long after I got here. So, I just prepared and I'm ready to go out there. When I get my chance, I'm trying to go out there and make plays."


(On knowing what's at stake)
"I think it's the same thing. It's just a matter of realizing what's at stake. Obviously, you realize that every play could be the last play of your season or could be the deciding factor on the last play of your season. So, you want to do what you got to do to make plays to keep your team in it."

(On what he says to young guys who have never played in a playoff game before)
"We've played 16 games, 17 weeks. Keep doing the same thing that you've been doing."

(On how Patriots deal with Jets talking)
"It's talking. We're not really concerned with that. We're just concerned with winning the game and doing what we've got to do to win the game."

(On why the Patriots don't get into a war of words)
"I don't know. It's noise, I guess. It doesn't really go into big parts of winning the game. Like I said, in our opinion, it's outside the context of the game. That's what it is."

(On whether he expects Bill Belichick to engage in a war of words with Jets)
"I don't foresee that."

(On whether Belichick is a reason that players don't participate in a war of words)
"That's a big part of it, too. Like I said, part of that is personality and part of that is the coach and players around you. Like I said, it's not what we do."

(On his attitude toward Belichick's help in studying)
"It would kind of be foolish on our part not to listen to a guy with that much experience and with that much success at this level. It is what it is. It's Bill Belichick. He's a great coach. Why not?"

(On Brady's study habits)
"It's like having a coach on the field. He knows how hard he studies. We know how hard he studies. He's obviously very polished."

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