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Patriots Locker Room Quotes 1/29

Danny Amendola, Malcolm Mitchell and Logan Ryan address the media at Gillette Stadium on January 29, 2017


(On the excitement level of getting out to Houston)
"We're ready to just put in one more good day here then get out there tomorrow and get it rolling."

(On whether being from the Houston area makes this Super Bowl more special)
"It does. It does. [I was] born and raised in Houston and played a lot football in Houston. It will be special to go play another game there."

(On whether ticket requests have been extreme this week)
"Not really. I've got a lot of good friends that don't bug me. But I have a lot of people coming so it's exciting."

(On how similar this Super Bowl feels to 2014)
"I mean it's different; different circumstances. We're playing a different team. We're all focused on [the] Atlanta Falcons. It's a different team and we're just focused on getting prepared, watching film, [and] just getting ready to play them."

(On whether it's unique to prepare like a normal week but have no game on Sunday)
"I mean it's like preparing for a test. You want to get the work done early. You want to get familiar with it. It's not going to hurt to learn."
*   (On whether having a lot more Super Bowl experience is any kind of advantage)*
"I don't know. We'll find out but we've got to play good football, play really great football to get a win. They're a really great football team. They're going to be the best football team we play to this point so just getting familiar with them this week is really the only thing we're focused on. Experience isn't going to help you win it. You've got to play a really good, new football team, a well-coached football team. We've got to play good. It's the only thing we're really focused on."


(On whether he looks forward to talking to all the media at the Super Bowl)
"I haven't put much thought into it. If somebody asks me a question about it of course I'll share. But the main focus is on the game though."

(On how much he is leaning on a veteran like Julian Edelman to help prepare for this week)
"I mean we just go out there and prepare every day at practice like we have been all year. I try to keep it as simple as that."

(On how ready the team feels to leave for Houston at this point)
"I think we still have more time to prepare so we're just going to take it a day at a time. [We'll] go out there today and practice, practice out in Houston and be ready by Sunday."

(On whether the Super Bowl was on his mind when he was drafted by the Patriots)
"You just hope you can make the team at that time. I mean you know the challenges that are ahead just from conversations around this opportunity and this organization. You hope for it. You know if you make it through the process that you'll have an opportunity but other than that you just hope you can make the team."


(On how ready he is to get out to Houston)
"Pretty excited to, honestly, to get in some warmer weather, so that will be good. I know we've got one more important practice today that I think we need to get in. I think being a little older I understand that so we're actually excited for practice. We're having a lot of fun out there. Last practice at home so it's always fun."

(On how productive this week has been)
"Extremely productive. Bill [Belichick] fortunately has done this a couple times, more than a couple times. So I think he has a good plan for us and [it's] similar to 2014, the schedule. We kind of know what to expect and like I said, it's our last practice at home so we're going to have fun with it."

(On what makes a practice fun)
"We're going to compete. We're going to compete. You know, [the] practice squad guys are going to give us a great look. There's a lot of trash talking out there so we just try to make it as competitive as possible and I think that's something that we've been doing this year - having fun, talking about how we go at it with the receivers and stuff like that daily. All that stuff has been great competition. [We have] a lot of competitors on this team and we all love to have fun."

(On the challenge of handling the Falcons receivers)
"It's a huge task. I mean they're one of the most productive in the league, obviously offensively. We see what they do. We see what they did to other secondaries so we have our work cut out for us but at the same time, Pittsburgh was the same way and a lot of guys that we've played have - I mean receivers are the best athletes in the world, honestly. A lot of those guys are extremely athletic. Our job is tough, we know that, but we've got to do it together."

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