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Rob Gronkowski Transcript: 'We just take one game at a time every week'

Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski addresses the Detroit media during his conference call on Wednesday, November 19, 2014.


On the Patriots' six-game winning streak:**

"We just take one game at a time every week. We just go out to practice, try to improve on areas that we need to improve on. Myself, go out to practice, try to improve on what I need to improve on and just improve my game overall. Just keep working hard every week, so just taking it one game at a time and it's on to the Detroit Lions and we're just practicing and preparing hard for them."

On RB Jonas Gray's performance last week vs. Indianapolis:

"He's a great player and he works hard. I'm not surprised by it one bit. Our offensive line did a great job and he's a great runner and now we, as a team, just come together, practice hard this week and prepare for the Lions coming up this Sunday."

On his block on Colts S Sergio Brown:

"The Colts' game is in the past now and I'm just really focused on the Detroit Lions. They have a very good team, a good defense. So, the Colts game is in the past and we're focused on the Lions now."


On what he sees in the Lions' defense: **

"They're a tough, physical defense with great players. It starts with their defensive line. They can rush, they can play the run very well and you've got to be prepared, and we've got to be mentally and physically ready for this team."

On the Lions' linebackers and secondary and how he matches up against them:

"Every week's a different matchup definitely and this week will definitely be another challenge. They've got really fast linebackers and then they have good safeties. We noticed that they play some zone and some man, so you've got to be prepared for anyone at any time. Not just a matchup of man, also prepare for zone defense and finding the holes. So, you've just got to prepare for it all because they can do it all and they're good at it."

On QB Tom Brady's comments that he lightens the mood around the team:

"I appreciate the comments from him. I guess I just go out and be myself. I just love playing the game and I enjoy myself when I'm out running routes, making blocks, getting tackled and just overall just love being around the game of football."

On if his natural personality allows him to lighten the mood in the locker room:

"Yeah, definitely. It's good to bring everyone together and have everyone laughing all the time and just having everyone have a good time. So that means, if everyone's having a good time together, you go out and play well together."

On if he feels he's at 100-percent health wise:

"Yep. For pro football, I can tell you this, there's not one person that's 100-percent this far into the season with all of the contact and everything, it's just the NFL. But yes, for where we are, I'm feeling good."

On the goals the Patriots have going forward:

"We just take one week at a time and right now it's just practicing hard this week, focus hard and prepare as much as we possibly can and put ourselves in the best situation so when Sunday comes, we're ready and we can compete as well."

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