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Patriots Locker Room Quotes

New England Patriots players comment on their upcoming game against the Houston Texans from the locker room at Gillette Stadium on Friday, January 1, 2010.

Junior Seau, Linebacker

(On whether the defense is peaking at the right time)

"Well, hopefully. If we can just build on what we did last week, it can mean a lot of good things ahead for us. But again, we're just trying to position ourselves to go to Houston and win."

(On his thoughts about the playoffs)

"Again, I'm not even thinking about the playoffs. You just have to take it one day at a time, that's my only guarantee."

Laurence Maroney, Running back

(On focusing on the game ahead)

"Like Bill [Belichick] said, this is the beginning of the playoffs for us. That's how we're treating it. We're going out there, playing hard. Like I said, it's like every game, we're going out there and playing all 60 minutes. We're going to give it our best shot."

(On resting players before the playoffs)

"I'm not a coach. I'm just a player. Whenever they call me, I'll be out there. I can't really be worried about who's out there and who's not. I've got to make the best of it when I am out there."

(On the potential to carry a winning streak into the playoffs)

"Momentum is always good. If you can get a little rolling start with a little momentum on your side, it definitely helps us because it brings the team a lot closer. You know, it just gets everybody riled up, and getting in sync, and playing together. That's what - at the end of the day - is the best thing about it is just going out there and having fun - even though it's your job - you're doing something that you love to do and that's playing football. I think you can't beat that."

(On Mario Williams)

"He's definitely a guy that you has to be accounted for out there. He's going to set the edge and he's going to be disruptive. You've really got to block that guy and keep him from making a lot of plays in the backfield and in the passing game. He's one of those that we'll have to keep a hat on him at all times."

Brandon Meriweather, Safety

(On building on a winning streak to end the season)

"Any time you can get a win and get on some type of a winning streak, it always helps with momentum and everything - not just the playoffs but with everything. Even winning the last game of the preseason helps coming into the regular season. Any time you get a win, it gives you a little momentum."

(On whether he pays attention to playoff scenarios)

"To be honest, I'm not really even thinking about the playoffs. It doesn't really even matter. Nobody knows who is going to play who. Nobody knows who's going to win on Sunday, so right now, all the focus is on the Houston Texans."

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