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Rob Gronkowski Media Availability Transcript 8/5

New England Patriots Tight End, Rob Gronkowski, addresses the media following Training Camp practice at Gillette Stadium on Friday, August 5th 2016.

Q: What was it like to break things up a little bit and have that scrimmage today?

RG: It's cool to break it up a little bit. It's always just offense versus defense, so it's a little cool to get on some of the defensive players' team. Just to have a little fun with it, a little trash talking before, a little trash talking during, so it was cool to do that and change up the flow of everything. 

Q: Did Devin McCourty give you any grief after picking off your pass?

RG: Not yet, but I'm sure when I see him, he's going to let me know that he picked it off. But it was one of the best punts out there, right on the 1 - yard line. That's how I'm looking at it. 

Q: How fired up do you get seeing Tom Brady chirping out there at all you guys?

RG: It's a lot of fun. It's every day, he comes out and he competes every single day. Everyone just chirping at each other makes the game fun and makes it special, too. Just going at it, everyone making plays, it's just really cool. 

Q: What's it like to be around such a competitive atmosphere in practice?

RG: The competition level around here in practice is off the charts, it's up there. Everyone competes every single day and that's what gets you better as a football player and as a team. It brings you together as a team, everyone competing against each other and then helping each other out, getting each other off the floor, off the ground. It's really good to see teammates out there helping each other, but also competing at full - speed, too.  

Q: How does Jimmy Garoppolo look out there to you?

RG: He's looking great. The way he's just been producing every single week, upgrading his game every single week, and just knowing the offense every single week is going super well. 

Q: How much can you get out of the joint practices next week?

RG: Well you get a lot out of every practice, and then the joint practices just give you another look. It gives you another feel versus another player, versus new linebackers, new safeties. It gives you the feel of what a real game will be like more so. It's great to get those joint practices. I'm definitely looking forward to them. 

Q: How important will the joint practices be to you seeing as you haven't played that much in preseason games themselves?

RG: They're important to everyone, especially myself. It's always important every time you step out on that practice field to get better, but to go out there and compete versus new players, get new techniques down and see how to beat a new defender is always crucial. 

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