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Patriots Postgame Quotes - 8/7/2014

New England Patriots players addresses the media following their preseason game versus the Washington Redskins on Thursday, August 7, 2014.


Patriots Quarterback Ryan Mallett**

On assessing the game:
"I have to go watch the film – a lot of stuff we've got to work on, too many penalties."

On if he felt he rushed things during the game:
"I felt comfortable back there."

On evaluating his performance when playing against backups:
"I mean, you never know what's gonna happen, who you're gonna play against. You go out there and do the best you can and, like I said, we've got a lot of work to do to get better as a team."

On if he feels like he is auditioning for other teams:
"Not at all. I'm playing for the Patriots. I'm playing for my team."

On if there were moments on which he could build:
"I mean, I have to go watch the film. I haven't been able to evaluate it or look at it and see what happened or what I could've done differently yet."

On how he feels now compared to this time last season:
"I feel good. I feel comfortable – went through my reads, made a few throws I wish I could of made better."

On wanting more reps:
"Any competitor wants to play the whole game, but I mean , I'm doing my job. That's what I'm supposed to do."

On the Patriots offensive packages:
"We called plays based on personnel – what we had available. I don't think we got too complex. We just didn't execute very well. That's what we have to do. We've got to execute and do our job out there."

On watching film:
"Obviously, you're gonna see stuff on the film that you didn't see in the game because your eyes may not have been over there because that wasn't your first read. It's tough to second guess yourself then when you're playing the game."

On quarterback Tom Brady helping him on the sidelines:
"Yeah, Tom's great. You know, we go through the pitches with Josh [McDaniels], Jimmy [Garoppolo] and Tom. You know we all talk about it. We're a cohesive group. You know, we're teammates."

On taking steps forward:
"I feel like I did a few positive things. A few things I wish I could do different, but that's what practice is for. We go back to work next week and get ready to go again.
" On moving out of the pocket:
"You guys want to talk about my feet… I can move my feet a little bit."

On his knee brace:
"I've played with this since I've been in college, so it's the same as always."

On if he feels time is running out for him in New England:
"No, not at all."

Patriots Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo


On his feelings on tonight's game:**
"Tough. Losing like that is never fun but it is a good experience for the first preseason game and I had fun out there."

On his performance:
"I did alright. There is a lot of stuff to improve on. It is a process. For any rookie quarterback, there is a lot to learn from and we will go watch the tape tomorrow and fix those things."

On the tempo of his first NFL game:
"I mean it is definitely fast, faster than college, that is. For sure. So it is something you just have to adapt to. You have to adapt quickly in this environment and we are doing a good job of that I think."

On what he was able to take away from the game:
"I mean it is still football. At the end of the day, it is 100 yards long, 53 [yards] wide, so you just have to go out there and play football. You can't overthink it, really."

On having his family at his first NFL game:
"It was really cool. Parents, brothers and grandpa were all here, so they got to see it and I looked forward to seeing them. I haven't seen them in a while. It was a great experience."

On building up chemistry with wide receiver Brian Tyms:
"The offense, we struggled at times today but we were clicking at times, too. It is stuff to learn from, it's a process. So we are trying to take it in stride and get better really."

Patriots Tight End Justin Jones


On his opportunity to play more and if he took care of those opportunities:**
"It was a learning experience. It was a great, great chance to get out there and play close to a full game. Asa [Watson], we split most of the time. Personnel wise, we rolled the whole game. I think we both got a good welcome to the NFL."

On what surprised him the most today:
"I don't think too much [surprised me] as far as [the Redskins defensive] looks and stuff like that. Everything was pretty standardized from what we had been seeing this week. The speed was definitely a little faster, something you have to adjust to on both sides of the ball. Other than the speed and stuff, I don't think we were really caught too off guard by anything. Couldn't get a drive going really and had a lot of third downs and those are hard to overcome."

On how the team utilized tablets on the sideline:
"They were just the pictures from the play. Literally the drive we came off the field, they had them up on the playbook, so we just discussed what happened. Had a few frames from each play and gave us a good look at what was going on on the field since we can't really have film on the sidelines. It was a good picture of what was going on out there."

Patriots Wide Receiver Brian Tyms


On his chemistry with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo:**
"I feel like I got a good connection with everybody. That's all I really came here to do was earn respect from my teammates and coaches. Everything else really don't matter to me."

On his first touchdown of the preseason:
"I was just so excited because that was my first one. I haven't been in the end zone other than practice, so I was just excited. Then, God gave me a second chance at it so I capitalized. It feels pretty good."

On the past two weeks of training camp:
"It's hard work. I'm just trying to show these guys that I belong. The most important thing about a winning team is just earning respect. That's all that matters to me is winning and earning their respect."

On the significance of every catch when trying to make a roster:
"I don't need to think about that. Every time the ball is thrown to me, I'm trying to catch it. It's part of earning respect, again. If I sit out there and drop every one, everybody is going to look at me like I came here for nothing. I've got a lot to prove."

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