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Rob Gronkowski Media Availability Transcript 11/5

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski addressed the media during media availability on Thursday, November 5, 2015.

Q: Why are the Patriots always looking for perfection?

RG:We just want to get better every single week. You never go out on the football field and have 100 percent perfection out there. You always make mistakes. You can always get better as a team, so every single week we just want to go out to practice, work on chemistry and go out there and work together as a team.

Q: With this extended week, do you see a good opportunity to polish up on some of those mistakes?

RG:Every single week, when you've got extra time, definitely you can work on more things, but every single week you want to improve.

Q: Do you and Tom Brady have a favorite play?

RG:I like them all. Whatever plays are working are my favorite plays at the time, but I just like them all. I just like playing the game. Whatever is called, I like the variety of play calls, and I just like going out there and playing the game.

Q: During the game do you ever get a feeling that some plays will work better than others?

RG:To tell you the truth, sometimes you just don't know. Sometimes it doesn't work in practice and you go out to games and it works amazing. Sometimes it's working in practice and you go to the game and it doesn't work at all. So you've just got to be prepared, be ready and just try and execute every play to the best of your ability.

Q: How much do you have to embrace all the work in the classroom that goes with winning?

RG:Definitely, I mean football isn't just all about going out there and playing the game. You've got to be mentally prepared. You've got to go out in the film room, study film, know the plays, know the playbook, so you can go out there without thinking and go out there and play football without thinking by learning the plays in the meetings and all that.

Q: Did it take a while for it to click for you here? Is the classroom more important here than other places?

RG:I mean, I've never been anywhere else, so I just love the ways here and just love coming in, studying, getting down what I need to get down. Definitely when I was first here, it definitely took a little to click, but once you're here for a little bit, you get it down, you know what it takes and you've got to definitely be mentally and physically prepared.

Q: How much pressure does the Redskins ability to run the ball put on your offense to be able to do the same?

RG:You always want to have a run game. It helps out the pass game. It's great to have a balanced offense. You keep the defense on their toes. Every single week we want to go in with a strong run game and be able to run the ball.

Q: Does the receiving corps need to have the same kind of chemistry as the offensive line does?

RG:Oh yeah, everyone needs that type of chemistry. The offensive line needs chemistry with each other. The wide receivers need chemistry with each other. And then overall, the whole offense needs chemistry with each other where everyone is just on the same page. So definitely that starts in practice. That starts going out to practice and being ready and working hard there so when it comes Sunday, everyone is on that same page.

Q: If you stay on pace, you're going to catch more passes from Tom Brady than anyone in franchise history. What does that mean to you to be linked to him like that?

RG:It's definitely an honor to be able to play with him, him being the high caliber player that he is just taking me under his wing since my rookie year, helping me develop as a player along with the coaches, too. So it's definitely an honor to come out, work hard every single week and step on that practice field and game field every week.

Q: How important is it this week to take care of business at home?

RG:It's just like any other week. It's definitely important. [It's a] home game. It's always good to go out in front of our fans, play hard and show them what we've got, so it's definitely going to be a tough game. They're ready. They've got a solid defense. They're going to be coming, so we've got to be prepared, too.

Q: Because everybody is waiting on the Denver game, is it possible that this could be a trap game for you?

RG:We're just focusing on the Washington Redskins right now, and we're going to be give our full focus to the Redskins and giving all we've got versus them.

Q: Jay Gruden compared you to Stephen Curry and LeBron James in terms of being a guy who's going to get his points. Have you ever been compared to another basketball player before?

RG:Thanks. So I've got a three-point shot and I've got power and I've got quickness? I'll take that. I'll take the Steph Curry-Lebron combo. Definitely.

Q: Didn't you play some basketball in high school?

RG:Yes, I did play some high school ball all the way through my senior year, and I definitely loved playing basketball. I miss it. It was definitely fun playing in high school.

Q: Could you touch rim?

RG: Almost. I was the number one dunker. I packed the house, had to throw down my jams every game.

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