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Rob Gronkowski Press Conference Transcript 9/28

Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski addresses the media during his press conference at Gillette Stadium on Wednesday, September 28, 2016.

Q: With limited participation last week, are you just trying to ease yourself back in rather than going full speed?

RG: Yes, whenever you're coming back from an injury, you're not all of a sudden at 100 percent or full-go, so just kind of taking it one day at a time and easing myself into the progression of playing football and doing everything out there.  

Q: How did you feel after playing Thursday night?

RG: I felt good, definitely. You're always sore no matter what after playing a game. No matter if you play 10 plays or 70 plays, [you're] definitely sore like any other game, but no setbacks, no nothing; feeling good and just progressing every day.  

Q: How careful do you have to be with a hamstring injury as if it doesn't heal, it's always going to bother you?

RG: You've got to be careful with any injury, but I mean, if you research hamstrings, if you know anything about hamstrings, you've definitely got to be careful. You've got to progress. You can't just hop back in and be full-go 100 percent. I wish it was like that. I can't wait until I'm going crazy out there again. So I'm just progressing myself into it and feeling better every single day. 

Q: Do you have a good Varsity Blues impression?

RG: What was Bill [Belichick]'s?

Q: He didn't give one.

RG: Yeah, I'm just going to stay right there. Not going to do one either. If I see you out, maybe I'll do one. 

Q: What does it say about the Patriots as a team to be 3-0 without Tom Brady?

RG: Just everyone coming together as a team, just everyone playing together, playing complementary football from special teams, defense, to offense. It's just great to go out there and be part of a team with everyone contributing. 

Q: What can you say about the jobs that Josh McDaniels and other members of the coaching staff have done in preparing backup quarterbacks and other changes to the lineup?

RG: Oh yes, our coaches have done a great job. The offensive coaches, they're staying up late, waking up early, thinking of game plans, scheming up game plans and just working well with all the players that we have and whoever is going that week. You've got to tip your hats off to our coaching staff, especially on the offensive side of the ball, but on the defensive side, too; everywhere, special teams, they've been doing a great job every week getting us prepared for the game.  

Q: What are your thoughts on how both quarterbacks have done through the first three weeks without Tom Brady?

RG: They're doing very well, very excellent. Every single day, they're just trying to improve and progress every day. This week, you just see everyone throughout the team, everyone is just trying to progress. Everyone's doing well and what's great about it is everyone's trying to help each other out. It's not just an individual; it's trying to help each other out, whoever is stepping in, players all around are just trying to stay on the same program so when you go out there you can make plays as a team.  

Q: Have you been able to see things during your time watching the games while out with injury that will make you a better player when you return?

RG: Yes, actually. That's kind of true in a way, but obviously, you'll be a better player by being out on the field and playing, but you definitely do see things that you can pick up. You've got to definitely look at the positives and pick up things if you're not out there. So you definitely do see little things that can make you a better player when you're not out there due to an injury, and that's what you're trying to do – you're trying to make yourself a better player any way that you can.  You just try to pick up things, try to pick up coverages, try to read coverages when you're not out there, so definitely try and make yourself a better player, but definitely when you can be the best player is when you're out there. 

Q: What can you say about the Rex Ryan defenses that he brings out there?

RG: You never know what they're going to bring, the Rex Ryan defenses. You can see seven defensive backs in the game at once, you can see four safeties in the game or you can see four linebackers in the game. You can see two DBs, all linebackers, all [defensive] linemen, you never know what Rex Ryan is going to do, so you've got to be ready with anything at any time, and his players are always ready, too, to bring it. 

Q: Is there a way you can help Jimmy Garoppolo or Jacoby Brissett as they've never started against a Rex Ryan defense before?

RG: Throughout the practices this whole week, just as a team together, we just want to come together and figure out what we're going to do with what the game plan is and everything. The coaches do a great job of getting the quarterbacks prepared. If there is something there that we need to get on the same page with the quarterbacks on, we'll talk, but the coaches do an excellent job of getting the quarterbacks ready.  

Q: Were you able to go full-go last week against the Texans or did you have to hold back?

RG: Whenever I'm out on the field, I love to go full-go, but they put me in the plays where they felt more comfortable and when I was in those plays, I felt like I was ready to roll. 

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