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Rams Postgame Quotes - 8/26/2010

St. Louis Rams players comment on their preseason game against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on Thursday, August 26, 2010.

Michael Hoomanawanui, Tight End

(On involvement in offense)

"It reminds me of going back to high school and college. It was nice to get in the mix and get rolling early."

(On the one handed-catch)

"I didn't think I could get my left hand on the ball, so I just spread my hand wide open and held on tight."

(On what his performance did for his confidence)

"To know I can do that against a great opponent like New England, it definitely boosts my confidence, but there are still a lot of things I have to work on. I've got another week in training camp and hopefully will get things rolling from there."

Bradley Fletcher, Cornerback

(On how the team comes back from a 1 and 15 record)

"It's all about attitude. You've got to come to work with the right attitude that you are going to get better today than you were yesterday and you've got to come out with the attitude that you are going to win whenever you take the field. I think that everyone has done a great job buying into that and feels like we can play with anybody in the NFL."

Josh Brown, Kicker

(On the game)

"This is obviously how you want it to be all the time. It is a good night. There has been a lot of change for the Rams in just the last 24 hours and there have been a lot of good things happening in the last couple of weeks. The last two weeks are a good example of what we are trying to get to. "

(On preparing for the game winning field goal)

"It is something I have done for a long time, more than anything it is allowing yourself to escape the environment and the situation. You know it's coming, you know what you are about to do, but you don't know where your are going to have to do it from. You just want to get into a nice rhythm on the sidelines and hit two or three balls but at some point you have to flip a switch and get yourself ready."

(On coming back from being injured)

"Things have been really good. The coaches have been great in not over kicking me during the week and allowing me to get myself back into this. Honestly I feel like I am at 100 percent and I don't have any pain. Things are really good. We have a good operation and good things going right now and we need to continue this into the regular season and see how far we can go."

Kenneth Darby, Running Back

(On getting involved in tonight's game)

"I have been patiently waiting for an opportunity to get in there and get more carries and more snaps."

(On being able to move the ball)

"When I got into the huddle I told the guys to keep the momentum up and not get down. I know we're backed up but we got to move the ball on these guys."

(On his performance tonight)

"I always like to compete. I grew up competing; that's fun to me. I can't control what I have no control over. The only thing I can control is my attitude and that is going out every day and getting better and perfecting my craft."

Steven Jackson, Running Back

(On the game)

"I think the offense moved the ball steadily throughout the game. Sam Bradford was leading the charge. Essentially as a unit the offense move the ball well tonight."

(On his play)

"I felt good. I was able to get some carries in [and] work some chemistry in with Sam in a game setting. We were able to put together a pretty good first drive and put up seven points. I think we answered that kickoff return right away. I think that was really big for the team and we didn't get down or startled by it and put our heads down."

(On beating a team like the Patriots)

"I think what speaks volumes is actually coming out with a win. I think it speaks volumes that our number two offense was able to move the ball against their number one defense."

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