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Patriots Locker Room Quotes 1/13

Read partial transcripts from Patriots players during media access at Gillette Stadium on Wednesday, January 13, 2016.


(On the team avoiding distractions)
"We're just focused on getting better every day, and today is no different – just go out there and prepare as best we can and get ready for tomorrow."

(On how much confidence the Chiefs have coming in on a winning streak)
"They're a great football team. They've been playing well and we're excited for them to come to Foxborough. We're focused on the present and we're focused on this week and it's a new week."

(On why the team is so good at just focusing on what they can control)
"We just worry about what we can control and that's showing up every day, working hard, preparing the best we can."


(On what challenges wide receiver Jeremy Maclin brings to the secondary)
"He's a great player, deep threat. He can catch the ball and run with it. [We've] just got to go out there and try to limit the success of the other opponents and just go out there and play good football."

(On if he's excited to get out there and play in a big game again)
"I take every game like it's the last. I'm giving my all, week one, week two, playoffs, most definitely. Just go out there and play the best I can and hope my teammates are on the same page, which I know they are, so [I] just wait until the game."

(On if he feels the team is building momentum this week through practice)
"Most definitely, you've got to build momentum, have self-confidence as a team. Everything we are doing is in our good of taking it into Saturday. Like I said, we've just got to go out there and play."


(On the mobility of quarterback Alex Smith)
"I mean he's been a great quarterback ever since his days in San Francisco, so I've always had a lot of respect for him and I look forward to playing him."

(On if there will be an emphasis to get turnovers from them due to how well they protect the ball)
"I don't think you have control of just taking the ball away when you want like that, but you've got to go out there and seize your opportunity and when that ball is loose, you've got to take a punch at it and try to make those turnovers."

(On why the Kansas City running attack has been so successful)
"[They're] a great running team, a great team philosophy, West-Coast offense. I just feel like there's 32 teams in the NFL and I feel like anybody can run the ball if you give them the opportunity to, so as a defense you've just got to go out there and do your best to slow that down."


(On if the bye week did his body good and helped him heal up)
"It helped out a lot, collect yourself, get some rest and just focus on what we need to do this week."

(On if he feels the offensive line will need to do a better job than they have the last couple of weeks)
"We always need to do a better job. Even if it's good it needs to be perfect every time and that's what we strive for, so we need to do better but we're working on it this week."

(On how quickly he can put the regular season behind and transition to the playoff mentality)
"You've got to have a short memory in this league or you're not going to last long. You've just got to let it go. They've got a pretty good pass rush don't they? It's going to be a challenge. It's the playoffs so every game's a challenge. They've got a great front seven so it's going to be a challenge for us."


(On how this team's chemistry compares at this point of the season to years past)
"You know it's hard to make comparisons because every team is different but I certainly feel really good about this group. I feel like we are a close-knit group. We've been through a lot this season, this offseason obviously. We've had to come together through a lot of adversity."

(On if he believes that chemistry can translate to success on the field)
"Certainly. I think the closer a team is off the field definitely shows up when it comes time to step between the lines."

(On how well Kansas City has been playing)
"Obviously they're doing a lot of things well. You don't win 11 games in a row by accident. There are not a lot of things that they haven't been doing well, so they're going to give us a lot of problems on Saturday and hopefully we'll have the answers."


(On how important it is to practice this week)
"I think practice is important. I think injured or not, you want to work on your craft and your timing and all that, so I think any time you're out there is probably a good thing."

(On the offensive line's communication)
"Yeah, I think it's something to preach all the time. I don't think it's changed in the playoffs for anything. Obviously they throw a lot of stuff at you and if you're not on the same page with the other four guys, I's not going to be a good result. Again it goes back to practice. The scout team gives me a good look at it, so it's something we work on every day and continue to get better and hopefully peak on Saturday."

(On the key to having consistency on the offensive line)
"Practice – I don't know, it's hard to tell – preparation, knowing what to do and maybe anticipating what's going on out there and reacting and really falling back on your technique. We've been doing this for a few months now this year so I don't think you make too many adjustments now. So I think it's just practice and getting on the same page."

(On what he's seen from Tamba Hali, who has been banged up the last few weeks)
"It's the playoffs so I don't think anyone is 100 percent out there. It's just part of the game and it's a physical game. He's a force out there. He has been for a long time. He's given us problems. He's given a lot of guys a lot of problems. [Justin] Houston on the other side or [Dee] Ford or whoever it is – they're all good and I think they're fourth in sacks this year and it shows."

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