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Patriots Locker Room Quotes

New England Patriots players comment on their upcoming playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens

Vince Wilfork, Nose Tackle
(On the Ravens)
"We're playing a Baltimore team that it went down to the wire the last time we played them. They're a tough, tough, physical football team, so we have to make sure that we prepare very, very hard against these guys. And I'm sure they're doing the same thing. Suddenly, we have a challenge. Hopefully, we can get it done and move on. But we've definitely got to take it one day at a time and put all of our eggs in this basket and move forward. We've got to do everything possible - to the man - to play our A-game. Anything other than that and we'll come out on the losing end of the sticks. We've got to be prepared and I think we had a great practice today. We'll look at film, make the corrections and move forward, but I think we're off to a good start."

(On lending advice to younger players in the playoffs)
"I think they see from the veterans, from the guys who have been around here awhile, just how we carry ourselves and the preparation that we put into it. It's just brining them on board and letting them know that it's a one-game season now. Like I said, preparation is the key word this week, but going forward that's going to be the key. We have to. But like I said, I think we've got two good days under our belt with film studies, and going out there today, and getting a couple of looks down. I think we did a pretty decent job at practice today, so we'll look at some film and see what corrections we need to make and we'll make them and move onto Thursday's practice and have another great one. Hopefully, throughout the week, we have good ones and then Sunday's the big show."

(On missing the last three games)
"It's been tough. I want to play football, but sometimes you have to take a seat and get healthy. And that's where I was. I'm looking forward to this week, I feel a lot better, so I'm looking forward to this week."

(On watching the game as a spectator)
"It was different. It's very different. I've never seen a game from outside looking in on the stadium. I sat down and watched the game with my wife, it's totally different. It's just different. Now, I can say that I've been on both sides, I've been in the stands and on the field. But I'd rather be out with my guys, sweating and getting bruised up. "

(On how having time to rest will help him get ready to play this week)
"I think everybody's taken it upon themselves to do everything they can to get ready with the film study, with the extra rest, taking care of their bodies and stuff like that. I still see guys around here a long time, that's a good sign - even if it's just getting treatment or getting in the hot tub or cold tub, if it's in the film room, in the weight room, guys are starting to step their level up. And we're going to need that. But everything starts with preparation and - so far - I think we're off to a good start."

(On the Ravens' running backs)
"They're a great football team. The backs, in general, are real good backs. The offensive line is good, good quarterback, and their receivers do a real good job. I think they do a real good job of playing together. They have two tough runners. We pride ourselves around here with stopping the run. Sometimes we did this year, sometimes we didn't. But you know what? It all starts over now. It all starts at 0-0. It doesn't matter what you've done. Everybody's 0-0 and everybody's fighting for one goal and that's to win and to be playing for the big dance."

Matt Light, Offensive Tackle
(On the Ravens' consistency in their strategy)
"I think when you do something really well, you don't need to change much. They're clear in their identity and what they do, and they're a physical football team. They've got guys that understand the system and play well within it, and they're going to come up here ready to go, I'm sure."

(On whether players rise into a different gear in the playoffs)
"I think everybody does. I don't really think it matters how many times you've been in the postseason or what kind of playoff games or experience you have. I think it just comes down to hard work and how much you're willing to come out here every day and practice and step it up a little bit more. This is going to be a great week for us. We've been looking forward to this all season, so now's the time to step on the gas."

(On what they can take from October's regular season game against Baltimore)
"You definitely look at more of the things they've done recently and what they've kind of settled into. I think there's a lot you can learn from the first game, the matchups and certain things that happened out there. There are a lot of things that you have to prepare for, and like I said, it's a huge week."

(On Tom Brady's AP Comeback Player of the Year award)
"Obviously he overcame some pretty big odds and it's a good thing for us to have him back out there. But I don't think anybody had any doubt on what he was going to do and his ability. So, way to go, Tom."

Adalius Thomas, Linebacker
(On this week's lively playoff atmosphere)
"A lot of people are at home. You get the opportunity to go back out there and play one more time, so you have to be excited about that."

(On what problems the Ravens present)
"They present a lot of problems. They are a very good team. They made it to the AFC Championship game last year. They have a lot of explosive players on offense and great players on defense."

(On how special the playoff experience is)
"You never know when you'll ever get a chance to do it again. It's amazing that you kind of take it for granted when you go for the first five years of your career then you can take it for granted. But then you have some guys that have never been and they've been in the league six or seven years and this is their first time going to the playoffs, then it becomes a humbling experience. You definitely have to take advantage of the opportunity whenever you have the chance to go out there and play in the playoffs. It's win or go home."

(On playing his old team in the playoffs)
"No, that doesn't mean anything. I've been gone for three years. That's a whole new team, new staff, new coordinator, new everything. I know some of the guys there, but as long as we win, it doesn't matter if it's Baltimore or someone else."

Sammy Morris, Running Back(On whether it's better that Wes Welker was injured during the regular season as opposed to during a playoff game)
"He got hurt, so I don't want to say it's more beneficial. The fact that we lost him is the issue. It's still a player we lost from our offense. I guess you could say having a week to prepare as far as not having him in there, yeah. For us, it's hard to look at it from that perspective becausewe lost Wes for the year."

(On whether losing Wes makes the offense harder to figure out)
"I guess you'd have to ask the Ravens that. Injuries are part of the game. It's just something we have to deal with and however we plan to regroup is going to be seen this week."

(On Tom Brady's late season numbers tailing off)
"It's still Tom Brady. There is still confidence in our offense. Each game is a different entity in itself, so it's not really about flat-out pure numbers, it's about winning."

Kevin Faulk, Running Back
(On whether losing Wes makes the offense harder to figure out)
"It all depends on how you look at it. You all are the experts. You know what we're doing. It all depends on how you look at it.

(On the team's confidence in Julian Edelman)
"I think by what you all say, we don't. We laid it down. Everybody's saying that we're done. That's why we're being us, not saying anything and going about our business."

(On Tom Brady as a player)
"I've been playing with Tom for ten years. He's like a brother - the things that he does, the way he came back from injury last year. I know in his heart he feels like he hasn't played his best football yet, but at the same time, we always have confidence in him."

(On the Baltimore Ravens)
"Very tough, they are one of the hottest teams in the league right now. They've beaten a lot of first-place teams and they're just playing good right now."

(On Ray Lewis)
"133 tackles. That says enough about him right there. And anyway, he's 35 or 36? He hasn't lost it."

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