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PFW Draft Prospect Rankings: Tight Ends

The writers of Patriots Football Weekly offer their notes and rankings on the tight end prospects entering the 2017 NFL Draft.


The writers of Patriots Football Weekly have done their homework on all the prospects in this year's NFL Draft. Now, you can download the actual notes they took on all the top players, broken down by position for your convenience. Today, they offer their notes on the tight ends.
* - indicates underclassman


HEIGHT: 6-6  WEIGHT: 251  40: 4.51

Andy Hart: Great size. Very good athleticism. Production wasn't elite. Good hands. Consistency? Questions as in-line blocker.

Paul Perillo: Physical; Will split out wide; Nice trap blocks; Good not great hands; Good agility; Decent speed; Not as dominant as skill set would suggest.

HEIGHT: 6-4  WEIGHT: 246  40:  4.64

Andy Hart: Real athlete. Big hands. Runs very well. Sure hands and tracks ball well. Gives effort as blocker. Huge upside.

Paul Perillo: Used in-line; Good athlete; Strong and physical; Lacks experience; Not a great blocker but learning; Gets open and solid receiver.

HEIGHT: 6-5  WEIGHT: 258  40: 4.71 

Andy Hart: Very good size and production. Work ethic was questioned early in career. Can be blocker and real TE. Good hands and RAC. Can be as good as he wants to be and potential to be as good as any in this draft class.

Paul Perillo: Used in-line; Run good routes; Moves well in space; Good blocker; Big-plays down seam; Solid all-around.

4 | Jake Butt, Michigan

HEIGHT: 6-5  WEIGHT: 246  40:  4.74

Andy Hart: All-around tight end. Productive pass catcher but not explosive. Tracks well. Confident hands. Solid pro potential after ACL heals. Lacks elite upside.

Paul Perillo: Used in-line; Not much elusiveness; Decent blocker; Good hands and gets open with nice routes; Coming off torn ACL.

HEIGHT: 6-6  WEIGHT: 257  40: 4.57 

Andy Hart: Big WR type. Pushes off a lot. Tracks and catches well downfield. Combine star. Great athlete for size. Upside. 

Paul Perillo: Moves well; More of a slot receiver; Willing blocker but not his strength; Constantly moving around formation; Matchup problem for defense; Big-play guy; Not overly smooth catching the ball.


HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT: 234  40: 4.42 

Andy Hart: Pure pass catcher and slot guy. Not a blocker. Doesn't play to 40 time. Sits in zones well.

Paul Perillo: Great athlete but more of a slot receiver than TE; Soft hands; Willing blocker but lacks size; Can get down the seam; Big-play threat.

HEIGHT: 6-6  WEIGHT: 278  40: 4.79 

Andy Hart: Dominated D-II foes. Fluid, controlled athlete. Freakish size. Good adjustments and hands.

Paul Perillo: Great size but not overly quick or fast; Solid blocker, especially in pass protection, but against D-II opponents; Decent hands; Physical.

HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT: 239  40: 4.62 

Andy Hart: Doesn't block, not even lined up as WR. Small and quick. Moved all around. Decent breaks. Tracks and adjusts to ball.

Paul Perillo: Small; Good, strong hands; Catches ball in traffic; Finds openings in zones; Another interesting slot type.

HEIGHT: 6-5  WEIGHT: 252  40: 4.69 

Andy Hart: Real TE with average production. Slow off snap. But can run. Average pass catcher. Above average blocker. No. 2 NFL TE.

HEIGHT: 6-4  WEIGHT: 270  40: 4.86 

Andy Hart: No burst. Not quick. Solid blocker. Secure hands. Heavy feet. But NFL body and skills as backup. Decent athlete.

HEIGHT: 6-4  WEIGHT: 247  40: 4.84 

Andy Hart: Versatile. Good hands. Sneaky blocker. Not a lot of seperation. Lacks upside. NFL backup.

Paul Perillo: Another move TE; Good hands; Effective between the hashes; Uses body well; Average blocker.

Jonnu Smith, Florida International

HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT: 248  40: 4.62 

Andy Hart: Ton of production on short catches. Athlete with developmental upside. Lost as blocker in space. Decent breaks. Nice RAC and burst.

Paul Perillo: Moves well; Pretty good blocker; Good after catch; Pretty athletic; Lacks size; Potential for versatile role in offense.

HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT: 254  40: 4.7


Andy Hart: Lined up wide. Good sized athlete. Tracks well. Not super quick or fast. Dominated lower level. Not elite anything.

Jacob Hollister,Wyoming

HEIGHT: 6-4  WEIGHT: 239  40: 4.64 

Andy Hart: Skinny. Solid hands. Decent RAC. Tracks and gets ball. H-back type with special teams work?

HEIGHT: 6-5  WEIGHT: 253  40: 4.72 

Andy Hart: Big production. Hands? Solid build. Goes and gets it. Adjusts well to ball. No. 1 target for his team. Good but not elite athlete. Hight points well.

HEIGHT: 6-5  WEIGHT: 246  40: 4.73 

Andy Hart: Blocker but not huge. Keeps feet moving on contact. Not an elite athlete by any means. Limited production.

Darrell Daniels,Washington

HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT: 247  40: 4.55 

Andy Hart: Former WR. Not a blocker or much production. Nothing stands out. Camp body.

HEIGHT: 6-4  WEIGHT: 264  40: 4.97 

Andy Hart: Blocker. Good size. Slow off snap. Developmental prospect with some upside.

Cethan Carter,Nebraska

HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT: 241  40: 4.68 

Andy Hart: Move guy. Developmental. Not much production. Blocked in space a lot. Good effort blocking out wide. Hands catcher.

HEIGHT: 6-4  WEIGHT: 247  40: 4.52 

Andy Hart: Upside as a blocker. Finishes blocks. Average athlete. Fullback? OK hands.

HEIGHT: 6-5  WEIGHT: 254  40: 4.84 

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Antony Auclair, Laval

HEIGHT: 6-6  WEIGHT: 256  40: 4.86 

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Pharaoh Brown, Oregon

HEIGHT: 6-5  WEIGHT: 255  40: 4.83 

Andy Hart: Good build. Soft, confident hands. Not elite quickness or speed. Limited upside.

Josiah Price,Michigan State

HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT: 248  40: 4.84 

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HEIGHT:   WEIGHT:   40:  

Andy Hart: Real TE. Third TE in NFL. Moves well. No real production.

Robert Tonyan Jr.,Indiana State

HEIGHT: 6-5  WEIGHT: 236  40: 4.74 

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Jason Croom, Tennessee

HEIGHT: 6-4  WEIGHT: 246  40: 4.59 

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Derrick Griffin*, Texas Southern

HEIGHT: 6-6  WEIGHT: 238  40: 4.56 

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Colin Jeter, LSU

HEIGHT: 6-6  WEIGHT: 250  40: 4.85 

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Taylor McNamara, USC

HEIGHT: 6-4  WEIGHT: 252  40: 4.79 

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