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Patriots Locker Room Quotes

Patriots players comment on their upcoming playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens.

Shawn Springs, Cornerback

(On preparing for the playoffs)

"It's most definitely better than being home, watching it on TV. As an NFL player, that's what you play for, the opportunity to get into the postseason and play. It's here now. And the first 16 weeks really don't matter, nothing really matters but playing."

(On the advantages and disadvantages to having played a team twice in a season)

"I don't know if that's an advantage or a disadvantage. That's a tricky question because the teams gets to see you and you get to see them, so you know what each team brings to the game. This week, it's just about executing your own technique and doing the best job you can do."

(On wide receivers stepping in for Wes Welker)

"That's all you can do at this point, rally around him. Guys who are on the offensive side, playing wide receiver, they've just got to step up and hopefully ... No one can take the place of Wes, but guys can kind of step up and contribute."

(On how much playoff experience factors into play)

"Honestly, I think you throw all of that out of the window in the playoffs. I think all it comes down to is whether you're a young guy or whether you're a guy like Junior [Seau], who's been in the league for 20 years, I think it's just about how you perform on Sunday. You can talk about experience - and I'm sure it does play a factor - but for the most part, you've just got to get it done that week."

(On his personal appreciation for returning to the playoffs)

"It's tough. I know - for me - I'm so competitive that I don't like watching other teams in the playoffs, so usually, if I'm not in the playoffs, I'm not even watching TV."

Ty Warren, Defensive Lineman

(On whether he expects the Ravens to run at the defense)

"Usually, the way the game sequence goes is just a combination of the offense and the time that's left in game, possessions, and all of that stuff. I'm not going to look too much into why they ran 17 times, or 20 times, or so on and so forth."

(On Ray Rice and his pass-catching ability)

"He's definitely a threat. He and [Willis] McGahee, they like to use the guys a lot. It's a definite strength of their team. What you said, the way they've utilized him coming out of the backfield and in the running game, you just have to contain him."

(On what he learned from the regular-season game with the Ravens)

"I know it was a game that went down to the wire, the last seconds of the game. They played us tough at home last time and with there being a lot on the line, I'm sure they'll do the same in this game."

(On Ray Rice's elusiveness)

"I mean, in the NFL, the linemen are big, 6-5, 6-7, something like that. With guys being that big and with the other guys being so low to the ground, with a low center of gravity, sometimes it's hard to see those guys a lot of the time. Mostly, that's for the linebackers. We have to find the blockers most of the time anyway, but I think it's more of a problem for the linebackers most of the time."

Fred Taylor, Running Back

(On feelings about being fresh this time of the year)

"I've always been somewhat of a late starter. I usually heat up a bit as the season goes. But to have been out for those games, I might be a little bit fresher than most of the guys- mentally fresher."

(On what it means to be mentally fresh)

"You can be physically beat down. The season is so long that you can lose some of your mental focus. Right now everyone should have a second wind. For me, I hadn't played, so I'm excited."

(On his fifth shot at the playoffs)

"The preparation is the same. You know what's at stake. You want to make sure you have no regrets when it's all said and done."

(On running the ball in the playoffs)

"You just have to be ready to play. You have to prepare well. That's where it begins. I don't try to put added pressure on myself by saying, 'I have to have a certain running style in the playoffs.' You just have to be natural and go out there and play as hard as you can."

(On the advantages and disadvantages of playing a team twice in one season)

"Preparation is the key. I don't know if there's an advantage or a disadvantage. One thing that stands out is that you have to prepare well. You have to know your opponent, familiarize yourself with them. It starts right now. It starts right now."

(On whether he feels playoff experience is overrated)

"Yeah, yeah I do. Rookies don't have playoff experience and you depend on those guys more than you depend on anyone else. They're going to be the guys playing special teams and you want to try to win every aspect of the game. I think when you get out there, all the experience that you say you had in the past and previous only matters this one specific game. And the only experience you're going to need is in during that specific game- who you're playing, how well you know them. All that other stuff I think is just hype."

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