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Patriots Postgame Quotes 1/3

New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick, Quarterback Tom Brady and select players comment on their 20-10 loss to the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium on Sunday, January 3, 2016.

Head Coach Bill Belichick

(Opening Statement)
"Well, we obviously didn't do enough things well enough today to win. I thought that was a problem across the board. We've got a lot of work to do before our next game so that's what we'll do; we'll get back at it."

What was the mindset going into the game offensively?
"Same as it always is, move the ball and score points."

In the first half, the split between the 21 rush attempts and the 5 passes, how much of that was based on what they were showing you defensively with the heavy emphasis towards the running game?
"I don't know."

What were your thoughts on Steven Jackson upping his workload and what he gave you today?
"Yeah, I mean it was good to have him out there. We'll see, we'll take a look at it."

What were your thoughts on the offensive line, it seems like there were moments when they struggled?
"I just said I don't think we did anything well enough today, so that includes everything -coaching, playing, offense, defense, special teams, everything. That's everything."

Do you have to hit the reset button heading into the playoffs, is that the message you gave the team?
"I just said we have a lot of work to do. That's what we have; we have a lot of work to do."

Was there much consideration put into maybe taking Tom Brady out of the game after he suffered what looked like a little injury in the first half?
"What are you talking about, I mean everybody played."

When you get into the playoffs and everybody resets, is home field advantage kind of overrated?
"You know, we don't really have any control over that. I mean, whatever it is, it is and wherever we play, we play. We've just got a lot of work to do."

QB Tom Brady

Opening Statement
"We just have to get better so I think this will give us the chance to evaluate where we are at and see the things that we need to do better as a team so we can try to win these games. It's obviously a tough sport and you see where you're at after 16 games and just keep fighting on."

Was this 100 percent effort to win this game today?
"Absolutely. Yeah."

Can you understand that some of your fans might have questions, it doesn't look consistent sometimes that you don't do the things you are best at or that you are trying to not get hurt?
"Yeah, we are trying to be effective and move the ball down the field and score points but we just aren't doing a very good job of it. That's what it comes down to. We're just not doing enough on offense to be productive."

Can you talk about the first half. We're used to seeing this team come out fiery and not running the ball so much. Was the game plan coming in to pound it on them? You had 21 rushes to 5 passes at halftime.
"Yeah, I think that's just the way things went. I wish we would've been more productive with whatever we chose to do. It just wasn't a very good game."

The idea was you liked what you saw with the Miami defense, that you might be able to run on them, was that the idea coming into the game?
"I think we always want to be balanced with what we do. Sometimes it gets out of proportion, pass-wise to run-wise and vice versa. We're going to have to do both of those things well in a couple weeks regardless of who we play. We are going to have to run it well and throw it well. We know everyone's going to have to contribute and take advantage of opportunities when we get them."

What happened when you took that hit in the second quarter? It looked like you had your right ankle re-taped. Can you take us through what happened there?
"I didn't see the replay so I'll be anxious to see it."

How's the ankle feeling?
"Pretty sore. Yeah, but I'll be alright."

Anxious to see that low hit? Is that what you said, you're anxious to see it?
"No, I just didn't see it. I threw the ball away."

Are you comfortable with where you guys are at heading into the playoffs right now?
"We have to play well going forward so I think we are at where we are at based on a lot of things and we have to play well going forward if we want to make anything of our season."

How carefully do you have to balance the reality of the situation you're in, you've lost four of the last six, you have a lot of injuries and the flip side is a couple of your teammates saying we've just got to hit the reset button. It's not quite that simple. How do you balance those two different thoughts?
"We just have to play well in two weeks from now. That's all that really matters. It's going to be one game and we have to play well and that is what our whole season will come down to. Nothing over the last six week is going to matter. Nothing over the last 16 weeks is going to matter. What's going to matter is how well we play in two weeks, that's what is going to matter, so we have to try to play as well as we can."

S Patrick Chung

What was the message to the Patriots after the game?
"What was the message after the game? Just got to play better." 

What do you think was the difference today?
"We'll see when we watch film tomorrow."

What do the Patriots have to do going forward for the playoffs?
"You got to ask coach that. We just got to play better."

CB Malcolm Butler

How disappointing is it to head into the playoffs with a loss?
"We still got an opportunity so all we have to do is play better. Just playing better. We have to do better. Just keep moving forward. Shouldn't nothing change, but just play better. That's all I can say, man."

What was the mood in here after the game? What was the message?
"Do things better. Keep playing better. That's it."

RB James White

Talk about the game overall today. It was a disappointing outcome star to finish. What is your take on it?
"We just didn't play well.  Now we just have to evaluate ourselves and just try and get better for whenever we play again." 

What are some things you need to work on for the playoffs?
"Everything. We can get better at everything. We want to get better at all three phases of the game and we just know we have to play better. That's all."

Were there any surprises in what the Dolphins defense did?
"No. Sometimes teams can throw different things at you but you got to adjust. We just have to do better than that."

RB Steven Jackson

How would you characterize your effort running the football today?
"I think we need to get better at it. We need to continue to come out with energy, and continue to carry it through four quarters."

How good did it feel to get back in the endzone?
"It was one of those things, it was set up by the long pass, and once we get in those situations where we got to grind out those yardages that's where I got to make sure I pull my weight on the team. Inside zone I bounced the play outside and had a DB (Defensive Back) there so I just got to lower my pads to get in the endzone and that's what I did."

Is there any comfort knowing that the roster maybe a lot different in two weeks as compared to today with guys getting healthy, guys coming back?
"I have an uphill battle myself. I have to continue to work hard, and continue to learn."

TE Rob Gronkowski

How frustrating was that?
"It was a tough one. We have plenty to work on. Miami played well today, and they were the better team."

Was you not getting a catch until the 4th quarter part of the game plan?
"It just went that way. They were playing well, and they were playing good defense. Things just didn't go our way, Miami was just the better team today."

Did you sense going into the game that it would be a heavy running game for you guys?
"Whatever the offensive coordinator calls, whatever the coaches call. We have to go out there and execute as an offense. You have to talk to the coaches to see what the strategy was. I go out there and execute the plays, and we didn't do a good job today."

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