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Philadelphia Eagles Postgame Transcripts 8/16

Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson, Quarterback Nick Foles and select players discuss Philadelphia's loss to the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on Thursday, August 16, 2018.



August 16, 2018

Q: With the injuries, Matt Jones and [Wendell] Smallwood got to play. Your thoughts on whether they helped themselves, hurt themselves…

DP: Yeah, number one, we will evaluate the film tomorrow and better decision and better judgements on that. But I think both of them would agree that there were plays left out on the field tonight. And something we got to clean up and keep working. You know, it's a great battle between those two and we have a couple weeks left before we make these tough decisions, but we will look at the tape and make a determination after that, to see exactly how they did play.

Q: What sense do you have of the severity of Nick's [Foles] injury?

DP: Listen, I am going to wait until I speak to my doctors tonight, tomorrow. We will get a good evaluation on him and I will definitely keep you updated as we go.

Q: What did you think of his performance?

DP: You know, the balls were a little high early. You know, just a little accuracy issue. You know I think he had some plays that he would want back and we would want back as an offense. And we just got to continue to work, you know. It's part of the game. We have to make the corrections, you know, this next week and get ready for our next one.

Q: You guys were flagged three times for hitting with the helmet low. Are you concerned after two weeks, I think it's been five or six [penalties]. Are you concerned about that at all?

DP: Well, obviously, I think it is a concern League wide. You know, with exactly how this is going to get called. You know, it's great to see because it's all teaching and teachable moments, especially the defensive side. And you know, we just have to keep educating our players on the proper technique. Again, it's something that we will evaluate the film in the morning and see exactly what's going on. These are great teachable moments.

Q: You mentioned that everyone is still trying to adjust to the new rule. Is it hard to teach it and even coach it, when you don't know how it's going to be called?

DP: It's hard because you don't go live in practice either, you know, so you are just going off of game film. You know, and try to coach off of that and show these guys these plays and continue to educate them. Because you're not putting your team in live situations anymore in camp; it's hard to really work on it. And you can work all the drills you want, but until you are in the game when things happen a lot faster, that's when you really find out how your team is progressing in that area.

Q: Was the plan to take Nick out there regardless, had he had not been hurt. Would he have kept playing?

DP: If he was healthy, he probably would have gotten one more series after that. The guy had around 20-21 plays or something like that at the time, and I was hoping to get around 25 with that first group. You know, I was planning on putting him back out, if I could.

Q: What did you think about how Nate [Sudfeld] played?

DP: Nate? I thought Nate did some nice things. Had some really nice throws with, you know, touchdown pass obviously the one off the goal line, the backed-up situation. You know, and again, played pretty well. You know, something with the quarterbacks, you know you have to go back and really evaluate the tape and see progressions and see reads. But I thought overall, you know standing here right now, I thought he played pretty well.

Q: Coach, second game, are you worried how to judge overall performance? I know there is a lot of shifting of personnel, but in terms of execution.

DP: You know, it's something we got to clean up; the execution. It's not crisp right now, but again we got to continue to work. Guys are working extremely hard, you know, in training camp. And obviously in these games, the effort is there. We just got to, really now, these next couple weeks, focus on just the execution. And being crisp in these next couple games.

Q: What's keeping Jalen Mills out right now?

DP: He had a lower body injury and just needed some rest.

Q: Same thing with Richard Rodgers?

DP: I'll find out tonight and tomorrow, really, and let you know.



August 16, 2018

Q: So what happened to your shoulder?

NF: You know, I was getting ready to throw a deep ball and it got grabbed as I was following on through so it sort of got a little strained. So you know, I was with the trainers, we'll - I'll go in tomorrow and get treatment on it and sort of go from there. But it feels alright, feels pretty good. Hopefully there's no issues.

Q: Is it just the shoulder or is it the elbow or anything else?

NF: No, it's just the shoulder, just sort of got jarred in a funny way as I was following through but you know it feels good and we'll check it out tomorrow more thoroughly.

Q: It looked like you were in some pain when it happened, is that fair to say?

NF: Yeah, that's fair to say. I mean, when you're following on through on a deep ball and somebody grabs your arm when you're going, it's not the best feeling. But I feel optimistic about it and I'm excited to get into treatment tomorrow and just get this thing moving forward.

Q: When you say look at it more thoroughly, will there be a MRI?

NF: I'll let the trainers decide tomorrow morning, we come in for treatment so we'll go from there and decide what's best.

Q: With the short time you did get the chance to play, how would you rate your performance?

NF: It wasn't good but at the end of the day, it felt good to be back out there. It's been - you know, just to be back out on the playing field, you know getting the feel for the game, being in the huddle. I missed on some throws but was starting to get a rhythm and get a feel back and that takes time. That's why we have the preseason to go out there and play and it wasn't good enough, I have to be better. But at the same time, I know what it takes to keep moving forward, the guys in the locker room know what it takes so we have to hold each other accountable, keep moving, look at this film, improve. But I also think there's a lot of great things tonight. I think a lot of the young guys really stepped up. I thought Nate [Sudfeld] did a great job of going in there and finding a rhythm and really letting the ball fly and show what he's capable of doing. You know, guys making plays. It wasn't clean enough tonight as a team, we're a lot cleaner than that, but we'll get back to work and improve on all these things.

Q: Did you stay in longer than anticipated to try to find a rhythm or was that the plan all along?

NF: You know, the plan was really just however long coach [Doug] Pederson wants us to play so that's what was going and unfortunately you know I sort of had my arm grabbed and sort of had to go through that issue. But I would have liked to put some points on the board with the starting crew but we didn't. But we'll keep improving. Like I said, we know what it takes to get better and we just have to do it.

Q: How did that moment with Tom Brady at the end of the game feel?

NF: I think everyone's made a big deal about it. I don't think Tom and I think - you know, there's a lot of craziness. I've always respected Tom, I met Tom several times and it was great to see him. But like I said, I think everyone made a bigger deal because at the end of the day, he's a great dude. He's a heck of a player, one of the greatest of all time and you know, to say hi, that's what quarterbacks do after games. I know everyone made a big deal of the Super Bowl but the Super Bowl's chaos after. But he was nice, as he always is, so I wished him the best of luck this season.

Q: Would you be fine to start Week 1 if Carson Wentz isn't ready and you don't play in the next two preseason games?

NF: I'm not even going to go there. We're just going to live in the moment and just sort of go day-to-day so I'm going to do everything I can to get back on the field and hopefully practice the first day we get back practicing, be ready to roll.

Q: Do you worry about overall execution?

NF: We have to execute better. I have to execute better from the quarterback position. We as a team have to execute better. But that's where - I know all of us will look at the film, we'll get back on the practice field and we'll continue to improve. That's the great thing about this sport is it's not always going to be perfect. It's the toughest part about this sport. You want to go out there, you want to play a clean game, you want to win the game, you want to put a lot of points up. But that's where you really have to dig deep right now and just - we're in preseason, we're in training camp, we have to continue to grow as a team.

Q: With the team's status and with the uncertainty of Carson Wentz's status, would you understand if the team is a little more cautious with you because of that?

NF: You know, I'm not really in a position to say, I'm just going to go out there and play. Whatever the team decides or what they do or not, as a player we just go out there each and every day to try to help this team become better and win so that's really all I'm focused on.

Q: Have you had this injury before?

NF: This exact one, no. I'll see more tomorrow about what's going on but I feel really good about it.

Q: If this was the regular season would you have played through the injury?

NF: I don't know. That's a hypothetical situation. We felt like it was best just to shut me down at that point. Just to make sure we give a further look, to make sure everything's okay. Like I said, I feel optimistic about it so I'll find out more information tomorrow.

Q: What did you think of the way Nate Sudfeld played?

NF: I thought I was very proud of Nate. I thought he went in and it's not always easy to get a rhythm and I think that he was really doing a good job of letting them rip downfield, giving his receiver a chance. When plays were breaking down he was doing what he could with his legs but being as smart as he could, throwing balls away at times. I thought he played really well. I think just from the point he got here last year when he came from Washington, I think he's improved like crazy and he continues to. So it's fun to - he's like a little brother to me so it's fun to see him go out there and sling it around a little bit and give us an opportunity to come back.

Q: How much would it mean to you to play another preseason game and find that rhythm?

NF: It would mean a lot. I mean, I'd be back on the playing field with the guys so that's my goal, that's what I feel like's going to happen. But once again, you sort of have to go through the proper channels and proper protocols with all this so I'll find out more information tomorrow and then go from there.


Nigel Bradham, LB

(On his preseason goals)

"I want to pretty much get better at everything, especially my techniques and fundamentals. Understanding concepts and continuing to learn every day. There is always something to work on in every aspect. Being on the same page with people, communication. Pretty much everything overall because you are working with someone new every year."

(On the Eagles progress to date)

"I feel like we have a ways to go, obviously, but I like where we are at. I feel like we have a lot of opportunity to grow from where we are and we will."

(On a Super Bowl hangover)

"We've passed that and it is a whole new year. That was last year. This is a new team. Each year is a new year and you can't dwell on the year before. That's how we are looking at it."

Rashard Davis, WR

(On his touchdown)

"We practice that play a lot in practice. When I heard the call, I just gave my man a good move. Nate [Sudfeld] just had to put it out there and he put it in a perfect spot. He [the quarterback] goes where he sees it best. I just gave my man a good move and he put it in the perfect spot for me to go up and get it. It was away from the safety so it was an easy catch for me."

(On his night)

"It was a good learning night. I made some plays but I also made some mistakes. There is a lot to learn. I just have to go back and watch film and correct them for next time. Looking back on that, [the punt return for negative yardage] that was just a learning mistake. You've got to go back and look at the film and go from there, make sure you don't make the same mistake again and just move forward."

(On his comfort level in the offense)

"I think I'm pretty comfortable. I'm just practicing different positions and trying to learn the whole playbook. I think I'm getting pretty comfortable I just have to keep practicing and keep learning everything."

Malcolm Jenkins, CB

(On his unnecessary roughness penalty)

"On my penalty, I asked why it took so long to throw the flag to which he responded that he was processing it. The explanation I got for the flag was that I didn't have to hit him, which is kind of opposite of what my job description is, so I don't understand that."

(On all the penalties on the defense)

"It's different than rules in the past and I think it's something that is just unavoidable. Hopefully it's just a preseason game and they will work out how they are going to call it by Week 1."

(On the play of the defense)

"I think those penalties definitely hurt us. There was a lot of good and a lot of bad, but we're still evaluating."

Lane Johnson, T

(On the noticing different things on their defensive front)

"Not really, I went against number 91 and 58 and with the new defense. It was pretty much the same guys"

(On the perception of a double standard professional athlete face when they speak their mind)

"If you do good they are going to rip you, if you do bad they are going to rip you, and that is how the game goes. At the end of the day I really don't concern myself with how people view me; it is really about how this team views me and the personnel who run it."

(On the uneven performance on offense)

"It was inconsistent, three 3-and-outs; we didn't move the ball, we had penalties. We just didn't look crisp and we didn't look sharp and that is not who we want to be."

(On learning from the preseason)

"Yes, that is what preseason is about. Try getting these little mistakes out of the way so when Week 1 rolls around you are rolling good."

(On feeling good about the offensive line in practice)

"I think we will be OK and we have a lot of corrections to make. This next game coming up against the Browns will be big for us to learn a lot and come out and be better."

Rodney McLeod, S

(On his penalty)

"It is my understanding that it was more so for leading with the crown of your head and more helmet to helmet. It felt like on that play, I didn't do either. I went low and led with my shoulder and he [James White] saw me coming and he obviously tried to get lower himself. They made the call and I asked the referee why he called it. He said any type of movement where you do lower your head during the preseason they are going to call it. I am hoping when the first game comes about, that a routine tackle like that doesn't get called."

(On the impact the rule change will have on the outcome of games)

"As players we just have to adjust with the rules and I am hoping that these calls that were called tonight are not going to be called on a consistent basis, I felt like a lot of those were not fouls. The league makes rules and we have to be able adjust."

(On the first defense's performance)

I felt we played well; we extended some drives due to penalties. Like the one we had previously talked about. I was the victim of that on the first drive and obviously those are things we can't do. Going against Tom Brady and the Patriots is always good for us getting some good work. We left some opportunities out there and we still have a lot of work to do before we play Atlanta [Falcons].

Haloti Ngata, DT

(On playing the Patriots)

"The Patriots are always known as a great team and it is always good to see how you measure up. So it is definitely good because you get a good feel on how you are doing."

(On his preseason goals)

"You want to make sure you are in good shape and get your body feeling good for the regular season."

(On being an Eagle)

"I love it! I love being here. Hopefully we can just fix the things that we need to, start out fast and have a great season."

Nate Sudfield, QB

(On how he felt playing tonight)

"I felt good. It felt good to play that long. I was pretty encouraged we were able to move the ball down the field. Obviously I was disappointed we weren't able to score just before the half. But, it was fun to get into a rhythm and see some different looks."

(On the 57 yard pass to Shelton Gibson)

"I was excited because Coach [Doug Pederson] was being really aggressive calling a go route on the outside. I knew if I had one I was going to try and hold the safety in the middle. Obviously, Shelton is really fast and I just tried to let him run under it and he did a great job making a play on it."

(On his ability to throw the deep ball)

"I'd like to think that I can make most throws out there. Obviously it's pretty satisfying to hit the deep ball, but there is a lot going on in the play and I wouldn't say it's all me. It's never going to get there if the line is not protecting me, which they did a great job. It feels good and I feel confident making those throws, but it's a group effort."

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